Consequences of the use of manage

Today there are a lot of different drugs. One of them is the manage. If you go into the details, this hemp, boiled in milk. For its preparation must comply with special dosage, apply plenty of grass, then there was added the desired amount of liquid. Consequences of the use of the manage it is difficult to call harmless. The drug disrupts the psyche, nervous system, to inflict a terrible blow on the internal organs. Long-term use, even worth life.

Consequences of the use of manage

Consequences of the use of manage

Everyone knows about the dangers of cigarettes or alcoholic beverages. Therefore, the outcome of drug use become serious complications. Consequences of the use of manage in the first place affect the psychological disorder, which may be accompanied by the following phenomena:

  • lethargy;
  • the development of chronic illness;
  • the depletion of energy resources;
  • the patient becomes completely lost in the social world.

After several studies, it was found, that the manage with long-term use can cause the development of disability. And the most severe. The reason for this is the development of abnormalities in the cerebral cortex. Often develops dementia, violates the blood flow in the vessels, leading to the formation of edema.

Dangerous is drug manage, the consequences of use are really scary. To joke with the drug, otherwise increases a serious risk to their own lives.

Poisoning manage

Toxicity manage a fairly common phenomenon, in which the nerve cells are shrinking, thus changing the structure of the nuclei of cells. The destructive processes occur in the cerebellum, the cerebral cortex and its subcortical structure. If you do not stop drinking will start to occur toxic degenerative encephalopathy.

Poisoning manage

It is impossible to forget and about other violations. In addition to the psychological state suffers and internal organs. All the destruction does not go unnoticed. The manage is able to develop a strong relationship. It usually occurs with a number of pathological disorders:

  • strong coordination;
  • the patient slows the reaction;
  • eyeballs become less active;
  • color perception is broken;
  • the retina gradually atrophies.

The manage – dangerous drug capable of causing the development of mechanical hepatitis. The consequence, which is cirrhosis of the liver. Often "dangerous friendship" has led to a lethal outcome, due to the number of chronic diseases.

Effects on the body

This hobby is not for nothing called bad habits, after all the damage the strikes have terrible harm for human. Affects all organs and systems. The abuse results in the following anomalies:

  • the appearance of cardiac arrhythmias, even in healthy people up to this;
  • angina occurs;
  • violation of the respiratory organs;
  • the endocrine system experiences violations;
  • women may face infertility. Their kidney function tests severe violations;
  • narcotic cleansing milk is able to increase the risk of the formation of oncological diseases;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • there is a strong weakening of the immune system. Abusers often sick;
  • reducing libido in both sexes.

Help with an overdose

Even the overdose can, cost of living. Therefore, speaking about hemp milk, expect the worst consequences. Most importantly – timely assistance, the only way to save life. However, to do this, you need to be careful. The reason for the alarm will provide the following characteristics:

  • the complete absence of light reaction. Even during a bright day your pupils are dilated;
  • severe facial flushing;
  • mucous membranes become dry;
  • there is a feeling of cold;
  • quickens the heartbeat, you can fix a high pulse;
  • pain in the chest usually occurs because of high blood pressure;
  • appear cramps, slight tremor of the extremities;
  • usually develops psychosis. The condition is so acute, what the victim experiences intense fear, he develops hallucinations, arise obsessive thoughts;
  • the loss in time and space;
  • speech becomes inhibited;
  • hearing loss. Often the addict does not perceive even their own name. All requests ignored;
  • there is drowsiness.

Usually in case of overdose can occur simultaneously from multiple symptoms. Although the appearance of them individually is not uncommon. Addicts often drop out of social life. All values of life disappear, thought only on the new dose. Sometimes the dependent is lost in days, the reason is the loss of reality.

In particularly severe cases, the overdose was the cause of death. Usually the lethal outcome was caused by the failure of the heart or blood clots. Strong psychological disturbance could lead to the development of negative thoughts. Emotional people are capable of under the influence of hemp milk to commit suicide.

Effects on the body

Help with an overdose

When it detects suspicious of the consequences is likely to begin to assist. Typically, the sequence includes the following steps:

  1. Reassure the victim, to hold a conversation with him. You can't leave him alone.
  2. For best effect, turn softly to the music. It will help to distract from negative thoughts. The situation should be calm.
  3. Remove all tight clothing, to open the window for fresh air breaks.
  4. In the head to put a wet cloth it will help to remove the feeling of heat.
  5. To clean the stomach by using of adsorbents.
  6. If the addict is unconscious, you must lay it on its side and not allow to sleep. To do this, you can gently hit him on the cheek or to make a pinching motion.
  7. To give to drink tea with lemon, the drink will help slightly cheer up.
  8. In any case, it is necessary to call an ambulance. Experts can assess the situation, then make a decision with regards to further action. If the situation is normal, the victim will enter haloperidol.

If we are talking about a serious condition, without hospitalization not do. Regular drug use is fraught with serious consequences. Because the psychological disorders, the development of dependence, only a small part of a huge list. A seemingly innocent fascination can provoke dangerous diseases, and even cause disability or death.

Unbalanced people in a state of buzz able to go to rash acts. So the consume should not be left alone.

How to avoid poisoning manage

Unfortunately, in the risk group are often caught young people. Teenagers want to assert themselves, to experience new emotions. To achieve this goal, they start to abuse bad habits. To avoid this, is to take preventive measures:

  1. Feel free to talk with your child about the dangers and consequences of drug abuse. The teenager should be aware of all the terrible consequences.
  2. Noticing suspicious symptoms, immediately consult a specialist, it helps to eliminate the disease at an early stage.
  3. Be aware of environment of your child. To follow, to around the house did not grow deadly grass.

Hyper-vigilance never hurt. So be careful, the only way to protect his family from the terrible consequences, a seemingly innocent Hobbies.

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