Drug treatment of folk remedies

Addiction is a terrible disease, which the man himself calls for "his head". To be an addict or not to be is a conscious choice of each. But if a person has become dependent, the question of treatment comes to the fore. Sometimes the dependent person to the last refuses life-saving treatment, considering, what he doesn't need one, and he is well to cope without him. In this article you will learn about traditional methods of addiction treatment, which can be applied with the consent of the dependent, and without his knowledge.

It will help a folk remedy against drug addiction?

This question interests all, people think about the use of folk methods. Because addiction as a disease already known for hundreds of years, and there are many means of treatment, tested by our ancestors.Drug treatment folk remedies – this is quite real and legit. The main thing, to choose the right doctor, which will tell the secrets to get rid of this addiction.

Earlier drug addiction was treated exclusively with traditional methods - and quite successfully

Earlier drug addiction was treated exclusively with traditional methods – and quite successfully

Before there were no medicines, medical devices, but it has always been a well-known herb and the word of God. How effective are these, it would seem, unusual methods of treatment? Considered, the first and main factor in the patient's treatment is his desire. But if the patient refuses such methods and does not want to be treated, then it can be even without his knowledge to give decoctions and prayers.

The power of herbs against drug addiction

Immediately need to mention, these teas help in getting rid of the physiological cravings for substances. That is sick a week later after taking these people's money as if sober, will be able to see yourself and perhaps, will experience quite a physical aversion to drugs. But, what is important, these teas are absolutely powerless in the face of psychological dependence. Sick, if he has a good reason to take drugs, will continue using them, even not having this great desire.

So if you are going to save the addict from the disease, we must support them. It is a mistake to assume, you need to expose it, day and night control – you have to help the person, but not to bother him overly protective. Is it possible to give such decoctions man, who does not want to be treated, who thinks, he's not addicted to drugs? Why not, – you will not get hurt, but again, psychological attachment to the drugs you do not discourage.

Very important when cooking broth to use all the herbs, and not just some part.

Very important when cooking broth to use all the herbs, and not just some part.

Prepare fees with their hands

To prepare herbal easy. Take the plants in specified ratio, connect and pour one Cup of boiling water. Insist in a thermos for about ten minutes. After that, half of the resulting broth pour into a glass – it can be used. In the other half of the broth add another Cup of boiling water and put it to use next time. When you cast the broth, then you can pour the herbs in a thermos three times one Cup of boiling water. The recipe is appropriate for all fees, listed below.

Herbs for infusion, batters cravings to use drugs: half part of celandine, half part eucalyptus, half part of sage, half part calamus, two-thirds of the chamomile, half part of coriander, one third part of the hawthorn, two thirds of oak bark, half part of coriander, half of the bearberry, half of the side of the horsetail, half of the buckthorn, one part rosehip, one part St. John's wort, one part calendula, one part mint, she is part of a series, two parts yarrow, two parts of tansy, five parts of motherwort.

How to use the brewed mixture? Drink it three times a day before meals, for twenty to thirty minutes before eating. Use this broth to three weeks, but it is better to consult a doctor before using this collection. The doctor may adjust the period of use of broth in a larger or smaller. Traditional methods for drug addiction lie in the use of herbs, you should properly collect and dry.

Effective collection No. 2. The composition of the broth: half part orange peel, half part cumin, half part of Valerian, half part of Eleutherococcus, one part milk Thistle, one part Rhaponticum, one part hawthorn, two of the nettles, two parts rose hips, one part of clover, one part of oak bark, one part letters, one part St. John's wort, one part chamomile, one part of the shepherd's purse, one part Helichrysum, one piece of licorice, half part peppermint, three parts of motherwort.

Infusion should also be prepared as in the first embodiment and taken in the same way, as in the first recipe.

Effective collection No. 3. Take herbs such proportions: half of the grapefruit zest, one part hawthorn, one part of mugwort, one part of clover, one piece of licorice, one part rosehip, tansy, one part, eucalyptus – one piece, bearberry – one piece, mint – one of, air – one part, Valerian – half part, one part Rhaponticum, Siberian ginseng is one part, nine parts of celandine, coriander is one part, cumin – one of, yarrow – one of, cumin – one of, St. John's wort – part two, motherwort two parts, the sage one piece, calendula – two parts, nettle – part two, oak bark – part two. To prepare this broth as well, as in the previous recipe.

