The son became a drug addict: what's a mother to do

The son of a drug addict — a blow for mother. The woman is sure – her fault, were not able to notice, to help, to protect, stop. Resentment, fear, anger constantly confronted together, making it difficult to make the right decisions. The son of a drug addict sentence for many families. How not to go crazy with this opening?

the son of an addict what to do

From the self-torture of the guy will not lay with a terrible passion. First, you need to calm down, focus, try to understand, why the teenager did this. What made you take such a rash, a terrible act. It is impossible to escape accusations for child, it will aggravate the situation. Mom needs to act like an adult, putting emotions away.

The child became a drug addict: the main mistakes parents

Psychologists have identified some bad decisions, accept moms:

  1. Denial of the problem. To notice their own child bad traits difficult. They are constantly trying to justify his actions, actions, much easier to close your eyes to the truth, than to seek help.
  2. Guilt prevent judgment. Often when faced with a similar situation, relatives being tormented by endless questions: "How to live now?", "Why this happened?". Philosophy will not help, you need to act – contact the experts.
  3. Threats, scandals. People are convinced, I can reason with dependent threats/beliefs. The mother shows aggression, sniffing things, forbids to go out for a walk. The result is abysmal child will leave home, seeing the mother of the enemy.

The son became a drug addict

For many families, the verdict is "the son of a drug addict". What to do with this problem and who to go to?

How to help son addict?

To understand, why is this obedient, good child decided to make a life with drugs is difficult. The reasons can be a lot. From school troubles or personal failure, ending with the elementary curiosity. To answer correctly, need to pay special attention to his surroundings, to remember the conversations, possible, he even tried to share pressing troubles.

There are two decisions of actions necessary to exercise, learning about bad news:

  1. Throw all the forces to fight. However, it is understood, without voluntary agreement to achieve this will be difficult. You will have to spend a lot of patience, forces, time, money. Parents should be emotionally stable. The son of a drug addict is a problem, with which to fight. Experts recommend mothers to contact the support, where are people, as they.
  2. To perceive the addiction as a disease, to deal with it, its consequences. Therapy will be slow – you need to understand. You cannot expect results from 1-2 months of treatment. The son of a drug addict will resist, to blame the mother and father of all suffering is just the price for a future without drugs.

the son of a drug addict

Relatives can't give up, because the only future was in their hands, and possibly even live their own child. Deciding to spare the boy from drug addiction, first, what needs to be done, find a decent clinic. Such organizations are found in every town, just need to make the right choice. It is recommended to read the reviews, to communicate personally with experts. In the drug treatment center are required to give details about the proposed work, to guarantee.

Until treatment, it is recommended to insure. It is recommended to hide the money, remove valuables. The son of a drug addict often commits illegal acts, robbing parents. Even those children, who never took anything without asking, becoming drug addicts, be ready for terrible things. Vices cause a shock, but this can not be avoided, when the child needs another dose of the drug.

During rehabilitation of the adolescent family need to be more careful, to show love, care. The young man needs to understand – to live well without the use of drugs. Family is always there – wishes him only happiness!

If the son became a drug addict, it is not necessary to despair and to accuse itself. The mother is obliged to collect all will in a fist and tune in to the continuous treatment and subsequent rehabilitation.

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