Narcotic depressants

Life is not sugar and not a pleasure walk in the Park. We are born into is not the same conditions. One born get everything at once, other abandoned by their parents and given to the orphanage. Then fate can also bend in different ways, and people can make unexpected transitions on the principle of "From rags to riches" and Vice versa many times.

Narcotic depressants are capable of an ordinary person to turn into a hard-core addict.

Narcotic depressants are capable of an ordinary person to turn into a hard-core addict.

Depression? Most living people on the planet all life is a continuous depression. But a huge mistake to try to rid of this condition with special medications. Narcotic depressants is not a universal deliverer from problems, and the way, leading to more problems.

What's the catch?

In fact, nature has created people that way, we have a solution to any problems.. All the life-support mechanisms work this way, it allows us to do without pills and medicines. Narcotic depressants are capable of an ordinary person to turn into a hard-core addict.

Melancholy - this is not a reason for medication

Melancholy – this is not a reason for medication

But modern pharmacology other, worse, opinions about people. Advertising on TV and in magazines, doctors, pharmacists in the pharmacy, all and all we are trying to convey, how useful tablets. Healthy eating and sport? No, it's not that! Drink cold tablets, "from the head", for immunity, for healthy liver and heart, drink your vitamins and medicine.. The more you consume medication that is not sharp is necessary, the more you shorten their lives.

Think about it – the people in the villages are engaged in the entire life of physical labor and live to be a hundred, while urban residents do not all live up to 60, when enough light office work environment. It was strictly about the way of life. Those, who lives in the village, there are products of animal husbandry and agriculture, a lot of work (that is engaged in physical activity), no more drinking and no drugs.

If such a person will be unwell, he won't go to the doctor, and collect the right herbs in the forest, eat honey and drink tea with raspberries. And the same city? We live on processed foods, often sick, is it worth it to feel the malaise in a hurry to the pharmacy.

It's hard to believe, but the way the world. Pharmacology is moving forward and evolving so rapidly not because of the growth of the disease across the planet, but because medicine is a highly profitable business. Because I do not know in English, the word "drugs" means "drugs", and "medication"? Not surprisingly, therefore, that many drugs can cause serious addiction.

What is it and how to fight it?

Perhaps, our Slavic mentality depression not typical. This term comes to us from the West, where every second person at school has the diagnosis of "depression". This is quite an artificial disease, associated mainly with the wrong kind of attitude to life. Any person chooses, what to do to overcome depression or to accept the fact, what he doesn't like it and happily live on.

Depression can make a person a drug addict

Depression can make a person a drug addict

Considered, that depression comes from stress. Each of us is experiencing stress is a response to the stimuli of the external world. For example, you changed the head, and the new boss behaves surprisingly rude, calling you daily on the carpet to parse. Of course, you don't like it, are you experiencing stress. There are two ways. The first is to accept and continue to live as if nothing had happened, without attaching much importance to the new chief. If it is impossible to tolerate such an attitude, you can quit and find a new job, but that is no reason to be sad.

The second solution is not to solve it, a walk every day, suffering from the angry head. This way is simple, after all, you do not need to do and solve, you just allow yourself to drift, and sad. Your stress is prolonged, turning in a steady state, which is called depression. You understand, what is depression? It's your decision to feel bad and sad.

Melancholy - a serious mental condition, which needs to be treated!

Melancholy – a serious mental condition, which needs to be treated!

Of course, here don't need a pill, and need the advice of a friend, "don't worry!". But pharmacology a different view – they are ready to offer you their aid and invented antidepressants.

Narcotic depressants

In fact, these substances serves the people not as drugs. These tablets are designed to remove that feeling and make your life easier, but the reality is different. As we already knew, depression is not a disease. This condition, which voluntarily chooses people. Of course, that tablets from this "disease" can not exist. They are not, in fact, antidpressant it's a trick. These drugs affect the nervous system, oppressing her.

These substances make a person relaxed, indifferent. Of course, if you are experiencing some problem, then you will feel better – as if you exit problems, see yourself from the outside. Of course, you can do it without the pills, but pharmacists don't allow you to get to this simple idea.

Pills are very harmful substances, and those, that affect our finely tuned nervous system and even more. If you were prescribed the prescription antidepressants, you, in fact, signed this death warrant. Cause if it come to pass – you decide. As you begin to use these pills, you will discover a way to escape problems, and do not want to tackle them yourself.

After two or three months after taking antidepressants person be considered an addict. On the face of the evident psychological dependence is a person to try to abandon the drugs, and he feels the fear of life, own helplessness, panic. In some cases, when they are too active, you should try to give them up, and the patient will experience paranoia, persecution mania. Not surprising, those, it sits on antidepressants, often try to settle scores with life.

Fortunately for dependent drug depressants, physical pull to these drugs is almost there. But the psychological addiction is so great, what to cope with the disease itself is almost impossible.Treatment for addiction of this type should be conducted in a special institution.

How to heal from this addiction?

What is the impact on the human body a narcotic depressant? The danger is the addictive. If you are addicted to these pills, you should recognize, that is one of the varieties of drug addiction, and because of to treat it need. First of all, you should consult a psychiatrist, to describe the problem. Very well, if you do realize your addiction and wish to get rid of it. In most cases, the doctor will advise treatment at home, but sometimes, possible hospitalization, especially if you have suicidal attempts.

Treatment for addiction of this type should be conducted in a special institution.

Treatment for addiction of this type should be conducted in a special institution.

Treatment is very simple – the patient should just give up drugs. If the patient can survive the first 3-4 weeks without such medication, it is considered to be practically treated. But if you do not find a solution, led to depression, the dependent sooner or later will return to tablets. This will require the assistance of a psychologist. Remember, that any problem can be overcome, any pain and loss of can survive.

Who can become a victim of depressants?

Most often antidepressants are "hooked" people, lost someone close – a spouse, parent, child. Of course, in comparison with such pain problems at work or in your personal life seem to be just frivolous. But remember, that all that is happening, it is possible and necessary to accept and let go, even the loss of the native person. Pills is not the way, as they will just aggravate your position and will lead to even worse results.

What to do in this case? If you feel reluctance to live, your moral from the incident a huge pain, and suffering immensely, contact for help. Alas, to recommend a psychologist can not. Many psychologists often refer patients to doctors, to give a prescription for the purchase of depressants, but it says about the poor qualifications and helplessness of a physician as a specialist. Possible, the best psychologist will be your closest friend or comrade, relative.

Meanwhile, it is impossible to put an end to all psychologists. There are real masters of their craft, who with a word can take the man out of the abyss of dependency. Not all will recommend the use of tablets, and the more of antidepressantov. Depressant drugs in an easy form. They also give the Ghost a sense of euphoria.

Watch this video entitled "Addiction – work with a psychologist. Points over "I""


Depression is not a disease, it is a conscious choice of the person, experiencing problems or trouble. If you feel unwell, lost interest in life or at all do not see sense to live, the medication is the worst option. Any pills are harmful to the body, and antidepressants, depressing the nervous system, in particular. Sooner or later the patient is required to appear the dependence on such drugs, close to drug. To get rid of the addiction to the depressant, it is best to consult a doctor-psychiatrist for advice.

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