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Drug prevention is a very effective method of combating addiction for those, who haven't tried drugs. Sometimes words are not enough, to produce a valid aversion to drugs. Someone helps videos or movies, someone science show, and someone good can do books, which details the life and fate of the patient. This post describes the "strong" and read books about drug addiction, documentary and fiction.

Drug addiction is not insured by any one person. That is why about it so much has been written!

Drug addiction is not insured by any one person. That is why about it so much has been written!

How it all starts?

A man can live and not think about drugs, resulting in disease, when the day comes, that may turn his whole life around. Books about drug addiction issued with drug treatment and many other medical figures. Such literature can really help.

Drugs can enter into life completely unnoticed

Drugs can enter into life completely unnoticed

It may be a party, noisy after-party or a trusted circle of close friends in the coffee lounge, when one of the friends pulled out a bag of pills and whisper confidentially: "I want to relax?"

And knowing this man for a hundred years, as it is awkward to deny him, the more, the rest of the people in the company clearly not averse to "relax". And the man says,: "Why not, come on". And becomes one of a million sick and the unfortunate addicts. This is one of the two possible scenarios.

The second scenario is that – people contemptuously laughs and says: "I am quite relaxed, don't want to", and he still, what do you think about him around. Because he understands, these surrounding – future addicts and not for them to judge him.

If you are the master of your life and you do not care about the opinions of others, it is very likely, that you do not try drugs, in order to please someone or to look a white crow. But, possible, you will have other motives – curiosity, the desire for something new and unknown, fatigue.

Not to be tempted, we offer to your attention the books, in which the author, sparing the reader, tells about all the "charms" of the disease.

Books about drug addiction

Literature about drug addiction is sold in large numbers. Books, you should pay attention:

  1. "A Golden dream, confessions of drug addicts" – author Sergey bajmukhametov. This book is the best antidote to drug. The author does not skimp on epithets, not afraid to mess up the white page black descriptions of the life of drug addicts. Possible, for this reason, the work became a bestseller, and it reads as narcologists, and simple townsfolk with voraciously and interest. Read and you, and you can not fear drugs more.
  2. "Requiem for a dream and Last exit to Brooklyn" author Hubert Selby Jr.. This artwork, which vividly describe the consequences of drug use for people from different walks of life. Books fascinating, do not omit anything important and worthwhile, and are a strong antidote to addiction. For "Requiem for a dream" 2001 year the film was made by Darren Aronofsky.
    "the Diary of Alice" - the book is about a real person!

    “The Diary Of Alice” – the book is about a real person!

  3. "Trainspotting" and "Acid house" – author Irvine Welsh. These books artistically not making this up, not misrepresent or reduce. The author tells in prose about the life of drug addicts, of buzz, which is ready to die, and the death, which is inevitable for any addict. Books to read, although somewhat "pop".
  4. "Diary of Alice" by an unknown foreign author. This is the true story of a teenage girl Alice, who is a drug addict. The book tells about all the experiences, what does it feel like dependent, of buzz, breaking, the life of drugs and dealing with them. The book is interesting and I especially want to recommend it to the younger generation.
  5. "A ray of hope in a drug world" – author Abbot evmenii. If you want, so your feelings are spared and do not scare you "horror stories" about drug addicts, this book is better to postpone. The author talks about the psychology of the addict, the symptoms of the disease and how, what you can do for a person dependent in the name of his salvation. The book is easy to read, as it does not contain complex terms.
  6. "These are true stories of people, drop the drugs" – author L. Saut. Say, that there are no former drug, talking and lying! There are, because any man has the personality of a fighter, who is ready to give battle even to himself. The work of this author is especially interesting, because written language alive and tells about ordinary people, who become slaves based on quite unexpectedly. The book describes the ordinary destinies and characters, reasons, what brought man to the brink of disaster. Reading the product, understand – even from the black well there is a way.
  7. "Addiction: manifestation, treatment, prevention" – author Oleg eryshev. If you think, that is a guide for self-treatment, you are wrong! This book is a great tutorial for people curious and those, who suspects their loved ones in the harmful addiction. Written in a lively and understandable language, this piece talks about, what to look for and where to look, if you suspect your loved one in the abuse of narcotic drugs.
  8. "Recovery and failure" – author Gorsky T.. This piece talks about, what you should do, to avoid breakdown. Gorsky talks about the six stages of recovery, about, how to prevent the failure of the person undergoing treatment, and the threat of relapse.
  9. "How to help a drug addict" – author Ivanova E.. The author tells about a problem, modernity as drug addiction, about, how it can be prevented, and about the most popular recovery program "12 steps". A significant part of the work describes are not fictional stories from the life of people, who become slaves of drugs and the fight against disease.

Books for addicts aims, to show the dependent person the truth. Of course, to a greater extent you read them relatives of those, who depends on killing chemistry.

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On the topic of drug addiction written many books, which raises the curtain with a painful issue, and tell about the everyday life of drug addicts, even people not dedicated to. If you do not suffer from this disease and do not know the people dependent from their environment, read something of these works for their own development.

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