How to wean husband to play tanks

The word game is associated with children, that's only if we are talking about computer entertainment, all is more serious. They dependent as Teens, and adults, who crave one thing – more likely to come from work, to turn on the computer, fire up your favorite "shooter" or "RPG". Computer games ceased to be light entertainment, help you to relax a little. Today it is a real disease, engulfed millions of men. How to wean husband to play tanks are interested in a ladies, who are tired of "tanker" in the house.

How to wean husband to play tanks

The strong side of mankind does not want to do household chores, they are much nicer to immerse yourself in a virtual war, driving a tank. Constantly flying around the word with regards to the famous "Tanchiki". Probably, just no man, not heard anything about this game. And how many families, couples broke up because of this innocent game of tanks. Women just get tired of arguing on this issue, and long being in stress does the job – allows you to permanently set priorities, so loved ones become strangers.

Causes of computer addiction

Before you rush to the search method returns spouse, we should try to understand the reasons, because of which it got there. After a series of studies, it has been clarified fundamental factors, contributing to the addiction:

  1. Dissatisfaction with reality. Problems at work, personal life. The man had long dreamed about the promised increase, but the boss constantly avoids his side. Or misunderstanding at home, the spouse gets tired of a similar flow of life, switches to the fascinating virtual world of tanks. There are no uncomprehending head, eternally dissatisfied wife, blame the parents. All just, comfortable, conveniently.
  2. Loss of family harmony. The joint get-togethers in the evening with watching an exciting movie, sharply replaced a missing eye and a hanging monitor. The first time you encounter bells, it is worth considering, and it is better to talk with your partner, having discussed what is happening.
  3. Quarrel. After another misunderstanding, favorite is not committed to peace, to establish a relationship or to impress a pretty. It becomes easier to drive tanks, by controlling the mouse, than engage in meaningless conversations.
  4. A lot of free time men. The common reason "of tarkosalinskoe" becomes the loss of a job. This factor irritates the wife, especially if the wife constantly accuses, he tries to escape from all problems. Long boredom opens up access to the world wide web, gradually tightening. The game “Tanchiki” be the only salvation! Causes of computer addiction
  5. No other way to relax. Many men have no Hobbies, therefore, the virtual world becomes the only chance to relax, relax. This is especially characteristic of the young guys, accustomed from childhood to relax, playing tanks.
  6. The lack of communication. Met in real life, many simply inappropriate. And while it's easy to make new friends, chat, to argue. And this is absolutely no need to go somewhere. This is especially attracts those, those who have no friends. But in the game “Tanks” many like-minded people.

Each of these factors can lead to the destruction of habitual harmony. And, as you know, to destroy something is easier, than to restore. However, many women are not willing to quietly look at the destruction of the family. With the aim of preserving marriage, the girls are ready to do everything.

Ways to get rid of virtual shackles

In practice there is no single universal method. The reason is the difference of personalities, it, what is permissible for one, may be unacceptable to another. So, going for salvation, you should choose the method most suitable to the particular occasion. How to wean husband to play tanks? There are several effective options.

7 ways to get back to reality and break the man to play tanks:

  • Travel

What could be better than being together? Being away from usual existence to unwind, forget. And it can be a trip into nature with tents, the fire, or stay at the seashore. It all depends on personal preference, the family budget, the time of year. The most important thing to the purpose – no laptops, tablets. Even a two day weekend in good company and in a comfortable place will do the trick. Don't let a man spend the weekend in the game “Tanks”.

Success: 50%.

  • Home

Many women used to do all the chores yourself. On their shoulders to go to cooking, cleaning, parenting. And her husband, meanwhile, is resting quietly behind the monitor. It's time to end it, everything should be equal. Try to gradually bring the wife. For a start, have it checked school lessons for children or a walk with the dog, cleaning potatoes. After a while, it will be perceived as the norm, and men just don't have enough time to play in “Tanks”.

Ways to get rid of virtual shackles

The probability of returning to the game: 30%

  • Communication with children

The most important thing for any parent – his children. Make this the main focus, dad needs to take an active part in the life of their children. He picks them up from school, led section, helping with homework. Gradually man will understand, he needs his babies. The most important thing, so the father hoisted on his passion for children, otherwise, the situation can only get worse. It is better to buy tickets to the circus or to go to the Park, but about the game in tanks should forget.

The probability of a return: 10%

  • A little paint in the intimate life

In many cases, a boring sex life leads men to colorful tanks. The man just gets tired of constantly dominate, to insist, and decides to go another way – to switch to another occupation or to commit treason. Both options are not palatable for marriage, so my wife will have a good try, to avoid this outcome. It is recommended to arm erotic underwear, playful mood, well, a lot of imagination, the only way to compete with the huge tanks. It is important to understand, the more often a man will be interested in his woman, the less it will be time for stupidity.

The probability of a return: 40%husband plays in tanks

  • Hobby

Everyone has a hobby, just often life vanity makes you forget it. Line up to remember, sooner fond favorite. If he liked sports, buy the appropriate pass, he was fond of painting purchase a set of paints. Possible, will be able to switch it to the right rhythm and pull out of the game.

The success of failure of the game “Tanks”: 50%

  • Self-development

If the cause of addiction has been the emergence of extra time, try to take a husband more important things. For example, invite the spouse to improve the skills. Writing it on the necessary courses be able to kill two birds with one stone: to wean from bad habits and an opportunity to increase the family budget. Game tanks dulls thinking, forcing a man to degrade.


The probability of a return: 30%

  • Psychological help

Many women are simply not able to work on my half. All their arguments, requests, the bans are pointless. Then it's time to contact the professionals. Talk therapy will definitely help. However, sometimes men refuse such meetings, but you can't be upset. Would be sufficient on their own to go to the doctor, if the specialist really knows his business, based on your story he will be able to give the right advice. Depending on the game tanks need to be treated.

The probability of returning to the game “Tanks”: 10%

Even harmless computer games can be a serious problem. So it's important to see the danger. Only the vigilance of the couple depends on the success of family happiness. If done correctly, soon companions of the evening will be a joint, emotional conversations. Game in tanks can be attractive, but it is no substitute for the real.

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