Drug prevention

As addiction, like a deadly tsunami, long ago struck a large part of the population around the globe, there are many preventive measures. Of course, all of this has meaning and value only fragile child mind. When a person has grown, it is difficult to retrain. Every addict is a child in the past, who has not received proper education on the harm of drugs. More about drug prevention, we will explain in this post.

The purpose of the prevention of drug abuse

What is the meaning of the prevention of drug abuse? The fact, that the addict is how hard would it sound, as a social unit is absolutely useless and even dangerous.

Is there any point in drug prevention?

Is there any point in drug prevention?

Dependent people can not work normally, can't create a family, to give birth and raise healthy and normal children. Most of these people live on state benefit. However, this is only one side the life of the addict, – when he is passive and he has money on forbidden pleasure.

The second side is a danger to others. When the dependent person suffers withdrawal, it can harm others. Daily there are murders without any motive, when the addict simply deprives a person's life for the sake of money per dose. Foggy brain of such a person is unable to give the assessment act, and is a terrible crime. In addition, drug users are often deprived of life themselves.

To avoid this, at the state level are imposed some measures to prevent drug abuse. The purpose of these actions is to increase the awareness of society in General and attempts to reduce the growth of drug addiction. Most often, these measures are teaching – educational in nature.

Technologies of prevention of drug abuse

No matter how great the desire to reach everyone with cry: "Drugs are your killers!", to help the cause is really possible only word – printed, oral and written.

Prevention of drug appropriate to have for those, who else is young

Prevention of drug appropriate to have for those, who else is young

Curiously, the war on drug addiction at this level started relatively recently. Another ten or fifteen years ago the word "addict" was considered almost indecent, and all I know children about drugs, this is, that they can not be used. Of course, everything forbidden is doubly attractive, and because there is a fair and more effective to tell the truth about drugs.

Prevention of drug abuse among adolescents – home

According to sociological research, addicts become today 11-12 years. In fact, it's just another child, isn't it? Who can pre-warn children about the dangers? In the first place, the parents.

Those parents, who think, that children all have to teach school, obviously got excited with the continuation of the species. It's the people, who are afraid to talk to children about "dangerous" topics (but drugs here is the sex, Smoking, alcohol) there are most likely to encounter grief in the family.

Notice to parents: don't wait for questions from their children, tell them yourself! The world does not stand still, and while you're thinking, that "too early", your child on the corner of the school drug dealer offers drugs to try for free. If you go with the kid down the street, when he 4-5 years, and I see a drug addict, boldly explain, what's this "uncle". It is up to 6 years you can affect the child, laying him in the head base "what is good, and what is bad". Don't be afraid to back up their stories examples, show photos and the Internet, watch movies. Remember, after 6 years will be too late – the school shifts the authority from parents to peers and, possible, other adults.

Prevention of drug abuse among adolescents – school of

Today all Russian schools are held at least once a week enlightening lessons. Children at lessons of labour protection and life safety talk about, what are the consequences of drug use, show movies and educational videos. This is a good and right move by the Ministry of education, but insufficient. Not all students relate to the lessons carefully and with due respect. Therefore, all teachers must take responsibility for distribution of this information among children. What teachers can affect students and not just the usual lessons, but to give much more important information about the life and dangers, which await the children every step of the way.

Memo to teachers: If you have the privilege to educate the children, you, probably, already knew, math or biology is not important in life. It is important, so the child grew up healthy, happy and informed. There are teachers from God, who not only expertly taught your lessons, but also talk about the life. Tell your young students about, what drugs do with a man and maybe, you will protect his disciples from harm. In addition, be vigilant – watch out, to high school students for selling drugs younger guys, next to the school was not of Smoking. The most lush place this is the school toilets, dark corners in the school yard.

How to provide preventive information

There are a few important tips, which will be useful to teachers, and parents:

  1. If you talk about addiction, don't talk about the problem in a pessimistic light. Let the child know, and of this problem there is a way.
  2. If you give a concrete example, then he clearly describes the consequences of the use of drugs or alcohol.
  3. All films and videos must be clear. If they show the scene of the intake of drugs, after going to be a scene, demonstrating and explaining the consequences of taking substances.
  4. Videos and lectures for high school students should be trained only by experts, having psychological education, otherwise, these lessons can have the opposite effect.
  5. You need to tell the kids about the, in case of a problem they are free to contact the helpline, where they may not call your name and get help anonymously.

Video “Addiction. Adult film”


Drug prevention is of great importance, so how can it protect us from rash actions. To convey such information to the appropriate children from an early age. First teachers should be the parents, later, the information can gain a foothold in school lessons and by teachers. Know, children often try drugs out of curiosity, not knowing, what harm they can bring. If the child will realize, what is the impact of drugs on the body, the risk of, he will test illegal drugs for yourself, markedly reduced.

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