Heroin addiction

One of the unique inventions of mankind and chemists in General – is opiates. Painkillers have helped to ease the pain, caused by the disease, as well as carry out surgical intervention is almost imperceptible for the patient. But any invention can be turned evil against the very same inventor. It happened, what people found out about the other effects of opium on the body, which leads to feeling of euphoria. There is a proliferation of drugs – opium, morphine, codeine, heroin.

Heroin addiction is a problem of modern society

Heroin addiction is a problem of modern society

White crystalline powder, yellowish or grayish, liquid for injection looks so harmless heroin. Meanwhile, this substance is one of the most powerful poisons, kill a man quickly and effectively. Perhaps, there is no better way to commit suicide, than to take this drug. Heroin addiction is a problem of modern society. The dependence is most often characteristic of people 15-45 years. Everyone finds their own reasons, why should I be a drug addict, heroin users.

About heroin

When talking about this stuff reminds of the song "spleen", that speaks of the main characters, who are all without exception sit on this stuff. It is not a coincidence, heroin – drug "fashionable", because of the high cost related to the "elite". To afford this drug may not all (fortunately), so often it "sit" the rich and famous of this world. Heroin appeared in the last century, and spread first in the East, and then came to Europe and the West. Came over and never left, since heroin addiction is considered one of the strongest.

Looking for a means to suicide? Try heroin!

Looking for a means to suicide? Try heroin!

It is not excluded, dependence of this substance may appear after the first experiment, so strong drug. But if this does not happen immediately, two or three doses of a substance will definitely make a man out of, took it, slave. It's easy to explain – one of the strongest drug causes severe withdrawal. Get rid of the disease difficult for the reason, what people almost do not survive the withdrawal syndrome, but if he will be able to do it, without proper rehabilitation and psychological assistance, he will return to the use of drugs.

About the heroine saying a lot. In schools talk about, how drugs destroy the human body in General. Preventive talks avert around 30% cases of use of prohibited substances.

Methods of treatment of painful dependence

In the treatment of heroin addiction there are two ways – independently and through treatment in a specialized center. Before to talk in more detail about each of these methods, I want to give the reader the following advice:

  • don't try to reinvent the wheel in the treatment of disease, don't think, that you are smarter or better than other heroin addicts. Yourself to heal from this disease so difficult, it is almost impossible. Only one person out of a hundred can become free from this disease!
  • don't waste your time and immediately call for help!It is not in the strength of will of an addict or his desire (although this is, of course, it is very important). Just heroin is such a powerful and destructive drug, just perevodchikam a man, his will and desire. To help in this case I can not close people, who are not to the patient of feelings of pity and desire to reduce their suffering.

Now let's talk about ways of treating the disease in more detail.

How to cure addiction home?

Don't do that, if you are not sure, that will cope with the breaking of the. But if you still feel a large desire to do it, your will is strong, but the desire exceeds even the possible pain, then consider the following. During the withdrawal syndrome, you will have two enemies, yourself and your family. Why you will his enemy, it is clear. You want to be free exactly to start breaking, but worth the pain to appear, and you not himself.

Narcologists believe, only in stationary conditions treated heroin addiction. Symptoms the use of illegal drugs is obvious. The problem is, what most parents, wives or friends simply do not want to ignore the fact, of the person changes.

Considered, what is the strongest breaking – heroin

People during withdrawal to literally all. People can escape, if it is to keep, to commit a terrible crime, even kill – because the patient seems to be, he's dying, and he just saves himself. To protect yourself from the very same himself, it is recommended to rivet the patient to the battery.

It should be sturdy handcuffs, and the keys should be not you and you don't even have to know, where they. If the patient to associate, the experiencing of flour, people will be able to come loose. To sit in a closed room is also not an option, as a heroin addict trying to kick the door in, smash the Windows, just to get away and find a dose.

The second enemy in the self-cure are those people, you love. The wife or the parents simply can not withstand the cries, tears and pain of the patient, and they themselves will bring him the drug, or release of. To explain, where it leads, it is not necessary. Therefore, proceed to self-medicate only if you are sure, that the family not give you a "disservice", or remove the apartment for a few days and ask about the help of a friend, wishing you a speedy recovery.

How to cure the disease, referring to specialists?

This method will get the most effective result. Doctors know, that person will not die from withdrawal, and because of your shouts as well. They don't know you, they have no pity, besides, you pay for your salvation. So be sure, that special place you just cope with withdrawal symptoms.

But in this treatment there are pitfalls. People, who survived the break-up, may feel elated, he decides, that the worst is passed and it is free. Such people are discharged from institutions through 10-12 days of starting treatment, and with a probability of 50% again we return to the use of drugs.

The fact, that while people will not eradicate the psychological attachment, it cannot be considered healthy and free from addiction! This means, that overcoming the physical cravings, the man made only half the job. The next part is rehabilitation, heroin addict without the help of a psychologist can not do.

Video “Heroin kills”

Symptoms of heroin addiction it's hard not to notice. People changing dramatically, he having breakdowns, and sometimes he is suspiciously quiet. These mood swings should alert. A timely appeal to the specialist medical centre, get rid of your addiction. The main thing, to the Commissar he wanted to take the help. To work with people, who believe, they have no problems is very difficult.


Heroin addiction is the scourge of modern society. Isolated heroin use is still non-addictive, but only one person in ten, after using heroin, more will not use it. All others become slaves to this substance. Heroin is dangerous because, what to get away from the disease almost impossible, if you do not put a patient in a medical institution.

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