Treatment of drug addicts for free

Addiction is a disease very expensive. Moreover, what drugs are very expensive, and the farther a man walks into his addiction, the more expensive the material to him, the treatment costs a lot. In this post we will talk about, is it possible in our country, the treatment of drug addicts for free.

Why is dental treatment so expensive?

The fact, what, as dependent people very much, today the clinic opened specifically for, to treat them. As they say, there would be a demand – will offer. But because these centres are chic and trendy look, and is the treatment a lot of them. Treatment of drug addicts for free – it's loud slogan, which makes relatives of drug addicts to turn to these places. In practice, free of charge that can give advice or help in the rehabilitation of.

Drugs instantly "take" beauty and health.

Drugs instantly “take” beauty and health.

Doctors talk about "the latest techniques", about the "European drugs", though actually, in treating addiction wasn't invented anything new. If you drive in the search bar on the Internet "addicts for free", the first be the paid hospitals, which promise free rehabilitation. But could it be all the treatment is free and not whether it's a trap?

In fact, today in any major city is the center of, which promises free help. In 90% cases, these institutions are Church Orthodox organizations. Where do they get funds to operate? As you know, Church institutions are not commercial, and exists through donations and charity. Therefore, they will not take payment for services. In such an organization may appeal any suffering, and the Church will help him.

How such organizations work?

As you know, treatment of dependence involves two stages – getting rid of the thrust to physical and psychological. In the first stage man must survive the break-up and deal with it on their own, not to relieve withdrawal symptoms drug.

Companies, working on a fee basis, help the patient at this stage various drugs. Some places even give the addict of opium in small quantities, to people weaned from the poison gradually.

Help - words, repeated by mothers of drug addicts, but paid centers are not ready to provide this service free of charge!

Help – words, repeated by mothers of drug addicts, but paid centers are not ready to provide this service free of charge!

Church agencies give people to go through the break-up "dry", that is, not helping any drugs and. All, given that the patient is a conversation with a priest. How effective is this "treatment"? As experience shows, it is.

The patient is able to cope with the break up, even with the strongest, his desire. And Vice versa, gradual withdrawal, the transition to the lighter drugs just delays the process of rejection of drugs.

What happens then, when the patient is not experiencing physical cravings for drugs? Treatment in Church organizations is very humane and is based primarily on the love of people. Clergy say, that God loves as a righteous people, and sinners.

If a sinner decides to return to the path of righteous living, the Lord will help him, the matter of Church workers to contribute to this. So man, which turned to this organization for help, will be treated with the help of prayers, interviews and occupational therapy. Known fact, what addicts detached from society and real life, but because the usual monotonous work as well as possible will help the person to recall, who is he.

Can a man after such treatment to be devout and faithful, if he was not? Why not? The answer is Yes, of course. Faith in God is a kind of "opium of the people", speaking the language of classics. Undergoing "treatment", dependent imbued with the, he is getting better by the day, that prayer really helps. His faith in God stronger or just appear, if it was not there before.

After completing the course many people choose to become priests or remain at the Church. Is it good or bad? In any case, it is better, what if the person dies from drugs. Orthodoxy – one of the most humane religions, since it is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and the love. So in any case the patient will not lose anything, – except that their pathological addiction to drugs.

The pitfalls of free treatment

Unfortunately, some people use another's misfortune to their advantage. These people are persecuted by law and are punished for their actions, but, alas, not all get quickly caught for their crimes.Free treatment for drug addicts is not always a guarantee, that man will not return to their addiction. Therefore, it is important to take care of appropriate rehabilitation.

Addicts - it's the people, that's a little confused. So say Church workers!

Addicts – it's the people, that's a little confused. So say Church workers!

To date, deliverance from addiction on a free basis are also scammers. These persons organize the center under the pious name and promise to save people from addiction. In fact, deliverance can come, but in exchange for an apartment or other property addict. In addition, often under the guise of the center for recovery from addiction hidden totalitarian sects, putting it a goal to enslave man. How not to fall into the trap of scammers?

If you decide to contact the office, which is addiction treatment free, you should inquire about that, what is this place. How long it exists, how many people have passed treatment there, they returned to the world after a treatment or swim. If the center works recently, not known to people, interested in this topic, his activity is questionable. If the Agency has a good reputation, known to the clergy, you can go to such a place.

Video “Malysheva about the treatment of drug addiction”


Is it possible to cure the disease without spending a penny? The question is relevant, since many addicts do not have a penny per dose, and even more for treatment. Actually, every major city has at least one center, providing free recovery from addiction. Treatment of drug addicts in Moscow is also possible for free, but you need to remember about the pitfalls of such "healing".

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