Famous athletes addicts, break your destiny

The concept of sports and bad habits are simply incompatible. Want to proudly talk about, there, where there is a healthy way of life, there is no drug. However, not isolated cases prove otherwise. Today, many well-known names of popular personalities, addicted to dangerous drugs. Athletes addicts often.

To believe it, is to resort to real world identities, proving, that drugs for athletes have become a symbol of relaxation. It's amazing, as people, devoting himself to the sport, carefully follow the diet and its menu. But apparently not everyone can resist the temptation to try something new. The most famous athletes addicts will be presented below.

Famous athletes addicts

Diego Maradona

The famous footballer has long been the idol of millions. However, in 1986 year, many looked at him with different eyes. During one of the checks in the blood of the Argentine were identified cocaine. Later the guy said, bought it from one of the convicted dealer. The rash act has put a temporary end to his career, exactly 15 months and was disqualified.

However, in 1994 year, Maradona said about the refusal of the use. Then was able to go to the world Cup, but after the next test, was again among those, who do not respect. The test gave a positive result for the presence of ephedrine, methylephedrine, pseudoephedrine. It was a real collapse for the world of football.

Lawrence Taylor

Athletes addicts succumbing to a bad habit, destroying its own destiny. A similar situation occurred with Taylor. He was the best defender in the history of America, but addiction took up. Numerous checks finding cocaine ended in temporary suspensions.

The last straw was the third misfire, caused the end of his career. Then the man decided to catch up and launched into the most serious actions. Among them there was even a conviction for sexual contact with underage girl.

Adrian Mutu

A successful career is instantly went down. But ahead of Adrian waited an incredible height. Thanks to the wonderful game he was even invited to the Chelsea squad. But soon his blood was found in possession of cocaine.

The guy was expelled from the team and ordered to pay a fine. Today, the situation has not improved at all. See the title former athletes addicts like him more, successful player.

Adrian Mutu

Josh Hamilton

The name of a famous baseball player on the lips of many. The reason for this success was his incredible talent. However serious the accident was the cause of the abuse of harmful drugs.

To turn from the right path was easy, but Josh was able to find the strength to fight. After a long rehabilitation he returned to the game, earning the respect of millions of fans.

Mike Tyson

The list of athletes addicts simply could not do without Tyson. For a long time it is in a huge number of offences. Among them, the use of marijuana, cocaine, driving under the influence. However, Mike was able to clean up their act, and then passed a rehabilitation course. After this, the champion is not listed vivid sensations.

Mike Tyson

Andre Agassi

For the tennis player who only talked positively, but Andre decided to tell the fans the truth. In his autobiography, he spoke in detail about, often used methamphetamine. Conduct inspections and to take, awards received, it was too late, therefore, the Association of tennis could only take it all for granted.

Michael Phelps

Drugs for athletes often become just a fleeting fad. However, moments of pleasure require a serious reckoning. This situation is expected Michael. At a party the Olympic star was caught with marijuana cigarette. Later, the young man confessed to the crime and was suspended for three months.

Michael Phelps

Paul Gascoigne

Many former athletes addicts sadly remember their mistakes. Often a moment of weakness is able to completely turn life miserable. That's what happened with Paul, which has long been considered an excellent player. If not for the desire to smoke cocaine and wash it down with a drink before an important match.

Soon such immoral actions caused disqualification from the European championship, for them exile from the football League, and soon the treatment of alcoholism.

Lamar Odom

The man has long carried the title of champion, but the sudden intrigue in the family led to the failure, resulting in drug dependence. It turns out, Odom already had such problems, but he was able to cope with them. However, this time the situation is obviously out of control.

Lamar Odom

Alexander Only Two Players Were Lucky

Among domestic celebrities includes athletes addicts. In the Russian football, a similar case occurred for the first time in 2006 year. It was then that one of the players disqualified because of a confirmed fact of drug use. Conducted dope test confirmed the presence of marijuana.

The young man on 8 months removed from games. Such a shame was his great incentive to quit a bad habit. Today, the guy coached your club.

Among the famous names in world sport has enough black spots. Some of them are realizing their mistake, trying to fix it, but there are those, who makes the decision to go on a curved path, forever ruining their own lives.

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