Addiction treatment: basic principles

Addiction is a disease, which can be treated. The fact, what ex-addicts does not exist, no real confirmation in practice. Many dependent people can be quite successfully overcome your addiction and start living the full way.

How to start a drug treatment? Principles and techniques are always based on specific factors. These nuances, without which it is impossible to save people from addiction:

  • consistency;
  • continuity;
  • desire (own or relatives);
  • isolation.

Now more should consider each factor, which will help to get rid of this addiction.

Consistency, the continuity and desire

If you suffer from addiction or sick your loved one, the first and main principle of successful treatment is consistency. Addiction – it is not a disease, in the treatment of which from time to time to surrender to the temptation to try a drug, since then the whole healing effect will come to naught, and the addict will feel loose.

Addiction treatment is a serious procedure, requires constant monitoring and the assistance of professionals. But it is impossible to save people from addiction, if you do not observe certain principles.

If you begin addiction treatment, it can't be interrupted

If you begin addiction treatment, it can't be interrupted

For this reason, the best treatment is considered the deliverance of the addict from addiction is not at home, and in a closed center, where drugs don't get from the outside world. It is also impossible to stay on the first stage of treatment – get rid of the addict from physical dependence. Therefore, the second important principle of the addict from addiction is the continuity.

Once a person is no longer drawn to narcotic drugs, you need to immediately go to the issue of psychological dependence, otherwise, the treatment will end with a failure. Each day of treatment the addict needs to be wasted to have a healing effect, as even a small delay is fraught with futility and a new round based on.

Is it possible to cure people from addiction without desire? Of course, if in the beginning the addict does not want to get rid of his disease, it is not a reason to give him the opportunity to "Mature" and wait, while he will slide into the abyss. Let the first treatment is coercive in nature, but then, when a drug addict will lose the physical cravings for drugs, he definitely should have a desire to be free from addiction. The desire of the sick person will be cured is the third most important principle for getting rid of any disease, including narcotic.

While the addict doesn't really want to be free and treated at the behest of friends and relatives, dreaming about "freedom", when drugs become available again, addiction treatment is pointless. Only the desire to get rid of this addiction is good.

Lack of access to drugs in the treatment process

Also one of the most important principles in successful treatment of human drug addiction is the inability to get a dose.

The desire of the addict in the treatment process is of great importance

The desire of the addict in the treatment process is of great importance

Most hard drug addicts have in the first month of treatment, when the body aches from withdrawal, and the soul yearns for the feeling if not the buzz, then at least alleviate the suffering. But no one spoke, it would be easy. The addict needs to go through the unpleasant period and then he will feel a burst of energy for a successful and meaningful struggle.

Once the body is freed from toxins and physical addiction to the drug will come to naught, people breathe easy. But it is necessary to break even one time drug use, and it will throw the addict into ten steps back.

Considered, all hospitals are treating voluntary or voluntary-compulsory, however, in most cases it's just a game of words. Ninety-five percent of cases, addiction treatment is carried out forcibly, as an addict just can't abandon miraculous drugs.

The addict cannot imagine life without drugs, it seems to be physically impossible. And another common "excuse" of a drug addict – "I quit, as soon as you want". It's just a myth, because to throw yourself a sick man can't, and probably doesn't want. So voluntarily request assistance only a few, for other people, the treatment must be coercive in case of failure of a person to get rid of ruining its dependencies.

The isolation of the addict from society and old contacts

A necessary condition for the treatment of addict is the beginning of a new life.Rules for the treatment of drug addiction must comply with mandatory. Otherwise, it is impossible to save a loved one from this addiction.

In the treatment process, the addict does not have to deal with the former "friends"

In the treatment process, the addict does not have to deal with the former “friends”

While people communicate with old friends, lives in the place, which he is firmly associated with drug use, he will not be cured of his illness. The best solution in this case would be placement of the patient in a special clinic or moving to a new place. Most medical centers, which help fight drug addiction, located on the seafront or in the woods, creating the most favorable environment for dealing with addiction.

There are times, when the addict is associated with addiction is not one, and together with his half. If the second person refuses to undergo treatment and become free, the psychologists recommends in this case to leave it and move to release himself.

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Basic principles of treatment of the human drug listed in this article can help the patient in the process of recovery from addiction, especially if you use them together.

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