Decoction for General strengthening of the immune system and enzyme system

To cook it also, as in previous recipes. Take herbs such proportions: half of the piece of clover, half part of licorice, half part radiograms pink, half of the calendula, half of the bearberry, half part of sage, half part of the pomegranate, one part calamus, two parts oregano, one part Helichrysum, one part hawthorn, one part motherwort, one part of the Potentilla, one part mint, one part Siberian ginseng, one part of the buckthorn, one part St. John's wort, one piece series, two parts of oak bark.

Very important when cooking broth to use all the herbs, and not just some part. Each plant, individually, is good for its healing properties, but only all together they give strong and necessary to the patient effect. Where to get components for the broth? Today there is no need to go into the woods, in order, to pick listed in the recipes plant. You can buy them at any pharmacy in dried form. Also, when cooking a broth, it would be appropriate to follow the specified proportions, not exceeding and not playing down to them.

Prayer as a folk remedy for drug addiction

Known, the Word of God has power, which may be superior to medical intervention. Treatment of drug addicts people's ways will never offer the clinics. This method from the point of view of medicine is considered ineffective

Believe it or not, but the word of God has power

Believe it or not, but the word of God has power

If you want to use the healing power of prayer, you must believe in something, it will help. Do not read these words, like a poem or a tongue Twister – say them thoughtfully, carefully, visualize all the things, what you are saying. Considered, what you need to believe in God in order, that the prayer helped. Very well, if you have such strong faith. But if there is no faith, can you imagine God as all-powerful help of the spirit, angel, magic life-giving force.

Will the prayer of a sick person? Of course, this method cannot be verified by empirical, but practice testifies, that prayer really helps. However, as they say, "trust in God, those who help themselves". Do not shift the recovery of the sick on the shoulders of a higher power, help him, be there, maintain and protect the, but not overly.

How best to read the prayer for recovery from drug addiction? The first option is to read directly to the patient or on his photo. Photo addict is put in front of him, and, turning to God, look directly at her. The second option is to read the prayer over the water a number of times, even three (for example, three, six or nine), and then give the sick person to drink this water.

Do not expect instant results. Prayer to God does not desire for the goldfish.

Do not expect instant results. Prayer to God does not desire for the goldfish.

Effective prayer, in order to cope with drug addiction:

  1. Our father, in Heaven! You look kindly on your servant (name), which evil passion obsessed. Forgive his sins, give him strength for healing and deliverance from sickness, gate him a bright mind, force corporal. Our father, you help a slave to beg (name), your son, from addiction to potion. Amen.
  2. Our father, in the hands of your fate and my life, save me according to thy mercy, don't let me die in my sins, don't let me desire, that defile body and soul my, don't leave me Lord, because I am weak in front of the potion. You, God, pray, heal me, for I have sinned. My sinful, and thoughts unworthy, memories are useless, – remove from me the evils and excesses, debauchery and shamelessness. You alone is Holy, sinless, immortal, all powerful, you alone defies the devil. Amen.

Do not expect instant results. Prayer to God does not desire for the goldfish. The Lord hears all, but it helps not fast, but gradually. If the addict is suffering from withdrawal, it is necessary to repeat: "Our father, have mercy on my sinful soul". Highly recommended to find a spiritual mentor, to which it would be possible to come to confession, advice, to talk, communion.

What the Church says about prayer for drug addicts?

Considered, the word of the mother and from the bottom of the ocean get, therefore, prayer is best read mom addict. If mom or she for different reasons may not help in reading the prayers, this should be done by any other close relatives, or the, who loves the patient.

Not be amiss, if the addict is baptized or a believer. In this case, his own faith will be of great help in the recovery. In addition, help such actions – to get up no later than, than seven in the morning, bow down to the earth ten times in the direction of the rising sun. Scholars are strongly advised to memorize the fiftieth Psalm and read it at least ten times a day.

Very often, the clergy say, that man is the drug addicts should go to Church and Ministers. Drugs devastate the soul and heart of man, to fill them, you need to turn to spiritual, light doctrine. The best religion is the doctrine of love, so it can help in recovery from addiction.

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