Celebrity, deaths from drug

Victims of drugs according to the global statistics become not only ordinary citizens. From time to time the list will be updated with any person of world renown. Glory eclipsed consciousness, they are divorced from reality, used, anything and always get away with it. All, but not with drugs – they are not jokes. In this situation, all things being equal: and a simple man and a celebrity. Drugs kill anyone equally!

Celebrities don't even care about the fact, what about their harmful addiction will become known to the public, what contribute to the promotion of drugs among their fans. In connection with this last impression, if this fascination with "stars" stimulates creativity. It is nothing, as misconception. Musician or actor, having achieved unprecedented success and popularity, become prisoners of the drug.

Celebrity, deaths from drug

In fact, instead of, to gain a foothold and move on, they not only cease to grow, but even degraded. Drugs are getting in the way of implementing many great ideas and creative ideas. One of us thought about the fact, how many "stars" faded away due to addiction? But there were some celebrity, which were at the foot of the career ladder, could become idols for many young people. That's what causes the desire to taste the forbidden fruit, offered in a type of drug! Not many have been able to pass him. Drug in the hands of celebrities – the spectacle is not rare, but the price of such indulgence is high.

Not to be unfounded, we give specific examples of famous people, absolutely stupid gone into oblivion. Celebrity, deaths from drug, could achieve more, but they decided to make the wrong choice.

Beautiful Marilyn Monroe and drugs

Probably, few men could remain indifferent, watching the skillful play of this charming woman. But she failed to avoid a crisis in his work, took place and serious troubles in his personal life. With all the leaning surprises, present real life, movie diva was hard to cope. Famous lady did not forget about the rest, where there were drugs.

Marilyn Monroe

The exit she found drugs and sleeping drugs. Marilyn was so fond of them, in early August 1962 year took a dose, became for her the last. 4 the number found in the bedroom with no signs of life. Sorry to hear that so deeply touched the hearts of American fans, many of them committed suicide.

Celebrity, deaths from drug – these are talented men and women, it is sad to realize, that depends on lost everything!

Elvis Presley

It was a very bright musician, what audiophiles deservedly awarded him the title "king of rock-n-roll". Apparently, he believed, if your own abilities is not enough, deciding as feeding are potent drugs, thus constantly look always energetic. Soon he felt, that without stimulants can't be constantly in tone and remain a consummate artist in the eyes of the public. A celebrity has performed in famous halls, gathering a strong audience.

Elvis Presley

Those, who at the time was called for the concerts with the participation of Presley, notice, as from the memory of their idol had the texts they composed songs. He is forced every year to increase the number of stimulants. Once, in 70 years of the last century, the singer overdid the dose of the drug, what ended up in the hospital, where was forced to undergo appropriate treatment. However, this incident did not serve as his science, bad habit again prevails with the same force in 1977 year. The drugs are increasingly in the hands of a celebrity.

Wearied of prolonged drug use the body can not withstand powerful doses. As he tried doctors, but to save the king of rock-n-roll failed. In their conclusion they pointed out, what celebrity death was caused by heart attack. Celebrity, deaths from drug, would long to please the audience with their performances, but they chose a different path.

Janis Joplin are unable to stay away from drugs

Unique personality was one of the most talented performers of songs of the genre rock and Blues. Ahead of her expected set of performances, but because of the enthusiasm and narcotic drugs Grand plans went awry.Celebrity was a bright personality, which could be special. That's just the drugs left her life, any party Janice had a lot to drink, smoked and abused illicit drugs.

Janis Joplin

The identity of the singer began to form, but the career and life of three years before 30-year anniversary of the cut with a strong dose of heroin. By the time the list of modest achievements Jenison were listed three song album. The celebrity is gone so soon, many fans could not believe in its demise.

Drugs in the life of Bon Scott

He is known not only as the song author and artist rock works, but as the singer and leader of the famous Australian band "AC/DC". Due to heavy intoxication of alcohol Bon Scott died at the age of Christ 19 Feb 1980 behind the wheel of your own car. This celebrity was often in a poor state due to drugs and alcohol.

