Legal replacement for marijuana exists?

There is the concept of a legal replacement for marijuana. It implies the use of drugs, can bring the same result. In addition, these drugs are not banned.

Legal replacement for marijuana

A little on the illegal marijuana

Over the years, marijuana has been able to gather a huge amount of feedback. Some treat her with a positive, others actively Express their protests. To say she gets from a man benefit or harm, not. However, one can mark exactly, this herb is banned.

Therefore, the found any the patient may face not only serious problems, but jail time. So, lovers of unusual emotions, want to direct your gaze in another direction

Legal replacement for marijuana is not a myth. Wanting to get unusual sensations, it is not necessary to break the law. For this purpose we choose a safer way. In practice there is substances, can become real substitutes drugs.


Epigallocatechin gallate

Common substance, which sell, as a special addition to the tea drink. The drug has a broad spectrum of possible effects. Usually wanting to experience new emotions, people puff a marijuana.

But in this case, the drug should have, the only way to achieve the desired result.


Another a legal replacement for marijuana. The result is achieved by a reverse takeover endocannabinoid. Each person in the body has a small amount of cannabinoids. However, in this volume he does not harm.

That's just the effect of the substance destruction of bodies begins to slow down. To expect from the incredible substances of narcotic effect is not worth it, but changes the perception of reality may occur. Moreover, with the passage of the test to identify substances not work.

Buy Guineesine exclusively at foreign sites. A small dosage of it contains black pepper, and he absolutely seconden in our country.


The world-famous seasoning is able to have unpredictable effects. The reason for all his psychoactive compound. However, when using it you need to take extra care. Harmless at first glance, the spice can bring a serious list of side effects. They can be avoided only when used in limited doses, not exceeding 5 grams. The desired effect is achieved already after a couple of hours and can last for a long time.


Nutmeg as a drug is especially common among schoolchildren. Teenagers do not have the funds to purchase these drugs and trying to find a quality replacement. Often, such experiments end in a hospital bed. If you exceed the dosage of such a legal replacement for marijuana can turn into a tragedy. It is therefore particularly important to monitor the amount of alcohol nutmeg.

Memantine + Caffeine

Their principle of action of the drug memantine similar with marijuana. It is often prescribed to individuals, suffering from Alzheimer's disease. In combination with caffeine, providing a bracing effect, the result is unpredictable.


This medication has very limited information. Sell it as non-food material, and in some countries as a biological Supplement. One thing is for sure oleamid impact can affect the receptors of the human body and leads to confusion.

Linoleic acid

Known additive, contained in numerous products number, consumed daily. The greatest quantity is contained in sunflower oil. The component is able to increase endocannabinoids.

Omega-3 and omega-6

A necessary component for the synthesis of endocannabinoids. Higher dosage of the substance contained in red fish, herring. However, this does not mean, that overeating fish is able to trigger drug phenomenon. Similarly, you can improve your own health.

A cold shower

A cold shower

Proven, the cold water temperature can not only good cheer, but to increase cannabinoids. Therefore, the true fans of thrills, you can use this, the safest and most reliable method. The same effect can be obtained during intense physical activities.

Still taking testosterone and estradiol is able to increase several times the number of cannabinoid receptors.

Thus, to increase the number of cannabinoids do not have to risk your health and freedom, using illegal drugs. Legal replacement for marijuana is the real way out of the situation. Even a healthy lifestyle can affect the health of the person. So you should really choose the right solutions.

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