What are the drugs

The word "addiction" comes from the word "drugs", having Greek roots. Translated as "narkotikos" means "sleepy, sleeping". Drugs known to mankind since ancient times. This word was originally called some morphine-like substances and they were used mainly for medical purposes. Today, the word "drug" has a negative meaning and refers to the substance, adversely affect the health and cognitive human activity.

How drugs influence on human?

Their constant use leads to some changes in the psyche. The person becomes dependent on the drug, and feels a strong desire to accept it otherwise, he is experiencing extreme discomfort, known as "kink addict". The addict can not stop not before than.

A drug addict can do anything for a new dose

A drug addict can do anything for a new dose

If at stake is the opportunity to get a new dose, he is even willing to go on the offense. Addict becoming useless and dangerous member of society, not to start a family, work, just enjoy life. The whole life of such a person is the existence of the dose to the dose.

Types of drugs

What are the drugs? It should be noted, there are several types of substances:

  1. Analgesics opium — substances, causing that, who takes them, the effect of anesthesia, relaxation, retardation. With increasing doses can cause euphoria. To such substances is very easy to get used to, physiologically and psychologically. The most commonly used substances include codeine, promedol, morphine and heroin. In case of overdose of the substance results in paralysis of the respiratory center and respiratory failure, that leads to death.
  2. Substance-stimulants — can cause a sense of improved mental performance, physical characteristics of an organism, consumption brings a feeling of euphoria. The most common substances of this group of drugs are cocaine, caffeine, amphetamines. Proven, have no substance, calling more addictive psychologically, than cocaine. In case of overdose, suffer circulatory and cardiovascular system. A person can die of a heart attack, stroke, or hypertensive crisis.
  3. Alcohol also applies to drugs. Its use has a depressing effect on the Central nervous system. People initially had some disinhibition, in the case of increasing of dose — problems with speech, articulation, coordination of movements. The constant use causes dependence on the psychological and physiological levels. In case of overdose, death can occur as a result of zahlebyvayas vomit or coma. Also, there are cases of paralysis of the respiratory center and respiratory failure.
  4. Nicotine is a drug, stimulating the nervous system, creates psychological and physiological dependence. A lethal dose is very difficult to obtain from Smoking a cigarette. Suffering the human body, all life support systems.
  5. Sleeping pills, tranquilizers. Cause a feeling of relaxation with a gradual immersion in dream. Are divided into the barbiturates and benzodiazepines. Barbiturates cause both types of dependence, eventually cause unwillingness to communicate with people, spending time in noisy and crowded places. In overdose there may be paralysis of the respiratory center. Benzodiazepines on the effects of softer, but in the frequent use also cause two types of addiction. A lethal dose to the overdose quite difficult.
  6. Psychotomimetic — these substances are popularly known as hallucinogens. Known for the fact, you can change the habitual way of thinking, contribute to the emergence of hallucinations, mental illusions, Mirage. Psychotomimetic divided into psychedelic drugs, anesthetics and cholinergic receptors blogatory. To psicodelica include mescaline, LSD, psilocybin. Addictive and together with hallucinations, disorientation in space, the feeling of some new super abilities. A lethal dose is difficult to, but accidents, if people try to fly from a great height, go through the wall and t. d. Psychedelics became popular through the works of Carlos Castaneda. Blockers of cholinergic receptors – these substances include Taren, atropine, trihexyphenidyl. Can cause amnesia, the state of psychosis. A lethal dose is difficult to, accidents. Dissociative anesthetics – substances, creating the illusion of separation of the soul from the body, change perception of body and self in space and time. The most common substances of this group — ketamine and PCP. In medicine, ketamine is used to introduce the patient to the anesthesia. Overdose substances may lead to hypertensive crisis, there are known cases of occurrence in patients of a coma.
  7. Cannabis substances, which cause a feeling of relaxation, ease. May worsen perception, worse memory, appear brutal sense of appetite. Most common are hashish and marijuana. A lethal dose is impossible to obtain, but in the case of overdose a person may experience feelings of fear, disorientation in space, weakness. Weed is erroneously considered a light drug, non-addictive and not harmful to the body. With cannabis products start those, who later goes for opiates.

What is the effect of the drug

For the first time the effect of the drug was studied in the sixties of the last century. The researchers found, they are like the endorphins, that is, provide pain relief and euphoria, but their action is much stronger and long-lasting effect.

Any drug has a destructive effect on a person

Any drug has a destructive effect on a person


As you know, any medicine determines the measure, otherwise it's a therapeutic substance may be a poison to humans. Drug was the same. Established as effective drugs for pain relief or incorporating a person to sleep for an advanced operation, these drugs have been used by people as not intended. Increased dose of pain reliever or sleep aid becomes a dangerous substance, geeky with the constant use of addictive. Pharmacists are allocated to new opiates, thus unwittingly making a contribution to the spread of drugs.

For example, poppy had received morphine, which operates ten times stronger, than opium. In addition, morphine-based was synthesized a new compound called "codeine", which used as effective painkillers and cough medicine. Codeine is weaker in action, than morphine, but its use also causes addiction (as practice shows, almost all codensity sooner or later move on to stronger opiates).

Stronger than morphine (more, than ten times) the other is its derivative — heroin. This drug causes a distinct feeling of euphoria. The person feels on top of the world, protected, Almighty. However, didn't take much time, to ensure the use of heroin is addictive already 2-3 weeks. The most dangerous is heroin, which are the "craftsmen" at home. Eating this highly toxic substance, man is rapidly approaching its own demise. Many addicts, to the heroin addict, die in about 10 months — a year and a half after the start of substance use. The reason often becomes overdose.

What are the effects of drugs to the body?

Any drug causing attachment on the psychological and physiological level. In addition, however, there were still a number of harmful effects of drugs. Here they are:

  • degraded man, because drugs cause changes in mental state;
  • each reception drug may be your last, because of the probability of overdose. The exact dose for the body it is impossible to calculate, everything is very individual. Especially sweet ones, who has long been "sitting" on drugs;
  • each new dose of the drug harms the liver and the entire body because of toxicity;
  • permanent abstinence syndrome (the name of the people "breaking");
  • permanent psychosis, associated with violation of the brain. Addicts experienced four months and over suffering from dementia;
  • because altered States of consciousness are drug addicts always get home injury, and you can die not so much because of the drug or an overdose, but because of his own negligence.

Video “Light – on the fight against drug abuse”


None of us is immune from addiction. You can assign a sleeping pill or antidepressant, or will you take cough medicine with codeine and you are taking "drugs". Even common medications can contain substances, addictive, and you unwittingly become a slave to strange affection. Do not judge strictly addicts, unknown, what was the reason for their addiction. In any case, are people unhappy and in need of help. Remember, what drug can be removed quickly and inexpensively, and therefore does not sit, idly, if sorrow knocks to you door.

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