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The desire to win a large sum of money or to get her out of "nowhere" characteristic of absolutely everything. No man, who has not heard the tale of a Golden fish or a godmother-the sorceress. The realities of the world, however, these are, instead the good witches the opportunity to get "all at once" give us the lottery and casino. In fact casino, as an institution, attractive not for everyone. The monumental building with an elegant interior scare off those who want to play, but with not much greater riches.

You are not tired to lose his life in poker?

You are not tired to lose his life in poker?

Other business – the Internet. To date, the number of people, indulging in gambling entertainment from computers, phones and tablets exceeds those, who in the old visited a gambling establishment. Along with this, the steadily growing number of people, with questions, how to get rid of gambling poker for money.

Gambling is a real and dangerous disease. It starts completely unnoticed, but it takes quite some time, and player, with red and bloodshot eyes, can't break away from the process.People, who has a gambling addiction, could lose everything – ranging from savings and ending with the loss of family and loved ones. How to get rid of gambling forever, and preferably quickly?

Methods of struggle: get rid of gambling "folk methods"

It is very important, so you realized and accepted the fact of their addiction. If you are unable to stay in the game. If spending on poker exceed your income. So, it's time to sound the alarm! Here are the steps, doing that, you will be able to get rid of gambling poker for money easily at home. If these steps seem hard to enforce, it is worth pondering, to consult a psychologist.

  1. Displacement. This psychological method based on the replacement of your harmful hobby something else. The history of known cases, when the millionaire, to remove from your life poker, went down for a few months to work in the mine or another rich man was asked to detain him in prison. You, of course, do not have to use such extreme methods, but you can just bring into your life something new. Enjoy an unusual sport, jump with a parachute or change familiar surroundings.
  2. Avoidance technique. Physically limit your ability to play poker. Like you used to do? Through the phone, the laptop or on the casino floor? It is a war with your addiction, and in war all means are good. Get rid of apps on the phone or switch off your phone, stay away from the computer, avoid places, where you can succumb to their weakness. This avoidance is only necessary in the early stages. When you get rid of gambling, you will calmly look at last minute signs, offering to play.
    A gambling addiction can be cured forever!

    A gambling addiction can be cured forever!

  3. The method of psychoanalysis. Very few people become addicted to something for no reason. Possible, you got hooked on gambling as a consequence of, I wanted to earn money or experience something new, to get some experience.. It is this sense of living in the basis of your addiction and nourishes it. Remember, why did you start your first game, what you have thought or what you wanted to. If you eliminate this feeling, or at least get it under control, you will be able to get rid of gambling is very simple.

Remember, that gambling addiction is curable, as a psychologist you need only in very advanced stage.

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However, no matter what stage of addiction you would not be, you will not be able to get rid of gambling poker for money until then, while you do not want! Gambling – it is a disease, with which to fight all the forces! Otherwise, the excitement will have to pay!

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