Bon Scott

Kurt Cobain

His appearance is obliged to American rock band "Nirvana" is mostly the musician and some of his companions. The existence of what he learned at the age of 13. The young man managed to get high from Smoking marijuana, to test the effects of heroin and hallucino.

Many times he tried to end the relationship, but to no avail. It was treated in different clinics, more than once his "stretched" after taking a large dose of drugs, fortunately was reusable unsuccessful suicide attempt. His girlfriend also joined drugs. The famous married couple, the authorities wanted to take the child, because they could not raise him. So the drug has destroyed the family celebrity.

Kurt Cobain

Once, punctuated himself with heroin, Kurt framed his head under the hole gun barrel and pulled the trigger. So sadly ended the earthly existence of famous people, in the Zenith of fame.

Vladimir Vysotsky drug and alcoholism

Whether to once again remind about the unusual talent of Vladimir Vysotsky. The first time, he decided with the help of drugs to "cure" from the hangover, which was the reason of the strongest MUK. People with medical training have made the drug based on the drug, to Vladimir was able to recover from a hangover. So celebrity has become vulnerable to illegal drugs.

Vladimir Vysotsky

This kind of kicking in a fire fight led to drug addiction, formed by the end 1977 year. Got, as they say, from the frying pan into the fire – now he was forced to undergo drug. Each time the relief came briefly. A year before the fateful day, 24 July 1980 year, Vysotsky visited the state of clinical death.

At the official level it was announced, that great artist died of a heart attack. But there are alternative and more plausible version, the shot from painful withdrawal symptoms. Drugs ruined a famous man, such was the price of fame.

Michael Jackson and drugs

Jackson, possessing a special talent performance entertainment mass music, impressed original style of dance. His glory was not inherent to the ongoing nature: periods of UPS followed by periods of recessions.Therefore, in the life of a boy appeared drugs, a celebrity often appear in unfortunate places.

Michael Jackson

This lasted until, yet all at one time not over a drug overdose. However, police found a man guilty in the death of Michael Jackson. They found a private doctor, who poisoned his famous ward.

Jim Morrison

If you take away all countries 100 the best performers of pop music, that Jim Morrison will be among them. This celebrity was known and loved by millions of people. His initiative is the creation of the musical group "thedoors's", he subsequently headed. From the beginning of his career Jim was dabbling in drugs, while not disdaining and spirits.

Jim Morrison

It came to the wrong "star" hassles with worshipful fans during the concerts. Drugs and alcohol did not contribute to writing songs. Gradually all about him less and less to mention as celebrities. Death Morrison was allegedly tragic. Drugs have ruined a celebrity and talent!

Whitney Houston

It 415 awarded to be awarded for the best musical performance. Attempts to overcome attachment to drugs had short-lived success. During these periods, the celebrities were able to create albums. Then followed another decline of creative activity, rolling on an inclined plane. Drugs were forced to descend into the abyss, celebrity has lost its appeal and fans.

Whitney Houston

In 2012 year Houston choked water in your bathroom. As shown by investigations, the reason was the clogging of arteries with deposits of cholesterol and a large dose of cocaine. Celebrities are often let into their life drugs, substituting my health, mind and life.

Gia, Karanjia and drug

Celebrity had an excellent appearance, thanks to her photo graced the covers of such popular magazines like Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan. Gia is one of those celebrities, which 80 the last century was given awards on the elevated platforms.

Gia, Karanjia

During ten years she had lived so, that in no way needed, has been loved by the male audience. But drugs are not given to grow creatively, broke life 26 years of age. In addition, AIDS, changed pretty drastically so, that at the funeral, relatives and friends said goodbye to her at the closed coffin. This celebrity was a shining example of, as illegal drugs “take” all.

Experienced inflicted with an incurable disease suffering, celebrity wanted to make AIDS stories, which were to serve as lessons for the younger generation.

Celebrity, who died from drugs, are unable to be strong in spirit, so was the memory of fans, as people, that he used banned substances.

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