Baclofen (baclosan) – the most available drug

The drug baclofen is used for medical purposes and sold over the counter. That's only often used for other purposes, but as a tool for pleasure. Pills baclofen after the first application is capable of forming a persistent dependence. Today the drug is carried to the lungs drugs, which gained popularity among young people.

the use of baclofen

Effect on the body

The use of baclofen in medicine based on the treatment of traumatic brain injury. However, given its negative effect, use only under the supervision of the attending physician. And to cancel you need to also gradually, otherwise the body will experience severe stress.

Initially, the application of baclofen was a real salvation for people, suffering from epilepsy. The medicine had a profound effect on the nervous system, and contributed to the analgesia. The drug baclofen can be used in two ways – inside using pills or using nasal sinus powder.

Tablets baclofen is considered to be slight narcotic drug, but in fact, its application does not go unnoticed. The medication starts its action already after an hour after application. Initially felt an incredible rush of power, activity, elation. The patient does not feel fatigue, he does not need sleep and rest. This euphoria can last a few hours.

pills baclofen

The addiction

To achieve a strong effect, tablets baclofen is often used in combination with other drugs or alcohol. The main reason of addiction is the emergence of euphoric state. Consume feel happy, ready to take unusual action. Even the usual inhibitions disappear. Wanting to repeat this feeling, he once again takes up the dose.

Due to its weakness it is not able to provoke the development of physical or chemical dependency. Appears only psychological, to overcome that can only be a complete rejection of drugs.

Signs of use

Baclofen drug is able to occur immediately, only after its prolonged use are the first symptoms:

  • the feeling of nausea;
  • apathy to what is happening;
  • drowsiness, even after a long vacation;
  • dizziness;
  • dry mouth;
  • the appearance of hallucinations;
  • depression;
  • Mood swings.

With the appearance of several symptoms should worried.

the drug baclofen

Consequences of the use

Wishing to intensify unusual sensations, many addicts increase the dosage. Hence, the probability to get an overdose, which can lead to sudden death. In addition, the drug can cause:

  • disruption of the internal organs;
  • depression is getting stronger every day;
  • develops sociopathy, the patient tends to spend more time alone.

If you do not stop using, the result may be most disastrous.

Permanent physical dependence develops hypotension – the patient constantly experiencing a burst of energy, energy. That's just replaced by a number of violations:

  • oppressed breathing;
  • the disappearance of the reflexes of the eye;
  • frequent anxiety, not stopping for a long time;
  • inappropriate behavior;
  • violation of the brain;
  • digestive problems.

Prolonged use can develop a strong mental disorders. Especially if the person is abusing alcohol at the same time.

Addiction treatment

Unfortunately sometimes even a strong desire to quit is not enough. Self-denial can provoke a break-up: hallucinations, severe headaches, loss of consciousness and even seizures. Therefore, a decline in the dose. The only chance to overcome their disease to seek qualified help.

Today there are many clinics, help to overcome the habit. Experienced professionals undertake even the most complex situation. The main condition for the desire of the patient to get on the right path. Only then it is sent for examination. According to his results, the patient is diagnosed and prescribe the necessary treatment. It usually takes place in several stages. The first is cleansing the body from harmful toxins, collected here. We should not forget about psychological therapy, which can vary depending on the specific situation.

You will have to spend a lot of time, strength and patience, but all of this will help to give up their bad habits and return to normal, healthy life.

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