How to get rid of gambling machines

Gambling addiction is a serious problem for everyone – for a callow youth, and for Mature men., and for grandma, who hopes to increase their meager income from pension income. The expectation of a big win makes people spend huge amounts of money, leaving players on the edge of poverty and debt.

Gambling - it's like a sticky net

Gambling – it's like a sticky net

It doesn't matter, what you "squander" in slot machines, funny or just awesome, surely you realize the harm of their addiction and want to get rid of it.

How to get rid of gambling easy?

In fact, gambling has much in common with addiction to cigarettes and alcohol, as your craving to games is purely psychological. What is the advantage of gambling addiction compared to alcoholism or drug addiction, is the fact, in the case, if you decide to "give up", you will not experience physical withdrawal. Although withdrawal symptoms on the level of thinking you can not avoid.

Before, how to start a fight with weakness, think, what gives you the greatest pleasure in playing the slot machines or in a casino. Of course, you want to win and get the prize money, but the most important, how to recognize gamers, is the time from the beginning of the game and its outcome. This is what is that drug, that gives you a taste for the game, gives excitement and enjoyment.

From gambling you can get rid of easily!

From gambling you can get rid of easily!

How to get rid of this dependence, quickly and easily? The answer depends on, how you want it. If you know, what harm does you gambling, you will get rid of it yourself, just deciding for themselves, you don't need it anymore, support will be family and friends.

How to get rid of gambling forever?

Before we deal, how to recover from addiction forever, let's find out, what is dangerous for you gambling. If you think, that is the biggest problem of gambling addiction is debt and huge losses, then you are mistaken. Yes, money has great importance in life and without them just to not exist. It is very unpleasant to lose your money, even more unpleasant "climb" into debt and then not be able to repay.

However, most gamers tend to think the biggest problem of their addiction problems in the family and in the service. Turn away from you your loved ones, friends no longer trust, and at work you can fire, as an unreliable employee. He feels low and a dependent person, a sense of shame never leaves it along with the depression. If you already live in a depression and only a game makes you happy, admit it, you're addicted!

Get rid of gambling forever!

one-armed Joe

If the person, who considers himself addicted to gambling, tired of living with this burden, he can get rid of gambling forever, without any cost!

Is it possible to get rid of gambling on the machines at home without going to the psychologist?

Actually, it all depends on, in which, depending on the games you are. If just seeing the gun, you have up every time to play "last shot", it, most likely, you need a psychologist. But then, what will the psychologist, you are able to do yourself. These steps is:

  1. Mental setting to "victory" – your desire to live without machines.
  2. Search for new Hobbies. Often helps the sport, the emphasis on a healthy lifestyle, or family relationships.
  3. Learning self-control. You are a man or a pitiful dependent creature? Take up on ourselves and our weakness!

Gambling can win, but it will have to make Herculean efforts. Support of loved ones in this period is very important. Reproaches and accusations will only aggravate the situation.

Interesting video on the topic – “The curse of gambling”


We believe in your desire to be happy and free, and best of luck in getting rid of this disease. The main thing, to pull myself together. Already tangible step to success will be combating the desire to go to the Internet, to spin the roulette.

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