Clinics of drug addiction in Russia and Ukraine

As an increasing number of drug addicts in the world and in the CIS not a cause for alarm, it would be appropriate to talk about the clinics, which diseases can be cured. About, which institutions are engaged in the deliverance of man from dependence, we will discuss in this post.

Treatment in government health centres

As addiction problem is very real, but not far-fetched, the government of Russia and Ukraine have laid the cost of dealing with the disease in the annual budget.

To help any addict for free

Any dependent, as soon as you want, can contact the clinic, what is his city, completely free to receive treatment. This is the good side. But there is a flip side of the problem – the patient is immediately placed on the account and receives an "honorary title" the addict the rest of your life, what would be visible in all documents.

In addition, sick man, whether he likes it or not, will be under the watchful control of the state hospital for about five years. He will have to appear for tests or possible surprise inspections. These disadvantages far exceed the ability to heal for free, and because people often choose to stay without help, than to obtain public publicity like a sick and dependent person.

Clinics of drug addiction in Russia and Ukraine every day open their doors addicted people. But how to choose a school, where really help?

Treatment in private institutions

Recover in a private clinic it is possible not only without registration, but also completely anonymously. This is a significant advantage for the person, which, after recovery, wants to return to life, find a job, to establish social contacts. How is the treatment?

Virtually all centers use the same scheme of redemption of man from dependence. Initially, the patient undergoing detoxification and through the experience of breaking freed from the physical dependence. Then begins a course of rehabilitation, during which people must learn to live, without resorting to old destructive habits. However, there are unpleasant side of treatment in such an institution.

The fact, most places have a completely unaffordable price for their services and many patients simply cannot afford treatment. There is a third way out of the situation.

Organization, working on donations

The third way out of the situation involves the solution of a problem " and the wolves are fed, and hares a". What does it mean? Such institutions, providing aid on terms of free and anonymous. What is behind these centres? We are talking about Church institutions. The clergy consider it their duty to help people addicted.

Organization, working through charitable contributions, can also help for free

They are not used in the treatment of any medication, and the treatment of their services can be called quite a stretch. Rather, it is a complex of measures, which helps the person to readjust, to realize yourself as a spiritual personality, which has a relationship with God.

The addict not only bound hand and foot addiction, he also feels guilty for his act. To forgive myself and start living again very difficult without the help of a psychologist, and the priests in this case can help, could not be effectively. Additionally, Church agencies use occupational therapy, – this is the only "fee", that is provided to patients in exchange for services.

Work, a particularly simple and visible results, has a very beneficial effect on the recovery of the sick. However, in addition to these institutions, promises real help in the fight against drug addiction, in Ukraine and Russia there are also places for the treatment of patients, where to go is not recommended. How to treat drug addiction in the clinic? Therapy depends on the stage of drug addiction.

Where it is not necessary to seek treatment?

The treatment of drug addiction gives a positive result in every second case. But there are places, which you should avoid:

  • private expensive clinics is work or no. The price for the treatment of the patient consists not of the cost of drugs or a psychologist, and from what, what is the hospital, how is she a big name. If an unknown hospital determines the cost of their services as prohibitively high, it is better to look for a place more trustworthy;
  • charities, dealing with treatment of addicts under questionable circumstances. Most of these institutions operate under the auspices of the Orthodox Church and do not hide it. Known, the word of God have the power, especially when it refers to the dependent clergyman. But in order, to earn the trust of drug addicts, today often open the "charity" organization, which are not.

Open at the expense of personal funds of the owner, these institutions set myself the goal to enslave the spirit of man, and there is no victim more trusting, than the addict, person will be cured and fully trusting spiritual mentor. When a person is completely subordinate to, from him "the ropes", than scams and are. To avoid contacting these hot spots, before, how to choose a center for addiction treatment, need to find out about the experience of people, there was treated.

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In Russia and Ukraine there are several types of institutions, which provide treatment as applicable, and free basics. Don't think, what free options are bad, since in this case we are talking about Church organizations. Before turning to a particular institution, find out, what about this place, not to be trapped.

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