Stages of drug addiction

Addiction is a disease, which has its own stage. We all know, that man, drugs, first, lose the sharpness of mind, then experiencing health problems, and after, if you do not stop taking drugs, it will just die. That is the way of all addicts. Is it possible to identify stages of addiction and to describe their? This article will answer this question.

The stage of the disease

By and large, the disease of addiction has three stages, which are divided into 4 stage.Stages of drug addiction are easily traced by experts. It is important to determine the stage based on, to do a competent treatment. The easiest way to work with people, located on the first stage.

There are three stages of addiction

At each stage man can leave his addiction, in addition, of course, latest – death. But the longer the addict comes to his addiction to drugs, the harder it is to live a normal life. Of course, the easiest way to keep drugs, when the body, Yes, and the addict has not had time to get used to them much – and that is, in the first stage.

Stages of drug addiction are developing rapidly, especially if the person does not offer help. It is important, to remove a dependent from the company, where are all actively used drugs.

The first stage and the beginning of the first stage of dependence

At this stage there is acquaintance with drugs. A man often driven by curiosity. Still, how many conversations about "high", insight, dream about all the problems! Especially curious teenagers and youth. In adults the causes can be different. Most often the person pushes the experiments lack of understanding from loved ones, loneliness or grief of what happened.

Most people relate to life and what is happening around her is quite irresponsible. They go with the flow, not doing anything, in order, to improve your life and manifest immaturity to an offer to taste the potion. But among experimenters and well informed people, who want and crave self-development self-knowledge.

It is no secret, today there is a cult of drugs, when famous people enthusiastically talk about their experiences, feeding it a bad example to the followers. For example, Steve jobs has repeatedly admitted, he tried ecstasy and LSD, names and thanks to them he learned to think broadly. The idol of youth, the founder and mastermind of Apple thus has pushed millions of adolescents to such experiments.

The drug cannot be self-indulgence. Any use of chemicals - this is the first stage of drug addiction.

The drug cannot be self-indulgence. Any use of chemicals – this is the first stage of drug addiction.

The first test of drugs really change the mind and give an incredible feeling. This is not miracle and not magic. Chemical substance has an effect on biochemical processes, passing in the brain. The body begins to work differently, mobilizes its forces and the activity of the processes, but because the person experiences unusual pleasure.

After the first drug use there are two options for further developments. In the first case, people frightened of their own feelings and decides not to try the potion. These concerns are quite justified, because this condition is not natural for the body. Imagine, what each of us has the reserve physical pleasure for a lifetime. It is natural to worry about the surges of pleasure gradually throughout life, the drugs also boost the process and is forced to relive the whole range of kicks in no time.

The second scenario – the person chooses to continue a pleasant process, and together with the, experiments with drugs. So begins the first stage of addiction. When drug addicts start? As a rule, this so-called "light" drugs like hashish, cannabis, marijuana. To "weed" most of the concerns without fear – because so many films, most often American, show the safety of this pampering. This is another danger of this cult of drug addiction.

The grass gives a feeling of relaxation, disables the worry and anxiety. This feeling is very nice, and who of us may not like, what, nice? People get used to the grass and he need to smoke it again and again, to relax. Without such a doping, there is a feeling of nervousness, and the question arises, to try something new, potent. According to statistics, in the first six months of the use of marijuana 20% people can abandon the use, 30% left, and the rest 50% move on to something stronger.

Remember, there are no soft drugs! Yes, from the grass easier to refuse, than that of cocaine, but Smoking cannabis products causes a change in the mind and the body at a serious level. After ten times of reception of cannabis products (cannabis, marijuana, hash, marijuana) in the human brain begin irreversible changes.

The second stage of addiction (the first stage)

So, as soon as after the first trial of the drug a person understands, he likes it, and he wants to continue, he starts the first stage of addiction – and with it the second stage. This stage has the following features:

  • People want to get "high", and because knowingly using drugs;
  • Man looking for drugs, and plans when and with whom to use them;
  • He can easily justify his desire curiosity;
  • Drugs alone the addict does not feel comfortable, so he is looking for new friends, ready to share this interest. At this stage, the crumbling old friendships and start new;
  • Stay without the drug no longer seems interesting, but because the addict believes a drug is an integral part of the party, disco, the nightclub;
  • Drug addict it becomes difficult to communicate with people, he feels insecure and anxious.

The first stage is characterized by a constant increase of the received dose.

The second stage changes the appearance of the person and his physical condition

The second stage changes the appearance of the person and his physical condition

People, hooked on drugs, becoming a member of the new company, it could change their preferences in clothing, music and movies. Often old friends fade into the background, as they the addict just has nothing to communicate. The second stage is characterized by, that man there is a dependence. If he just "dabbled"" grass, now the same dose is "high" does not bring.

