The effects of methamphetamine

Such negative social phenomenon as drug addiction has become rampant, becoming a serious problem. There is a tendency of involving citizens younger and younger, and what's saddest of all is the adolescent children or teenagers. In the beginning people do not even think about that, what a pleasant experience from drug use, will bitterly pay. The effects of methamphetamine many underestimate. Many drugs in 85% the cases lead to death.

The effects of methamphetamine

Among the substances, giving the nervous system more active, apply amphetamine. At first it to a different use except for medicinal purposes did not come to anyone's mind. However, soon all, who took the drug, among other side effects noted the emergence of psychological dependence. Therefore, pharmaceutical companies were forced to abandon the manufacture of amphetamine, making it to the list of prohibited substances.

The effects of methamphetamine

long-term effects of amphetamineFirst, the amphetamine and derivatives of this drug is effective, when:

  • impossible to sleep at night;
  • it's hard to focus;
  • there is an urgent need to raise vitality, to lose weight, to alleviate the condition of chronic fatigue;
  • I want to get the thrill, the success enjoyed by both lovers, and experienced addicts.

Once inside the human body, amphetamine quickly penetrates all systems. Immediately receive the following consequences after the use of amphetamine:

  • tremors in the hands and feet;
  • bad headache;
  • in consciousness there are images in the absence of real stimuli;
  • a state of depression and depression;
  • a lot of unnatural emotions, nervousness;
  • thoughts of inappropriate later in life;
  • bouts of hysteria and panic;
  • at night comes the dream.

The person, long interested in amphetamine, in the end, detected deviations in the psyche and physical development, get rid of them quickly and easily will not work.

Physical consequences

Long-term effects of amphetamine horrible. At first all went well – except, that person becomes active and cheerful, it is easy to cope with any heavy work and focuses on her. However, as they say, "not for long music played". Here are the main consequences of the use of amphetamine:

  1. Replaced by tremor, seizures and psychosis.
  2. Indifferent to the perception of food, often have to go to the toilet because of diarrhea.
  3. Common, irregular heartbeat and other problems, associated with the main body.
  4. Women "acting" hormones, sore Breasts.
  5. Quickly the urine is formed, which rapidly removes from the body fluid and salt.
  6. Due to the fact, that consumption of amphetamine has firmly become a habit in the body, there is a shortage of calcium, bones and teeth exposed to decay.
  7. A person loses the ability to have sex, to get pleasure from it.
  8. The adrenal glands signal "SOS".
  9. Be wary of those, who already have eye problems, with the thyroid not okay.

This is not a complete list of trouble, with whom we have a business man, addicted to amphetamine.

after effects of methamphetamine

Signs of amphetamine addiction

Any addiction (amphetamine is no exception) has its symptomatic picture. Having received the desired dose of stimulant medication, people almost on the seventh heaven from happiness, emotions are running high, scattered jokes, the "breaks" on the active, untied language. While their capabilities unrealistically high estimates. However, incredible sexual performance, do, delight.

Alas, want to disappoint – with each new reception of an amphetamine describes the effects gradually fade. Mental States cannot be called stable, it varies in one, then the other side. Mood most of the time is negative. Even waking up in the morning, people do not feel rested. Do not let the desire to settle scores with life, that may become a reality.

real consequences from methamphetamine

People with strong dependence on amphetamine under certain conditions become violent and commit violence. Do not miss the opportunity to take revenge, Yes, in a perverted form. Action, they committed, as well as the actual behavior, not be controlled by the: man commits abuse of a woman, and then will be surprised to eyewitnesses. About driving the car can not be out of the question.

Dependent person suspects everyone of anything. Scared because of the feelings of persecution even loved ones, flashes of aggression. Such a patient is dangerous to be among people. You can't be sure, what, being alone, he will not harm himself. If a person wants to stop taking amphetamine, he does not avoid breaking (withdrawal syndrome), which pursues, in such cases, all drug addicts. The real impact from methamphetamine is always a pain.

First of all, you must use ammonium chloride to remove from the body all harmful substances. This takes up to six weeks. On the patient within six months need to undergo rehabilitation, with the active participation of the therapist. The last period – post rehabilitation. In the special groups are preparing the patient to normal life in society.

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