The symptoms of gaming addiction in adults

Does gambling addiction symptoms, seeing that, you can immediately suspect a man in a dangerous affection? Actually, gambling addiction is a "disease" is relatively young, distinct signs of this disease has. However, if your friend, friend or family member is detached from life, behaves strangely, removed, it's time to "ring the bell".

Gambling has symptoms

Gambling has symptoms

If you act quickly, you can help your loved one to get rid of gambling addiction quickly and permanently. If you notice the following symptoms, it, possible, your friend may have a gambling addiction.

The symptoms of gambling addiction in adults

Adult all free time spends in the game? It doesn't matter, from what the addiction from online gambling, social networking, the casino and poker, but people dependent or do their "hobby", or dream come back to him. Curiously, gamers do not consider, he pays too much attention to the game, it seems, that he is practical and does not play. This is another symptom of the denial of the obvious. This is not the only symptom, by which we can say on the subject. Still needs to be paid to the following changes:

  1. Weight. People forget about everything, besides a passion, including about nutrition. Soup, burgers? What are we talking about, after all, it takes time, and all the time given to the pernicious habit. Dependent switches to "food" like chips, crackers, cookies, and with it rapidly gets fat.. Does not matter anything, in addition to the game
  2. Adverse changes in appearance. Along with gaining weight, people, suffering from gaming addiction, completely stop caring about their appearance. Girls do not wash your hair, forget to use makeup.
  3. "The first thing is the game, well, the girls then!"Earlier your friend or friend actively interested in the opposite sex, run date, "grooming", but now they are just not up to it.
  4. Time without experienced game addict like breaking. If your friend at the time, which makes you, constantly reaching for the phone, nervously swallows, twitches, glancing at his watch, it, most likely, he was waiting for better things to do. Namely – the game. Don't be surprised – after all, you are slot machine, of you will fall out of money or artifacts, you may not like. But don't turn away from his friend, he just needs your help.
  5. Forget about all the holidays and dates. Gamers are so disconnected from real life, it ceases to react to all, including for the holidays. New year, Christmas, 8 Mar, birthdays of loved ones are past it. . Does not matter anything, in addition to the game. Not receiving a gift from your husband on your wedding anniversary or even a card from an adult brother, pay attention to it.
  6. The separation from real life. Before your friend or acquaintance was a well-known movie buff or a Clubber, or visiting all the exhibits and theater productions. Today he is not even interested in the news of the world scale, because it is completely absorbed by the game.
  7. Distraction. Different socks or a shirt dressed topsy turvy is not the most unpleasant consequences of gambling. Dependent on online games, social networking or casinos, you may forget to turn off the kettle or to lock the door from the apartment.
  8. A new way to communicate. Your friend moved on to unknown slang. Words, which are directly related to the game, but not relevant to real life, should alert you.
  9. Full waiver of the charges based on. Barely hearing the grounds, he is completely mired in his enthusiasm, man begins to go into denial. In response you hear anything instead of recognizing his weakness. "Yes, I can quit at any time!", "I do not depend on, you!".. This is a completely normal reaction..

All of these signs should alert. Gambling – this is a special form of addiction, which turns into the plague of modern society.


Now you know the symptoms of gaming addiction in adults. If you notice strange behavior of his friends or relatives, we must act immediately. Read on our article resource, how to take the man out of the addiction fast and forever is real!

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