Because people have to increase the dose of the drugs and quality of drugs. It is the law of addiction – people addicted sooner or later begins to increase the dose and it always goes from lighter to heavier drugs.

The third stage (the second stage of addiction)

This phase begins approximately 3-4 month, regular use of drugs, but time here does not matter, someone the second stage may come in a month, and someone in a year. What are the characteristics of this stage?

Diseases, knitted with a weak immune system and constant poisoning toxins. In addition, the best "friends" of drug abuse is AIDS, hepatitis, sexual diseases, also can appear the addict.

  • An addict does not give the report in their actions during the use of the drug can occur accidents, household injuries. In addition, possible, attempts to commit crimes, theft.
  • Under the influence of drugs addicts often engage in unprotected sex. That is what leads to disease or pregnancy in women.
  • There are problems at home – family members may still not know about addiction of a loved person, but to see changes in his behavior. Get in trouble at work or school – drug addicts lose their mental faculties rapidly degrade.
  • All the money, savings addict leave drugs (the price on the higher, the more dependent people). When the money runs out, drug addicts can go on stealing or intermeddle in an endless debts.
  • All the friends of a drug addict now – it's the same dependent, as he. With old friends to the dependent person simply are not on the way, communication deteriorates or there is discord in the friendly relations.

The second stage is physical dependence. Drugs are not fun, the addict will take them in order, to feel normal, otherwise he has ongoing break-up. All problems, that occur during this phase, the addict justifies the fact, he feels ill from lack of drugs. They say, he wouldn't go to steal, if he had the money for a dose. And to work he'd go, and my wife normally communicated, if I had not experienced the break-up. But of course, should he take a new dose, and everything goes on a nakatanny scheme.

Is it possible to get rid of the addiction at this stage? Possible, but to do it yourself is almost impossible. Of course, the history of known cases, when the people themselves to the battery chained, to survive the break-up and cope with physical cravings, but this unit. The best model of recovery from addiction at this stage is to appeal to a specialized center and the help of specialists in drug treatment.

But you have to admit, what the majority of drug addicts in the second stage, still need help. On the contrary, they continue their experiments, looking for new ways of getting pleasure, and if you do not find, the change to new drugs, increasing the dose.

The fourth stage of drug addiction (the final stage)

This stage has the following features:

  • People already can not imagine my life without use of drugs, his whole life passes from dose to dose. There is no room for family, Hobbies, other desires – the thoughts about substances, and about, where to get them.
  • In order to get the drug, dependent can go to all in the truest sense of the word – even murder, as there remains no moral principles.
  • The addict completely loses the human form and spirituality. He looks sank to the bottom man, older than his age for many years.
  • The life of a drug addict does not make sense. In moments of insight he understands, that he live just not why. Very often, addicts are trying to settle scores with life at this stage.
  • There are numerous diseases, the General decline of protective functions of the immune system. The body of the addict at this stage is exhausted.
  • If this has not happened before, at this stage the addict loses his friends, relatives and friends.

The brain of a healthy person is able to control their own biochemical processes and to maintain balance. But the brain of the addict is no longer able to work without the drug. If at this stage not to stop taking the drugs, the addict will die.

To stop taking drugs at this stage is very difficult, because the body, as it seems to the addict, on the contrary requires more and more powerful drugs. Often at this stage, cocaine and heroin, these drugs are addictive from the very first trial. At this point is almost impossible, starts the fall into the abyss. However, in order, who do something you really want, nothing is impossible.

In the mind of the addict's life mixed up with drug reality, he can't evaluate things objectively. Although any dependent even at the latest stage of its dependencies understands, he flies into the abyss, and promises to myself, it will be the last dose. As you know, this does not happen, people live from one of the "last" dose to the other until death.

Is it possible to save the addict at this stage? Of course, the deeper people dropped, the harder it is to pull, but the answer is – . All I know, that quickly and rapidly destroy the health drugs. Stage of dependence are distinguished in four variations. If you watch the addict, we can understand, at which stage is it. Depending on this treatment.

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Life is worth it, to live, but because, if your loved one was a slave to a deadly addiction, help him, at whatever stage of decomposition it was not.


There are three stages of addiction (which are divided into 4 stage of taking the drugs). The deeper and further comes a man in his addiction, the harder it comes back and start to live again without drugs. Meanwhile, salvation is possible at any time. If a loved one has become a slave of drugs, do not wait for the moment, when he comes to his senses and will begin an independent struggle – take him to the dispensary, because without the help of a drug addict from his passion will not give up.

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