Addiction minors

Addiction is an issue, to bother loving parents always. It is absurd to lock up your child at home and keep it under strict control until marriage or marriage, but at the same time wants to protect the beloved child from the temptations of the streets.

Drugs is the, it's very easy to get today. Moreover, they do not even need to search, your child will offer their own. School, disco, dining in any of the place visited are drug dealers, that first time I say: ", try!". "All try, what have I done?"- thinking underage, and reaching for the forbidden fruit, like a donkey after a carrot. The second and third time the refreshments will be free too, and the fourth will have to pay.

Who do not act drugs?

Perhaps, in single drug use there is nothing wrong. Like that, to try to smoke or alcohol. Know, why?

Be a parent-friend for your child and you will avoid trouble

Be a parent-friend for your child and you will avoid trouble

Especially because all of the unknown beckons, but once touch this, a wrap of mystery disappears. Addict, like reading most doctors, you can't be the first time, and if your child is in the group of those, who do not act drugs, the dependency of the century he was not afraid. Who belongs here:

  1. Children from wealthy families. It is not about financial situation. If you are a friend of your child, if you are discussing anything and everything, if you there is no taboo, the child will share with you about that, who and where he was offered drugs. You are the first to know, what happens in the life of your child, and will be able to take the right steps. If the child tells you, what tried drugs before, don't make a scene. Calmly ask about feelings, about, did he. Apparently, once you share this information, drugs are not "hooked" your child. The welfare of the family loving and understanding parents – that's the most reliable panacea for the drug.
  2. Children, who are passionate about something. Those drug addicted teenagers, bored or who lacks acute and unusual sensations. The most powerful drug – that's life, everything else is bad substitutes. If your child rides his bike, sports, a lot of talking, in demand with the opposite sex, it is unlikely the drug will be able to interest.
  3. Happy children. Worse than drugs are people, who treat children badly. Family, in which children are beaten and humiliated, bullied by classmates, an arrogant teacher will encourage the child to escape from life, namely, to use drugs.

What affects the growth of drug addiction among minors

The main reason, that the teenager can become an addict is curiosity and interest in life. The child does not know the serious problems, he has no problems with work or wife. He only knows the life, extends to information about the world, as a plant to the sun. By and large, drugs no more interesting, than a new and unknown country.

The main cause of drug abuse among minors - curiosity

The main cause of drug abuse among minors – curiosity

The second reason for children's drug addiction is fashion. Teenagers as no one else knows. So, if some of the child's environment, his friends began to use drugs, to be trouble. Can be your child and do not need powerful drugs, but he wants to be, as all.

The third reason – the manipulation of consciousness. These are drug dealers and traffickers drugs. "You, poorly? Try, see, all samples!"The drug dealer looks Mature and cool, and because to deny him is difficult, otherwise, the child might really feel "weak" in the eyes of such a person.

How to prevent child network addiction

Actually, it's very simple. But, as you know, the simplest methods seem to be ineffective, but because people often give them up.

  1. To talk. If you think, what your child learns about drugs himself, without your intervention, you're right – he learns about it from a drug dealer. Ahead of these sellers potions! Talk with your child about all, including on drugs, from an early age.
  2. To reduce the importance of. While drugs seem to be something forbidden, they want to try. Show your child, what drugs is not surprising, ask him to try, if possible (don't be afraid to replay, the child will try them and without your blessing, and getting your official permission, the child will understand, what drugs have no mystery).
  3. To participate in the life of a child. The parent is the most important person in everyone's life. And parents can destroy a bridge of trust between you and your child. To avoid this, you should be always open for conversation, for confession, if it is necessary. The ever-busy parents children "all over you" and begin to live your life.

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Addiction of minors – the problem is very common and increasingly alarming. However, if you as an adult, give your child enough time and attention, we push away the likelihood, your child will get hooked on drugs.

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