Posters against drug addiction

Prevention of drug addiction today is an important part of school education. That is why the schools and colleges often give children a task to do with your hands poster, directed against dependence. Will discuss in this post how to do it in the best way. If your child was given the assignment in school to draw a poster against disease, it should be both informative and, and moderately terrifying.

What should be in the newspaper?

Children do not perceive information as adults, therefore, they should not download information. Posters against drug abuse is an important propaganda material, which is often done with your own hands.

Great poster you can do with your hands

Great poster you can do with your hands

You can write about the most interesting facts based on, about, what leads to the disease, but to serve this need in the form of brief abstracts. Don't forget to inform those, who is going to read the newspaper, where they need to go, if they will witness the distribution of drugs.

Posters against drugs every day are drawn educational institutions. The content of such material can be different. Children are the most interesting target for drug traffickers. If you are offered drugs for free to try, it is not because you look like an adult or you want to attach to adult life.. Just in your nature dealer sees weakness, and therefore wants to try to sell you drugs.

Be stronger and smarter than that! Remember, that "treat" is free only the first few times, next, you will need the fee, because you will become dependent and weak-willed. Do not confirm expectations of a salesman "foolishness" – say no and report the questionable personalities of the school management!

School paper

School paper

How to behave, if you witness the sale of drugs? Imagine, that you witnessed a murder – how to behave in this case? If "snitching" hand over the murderer to the police? No, you make a good deed and save someone from violence! Believe me, that drug dealer – the same killer, only the current more sophisticated. He is looking for future victims of drug addiction, then to make money on them. You want, to your classmates someone profited?

In the profession of drug dealer there's nothing romantic – this person is amassing a fortune on the suffering of others. If you saw, what high school student or a stranger selling something to students, immediately notify the school Director. Your name will not be made public, and you will be able to prevent trouble!

Children's poster against drugs

Children's poster against drugs

All I know, that addicts don't live long. But what can you say about addicts children? Here, things are much worse. Drugs are harmful to the younger body is much more, formed than an adult. If you want to remain immature, in a child's body, without Express primary sexual characteristics, what, experiment! "STOP drugs" – the most popular inscription, used by artists posters.

Any drug, ranging from grass and glue to heavy heroin and cocaine, is inhibitor, slows the progression and halts its growth. Missing teeth, the rotting wound on the body, rare dull hair – this is the image of a drug addict after a year of drug use. You want it? Death to the addict will not come immediately, although in this body to live don't want even to, who loves life.In the homemade poster you can not use statistics,- figures like adults, and children do not treat them with respect. But, that will definitely attract attention – pictures.

What pictures should be in the newspaper?

Don't be afraid to use even pictures of very frightening appearance. Kids are impressionable adults. Facts and words can not act, if they are presented in the form of text, but pictures and photos are more powerful than any words. Use "before" and "after", that is, what was the man after taking drugs.

photo addicts scare

In addition, very telling will be sick. Show addicts in a very bad light – a rotting wound, decomposing limbs, bad teeth and hair. Don't be afraid to "overdo" – the content of the most fearsome will be very useful in this case.

Unfortunately, in the newspaper it is impossible to place the video. If you work in a school, during class hours students be sure to show educational films about the dangers of drugs. It will serve the children good service.

Video "Heroin"

If you work in a school or other institution, which is visited by children, you can make a great contribution to the fight against the disease. Well made newspaper or poster against drugs is bound to attract the attention of passers-by. Print photos from the Internet and glue them in the newspaper, providing signatures and information in small texts. No need to think, prevention is something expensive, because no matter, source of information. Hand made information poster may discourage the teenager from harm.


If you have a goal to create a good poster, telling about the dangers of drugs, do not skimp on the use of bright photos, speaking about the dangers, which are the substances man. And in text you need to be careful not to overload your stingy factsheet facts and figures.

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