Hypnosis and drug addiction

People, who suffer from addiction, prepared to try any methods of getting rid of their addiction. This includes not only the special hospitals and medical centers, but conspiracies, the adoption of special teas. Distributed and a question – can hypnosis help drug addiction?

Non-traditional methods of addiction treatment

Addiction as a concept does not cause anybody surprise, because we all know how quickly and effectively this infection gets new victims. However, there is no grief worse, than the addict in the family. It would seem, man alive, but really, in fact, it's already a dead man walking. He was not interested in anything but new dose and the end of his life, it is clear to everyone – the imminent death.

To recover from addiction, a man ready for anything

To recover from addiction, a man ready for anything

The most unpleasant is the fact, often addicts are not aware of their troubles and don't want to be treated. Then the parents and loved ones ready to go at all, to pull the addict from the chains of addiction. Many turn to specialty clinics, but there are other unconventional ways, corroborating the effect of treatment.

Immediately it should be noted, there are many charlatans, promising to cure drug addiction. As you know, for every demand there is an offer, and because ordinary people are presented with Magi, psychics, healers and promise to do the impossible. Check out their work does not, and the money is paid immediately after the session.

So, first rule – please contact the proven professionals. Listen, what people say, how speak those, who have already completed a course of treatment. Often a good experts is not doing any advertising, and known for its satisfied customers. But the wide advertising campaign, diplomas in the office, chic office immediately should alert you.

What is hypnosis?

Let us approach the subject of hypnosis. Actually, to master this technique does not need to have psychic abilities, some innate gifts. In fact, to learn how to hypnotize and influence the subconscious mind of man can any therapist. However, as in any profession, there are people, doing his job competently and effectively, and there are those, treatment which will not bring any effect.


Hypnosis – this is not a joke!

Must have a good hypnotist?

  1. Reputation. The hypnotist you should not lead advertising, and the reviews of those people, which already had a chance to visit him.
  2. Education. Mass diplomas on the office wall is unnecessary and can effect, but a medical education to be the hypnotist should.
  3. His personal office or in a medical facility. As practice shows, those hypnotists, driving home on call, more likely to be charlatans. A good specialist, as any doctor, there are regular customers, which is convenient to come to see him in a certain place.
  4. Price. How much will the help of a good hypnotherapist? Misconception, which is very expensive. As people write on the forums, any specialist requests from the 1500 rubles in Russia and 400 UAH in Ukraine. Remember, it is expensive does not mean quality.

All these rules do not necessarily have to be implemented in practice, but still, take note of them. Addiction treatment hypnosis requires the doctor's special knowledge in the psychology of the addict.

How can hypnosis help the addict?

The hypnotist works with the subconscious mind of the addict. Entering dependent person in the trance state, the hypnotist has access to the secret person. The trance state is called hypnosis (for example, the addict needs to count down from ten to zero looking at the swinging pendulum), then the man falls asleep in a special waking dream.

The hypnotist will explain to the addict how his addiction is harmful

The hypnotist will explain to the addict how his addiction is harmful

Hypnotist, who is an experienced psychologist, begins to explain to the addict, why does he have to get rid of their addiction, than she hurts him and what will. During the session, the addict is more suggestible and all the words be sure it will reach. In addition, when he wakes up, his power drive is much stronger, and if the addict has a strong desire to quit my passion, he is required to handle and will not break.

What are the rules of visiting a hypnotist?

First of all, the addict must be completely sane, not stoned. When the brain is intoxicated, neither the hypnotist will not be able to him "reach out". The second rule is the desire of the addict. Even the best hypnotherapist won't help that, who is not willing to part with drugs. So if you want to impose a hypnosis addict force, force, you should know, that such a measure will not work, and you are just wasting your money. If the person is in the thrall of drugs, but doesn't want to leave them, it is better to place the addict in a special medical institution.

Video "hypnosis Treatment of diseases and dependencies, the doctor's opinion"


Will the hypnosis addict? The answer to this question depends on two factors – , how good and experienced hypnotherapist and how much the addict wants to get rid of their addiction. The second factor is the most important and it depends on him, this works on hypnosis addict or not.

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