The rejection of computer games

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Once you understand, what are you addicted to. Not cigarettes and not alcohol, and from your computer. Toys absorb your time, as your own, and you can't resist my addiction. You are trying, but gambling addiction is stronger than you. Or the second option – do you see how your friend or acquaintance was a victim of gambling. He does not respond to external "stimuli", reality does not interest him, and all the free time he spends on the game.

If a person plays computer games all day - this alarm.

If a person plays computer games all day – this alarm.

The rejection of computer games – not an easy task, but after getting rid of addiction you'll be amazed, how much time is spent in vain. And this is not the only advantages from the struggle with a gambling addiction.

Reason to give up on computer games

How to be in this situation, where to go for help? Remember, that the aid in this case can exert himself "sick". Here are the reasons, to help stop computer games, quickly and forever:

    1. Saving money. You, can be, and do not notice, but the toys greatly reduce your savings. The purchase of equipment, artifacts and other things much easier to upgrade your wallet, but not your life. The money you would spend on gifts to dear people, on new clothes for yourself or for healthy food.
    2. Saving time. If you calculate, how much time do you spend at the computer, you will be astonished.This time you could devote to their development, more work or hanging out with friends. Your life is, what do you do, what do you do. Computer games is emptiness.
      Instead you can devote time to its development

      Instead you can devote time to its development

    3. The salvation of your family. If you are alone, your addiction may not impact negatively on personal life. But if you have a wife or children, some toys can just ruin your life. Instead of communicating with his family, you spend your time near the shimmering screen. Don't be surprised, if one day waking up, you will find yourself alone in an empty apartment, decorated with cobwebs.Drop your addiction today, if you do not want to be without loved ones tomorrow.
    4. Become healthier. Love for computer games makes you become a hostage to a sedentary lifestyle. You will lose muscle mass, gain fat, the spine suffers, your appearance every day leaves much to be desired.In addition, gamers have bad vision, – still, a whole day to stare at a flickering screen. Once you "tie" with a computer addiction, after a couple of weeks to notice an improvement in their appearance.

Now you know, why give up computer games. The world more colorful and fun, it may seem, sitting behind a computer screen.


Now you know, where to find the reasons to quit playing computer games. Determine for yourself, why do you “hooked” for the game, and start moving in that direction, fill the void of his life on a new and interesting hobby.


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