Diagnosis of drug addiction

Sometimes, looking at the behavior of his relative or friend, close people wonder – what's wrong with him? Why he's acting so weird? Knowing, drugs that knock on the house to everyone, you should always be vigilant. In this article, you will learn, what are the signs is addiction and how is it diagnosis.

Mindfulness – the key to happiness

You know the saying: "Forewarned is forearmed"? After this article don't say, you have been warned, because by and large, you will get all the tools for self-detection of drug abuse. This post is not just for parents.

Pay attention to those, someone you love

Pay attention to those, someone you love

The information from this article will be useful to all, who lives in a society, have relatives, friends, friends. Most people (except inveterate pessimists) peculiar carelessness, but because, until we are faced with something deafening, most of us just don't believe, that trouble may come in his life. Addiction is not a nuisance, it's trouble for the addict and not less grief to his relatives and friends.

Perhaps, no disease more stupid and inevitable. People on their own will start to use drugs, who suck the life out of him and the money, and in that moment, when the brain begins to protest feebly, it will be too late. So be attentive to those, someone you love. We are not talking about total control, but the common participation in the life of the person you care about can play an important role.

The first signs of addiction

If your child has tried drugs for the first time, you will immediately notice the signs. Therefore, it is advisable to examine their children after a night of partying or exploring, or look to the spouse, which was with friends and behaves after the meeting, strange.

  1. Inappropriate behavior. Alcohol makes a person cheeky, fun, chatty, but drink alcohol will give a characteristic smell. The drugs are odorless (in the majority), but also produced human metamorphosis. Took the dose behaves unusually, laughs for no reason, unusually excited, oars or blissfully relaxed. After, as the effect of the substance is reduced, somnolence, passivity, cheerfulness disappears, appears relaxed.
  2. The smell. Most often begin to experiment with pokurivaya weed, she can leave an unusual sweet smell on clothes or hair. Additionally, after a long grass possible dry cough and bad breath.
  3. Red, feverishly glittering eyes. Can also occur changes with the pupils, perhaps the lack of reaction to light.

Addiction – insidious disease, but it is impossible not to notice. Strange behavior of a loved person always point to the fact, he'd fallen in with bad company.

Diagnosis of drug addiction – if the addict has little experience

If you saw the first signs of, that way you go that way, it's not too late to see the symptoms after a few doses of the drug.

Diagnosing drug addiction is possible even in the early stages

Diagnosing drug addiction is possible even in the early stages

This is the first stage of addiction is when a person knowingly uses drugs, already out of curiosity, but because he wants to get high. Physical cravings are not strong, large role played by the curiosity and novelty of sensations. The interference of relatives, a visit to the psychiatrist can discourage the person from drinking the poison.

  1. Change in behavior. They are not so noticeable, but the man is already showing some anti-social behaviour. There appears a reluctance to communicate with parents or loved ones, the addict is committed to privacy. Questions about, what happens, does not give any clear answer.
  2. Changes in appearance. These changes are more related to girls – you may see some sloppiness, unwillingness to put on makeup or wash your hair. This is especially noticeable on the meticulous.
  3. Changes appetite. Drugs bring down the body confused, and because the addict suffers a lack of appetite, inexplicable Gorom. Possible problems with urination and defecation. Often the, who started taking drugs, begins to dramatically lose weight due to the excitation of the nervous system.
  4. Changes on the face. Only after several receptions of a drug, the body may begin to "fail". May cause rash or pimples, the skin will appear very bright, bloodless, hair no longer shiny and look unkempt even in the form of washed.

Many people blame themselves for, we failed early on to recognize the dependence of. No need to get upset, there is still a chance to fix it.

it is important to be attentive to any changes in the life of a loved one

It is important to be attentive to any changes in the life of a loved one

Diagnosis of drug addiction in dependent with the experience in a few months

"Miss" the fact, that man was addicted to drugs, can only someone very inconsiderate. But still, if it happened (maybe, your close man shows miracles of disguise), here's how to diagnose the addiction at a later date (the end of the first and beginning of the second stage of the disease):

  1. Dark colors in clothing, long sleeve. Black color is universal for all addicts, he is not soiled and does not attract attention. Also these people love the long sleeves on one side, in order, to hide the inflamed injection sites, on the other, because the body violates the function of heat exchange and the body begins to not work correctly.
  2. The loss of money and valuables. Drugs cost money, and what comes next the addict in their addiction, the more expensive it will cost him. Most often their own funds to the addict not enough, and he begins to steal – parents or relatives, or sell those valuables, he has.
  3. Problems at work. Drugs affect the ability to think, cause a person to deteriorate, as a person. Most often, after several months of use of drug a person loses a job or goes to school, just not able to cope with the load.
  4. Problems in the family. Possible quarrels and scandals with a loved one, because the real world in the brain of the addict is replaced by the new image.
  5. Changes in appearance. The signs are the same – eyes, too light skin, unkempt appearance.

Half a year on drugs – this is serious! The treatment will take long and it does not always give the desired results. It is therefore important to be attentive to any changes in the life of a loved one.

What to do, if you suspect a person of drug addiction

Today in any supermarket on the shelves next to a pregnancy test, you can find a test to determine drug use. But still it would be better to see a psychiatrist. To find out, did people recently drugs, you will need to have blood and urine. These two tests will be enough, to say, is your loved one addicted or you thought. However, experience shows that if you have any suspicion, they, most often unfounded. As stated in the well-known folk wisdom "Better sorry, than safe"


Addiction it is possible to self-diagnose in the early stages. It does not need to be a psychiatrist or have special medical education – the facts will be evident, and people are little bit careful will notice. The sooner you begin to fight this plague, the more chances you have to get specific with minimal losses.

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