Gestalt therapy: what is

Get rid of drug or alcohol addiction is a dream of many people. With this purpose in special medical institutions apply annually thousands of addicts. The treatment usually is, to relieve the patient from breaking, to return him to normal life and to try to restore the work of his internal organs. Also important is the role of the psychologist, which over the entire treatment involved with the patient. Thus, there are many different techniques and therapies. One of them is Gestalt therapy.

Gestalt therapy

The essence of Gestalt therapy

Gestalt, quite a complex concept, the essence of this therapy is the psychotherapeutic method. It consists in the fact, that man is taught to live in certain conditions. Here the patient is trying to soberly accept its advantages, cons, contacting other members of society.

Developed its German psychoanalyst – f. Person, in the early twentieth century. From that moment it began to be used for the treatment of various diseases. Today, many well-known drug treatment clinics take it as a basis of treatment of their patients. Practice of Gestalt therapy yields positive results 65% cases.

The theory of Gestalt therapy includes several of the concepts:

  1. Figure-ground. For the entire period of its existence, every person has certain desires, needs, which tries to satisfy. However, there needs, which for some reason did not happen – incomplete Gestalt.
  2. Awareness. Based on the fact, that man needs to live here and now, a sober assessment of their capabilities. The main thing, this concept is not to try to build under other, this usamu himself.
  3. Responsibility. Everyone in this world should be responsible for their deeds and actions. Never shift the blame on others.

In this method, there are other notions of polarity and maturity.

the techniques of Gestalt therapy

Basic principles

Perls was able to consider the basic principles, that define a healthy personality:

  • you must live in the moment, not remembering the past, and not thinking about the future;
  • to perceive the world with all its shortcomings;
  • to love and accept yourself, what you are;
  • never lie to yourself;
  • don't be afraid to experiment, continuously to develop itself;
  • not to focus on the opinions of others;
  • never to manipulate others to achieve their goals;
  • don't be afraid to Express your thoughts.

This method is based on the psychological effects on the person. It helps to open up, open your potential, not using harmful substances. The patient must find his place in the world, to incentive to self development. To learn adequately, look at their problems, to learn to solve them without the use of drugs.

practice of Gestalt therapy

Gestalt therapy is an excellent outlet for insecure people. It helps to become Mature, independent, to learn to relate to other members of society. Dependent learn to live, distinguishing between wants and needs, giving him to understand unnecessary use of drugs.

Methods of Gestalt therapy

In Gestalt therapy use different techniques:

  • supressivna. Is the study of the patient himself. He needs to learn to focus on their own feelings, not being distracted by external influences;
  • expressive. The enhancement of emotions and sensations;
  • education in feeling. Teach patients not only to talk about their feelings, but also teaches them to survive.

techniques of Gestalt therapy

There are a number special exercises, based on the expansion of your own consciousness:

  1. The empty chair. All we know, the dependent person feels a sense of split personality. One of them wants to return to the habit, and the other constantly wants to change it. In Gestalt therapy there is a method, based on this, it helps to see their problems from the. One has to imagine, that empty chair next to him sits a man, because of which the conflict arose. You need invisibility to Express all my thoughts, then switch places and take on the role of the accused.
  2. The study of dreams and fantasies. Give the patient the opportunity to describe their fantasies. This activity helps the patient to relax, to increase your creativity.
  3. Taking responsibility. Teaches the addict to take full responsibility for their actions. Instead of hurt me, must say – I hurt. Learning to take responsibility for some things, dependent learn to take responsibility for their lives.

Gestalt therapy has a lot of similar exercises, the fun games help to review all its existence.


Techniques of Gestalt therapy have a number of fans and opponents. Someone confident, what it can do even more harm to the dependent addict or alcoholic. However, many psychologists on the contrary believe otherwise. Person learns to answer for their actions, gets the urge for more new Hobbies.

As for the patients, here is more loyal opinion. Many addicts, alcoholics, managed through Gestalt therapy to return to normal life, forever saying "no", their destructive habits.

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