Gaming addiction in adolescents

If you think, then making a child into the world, you have fulfilled your parental duty, you are deeply mistaken. Your baby, while you are it don't watch, exposed to lots of temptations, who "lovingly" prepared for the cruel world. Drugs, Smoking, alcohol – all these bad habits leave traces at least in the form of smell. But not so long ago there's a new addiction – gambling.

Don't think, that gambling is necessarily a computer game, which will be navasheva the idea of your boys. To game dependencies include social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook, classmates, instagram), gambling, machines. Signs of gaming addiction in adolescents is easy to recognize, the main thing, to attend to own Chad.

Your baby is carried away by the computer? Beware!

Your baby is carried away by the computer? Beware!

This "disease" can "catch" not only a boy, but the girl. Today, to spend the money, there is no need to go to a casino. Your child can sit in his room, "teach lessons" on the computer and at the same time to spend money, – your, by the way. Besides not associate gambling necessarily with the computer, indulge in addiction you can with your mobile phone or tablet. Material costs are not the most terrible losses from this disease. Complete detachment from life, indifference to everything and everyone – that's what leads to gambling addiction.

The symptoms of game addiction in children

So, look to your child, possible, you'll notice some symptoms and will be able to warn the modern "disease", who get sick and children, and adults. If you start saving the child in time, it is possible to cure gambling addiction quickly and permanently. Depending on the game manifested by the following symptoms:

  1. First of all, dependent children become "quiet". More recently, your child was running all over the apartment, rumbled boots, something dropped loudly. And that's the last time you just enjoy the peace, as your little one "went underground" in my room. Though not in the room, possible, he "communicates" with the phone in the hall or in the kitchen, you have in mind. Pay attention to it, possible, this is the first alarm bell.
    Than the virtual world so happy your little one?

    Than the virtual world so happy your little one?

  2. Poor appetite. Children basically have no appetite for healthy food. Recently, however, the child stopped there, if it does not get to the table – think of it. It may very well be, that your child now eats from the inside pull the games and gambling entertainment.
  3. You have money began to disappear. For example, you have a box, where the family budget. Either you notice, what do you have from wallet bills disappear. Also it is possible, the funds disappear from your mobile account. Do not rush to blame your absent-mindedness or operator, perhaps "thief" – it's your child, who became a gambling addict.
  4. Poor performance. Your child, possible, before was not a student, but, of course, five – not important. But you last time you see, the estimates are very bad. Like a child and goes to school, and in the room of his lessons constantly teaches, but the rating is horrible, while you are in school. It is highly likely, all of the attention your baby is now devoted to gambling or computer games.
  5. The child forgets about personal hygiene. Your child is not brushing his teeth, don't comb, wears the same clothes that day in a row. This is not normal. At any age we want to attract the attention of the opposite sex, so, all your child's attention dedicated to something else.

Gaming addiction in adolescents – it is a disease, to be treated. Parents should not expect, that gambling will take place independently.


Beware, take care of your child, no matter how many years he was. If in time you notice the symptoms of gaming addiction in children, you will be able to save the baby from this Vice, quickly and easily.

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