Addiction treatment

Thinking about the fact, where and how can I cure drug addiction, a person is faced with a choice. Where to go for help, the measures proved effective and led to the freedom from disease? Consider, how to treat the disease quickly, inexpensive and permanently in some major cities. For the analysis we select several of the most popular hospitals, which provide services on a fee basis.

Cured from the disease can - it would be a desire

Cured from the disease can – it would be a desire

Drug treatment in these centers takes place under the supervision of professionals. Most of them ask the relatives of dependent people. From the stage of neglect depends on the price of the services.

Treatment in Kiev

Drug addiction treatment in Kyiv is possible, but you should wisely and responsibly to choose a rehabilitation center. Before, how to apply there you need to read reviews and to find the real patients, assisted the specialists of the institution.

The centre of therapy "ATOS". This institution specializiruetsya not only on drug dependence treatment, but getting rid of alcoholism and Smoking. The Agency works with 1999, consultation is free. The institution has three departments, names which are easy to guess, the methods, carried out the treatment: Department of rehabilitation, detoxification, Wellness therapy.

For treatment we used the following methodology to the irradiation of blood with ultraviolet light and laser, plasmapheresis. Of course, the procedure is not cheap, but the organization takes responsibility for the free delivery of the clients from the airport or from the suburbs. It is also possible to free consultation of the doctor-psychiatrist before beginning treatment.

Treatment for addiction in Moscow and SPb

Marshak Clinic. Operating for over 18 years, is engaged in the cure of all forms and types of addiction. The treatment is carried out according to the usual pattern – the examination of the patient, detoxification, withdrawal abstinence syndrome, rehabilitation (use the popular 12 steps). Treatment may be anonymous at the request of the patient. Unfortunately, treatment pay, free clinic are ready to provide Shuttle service from the suburbs or the airport and give advice on the phone.

How to help a drug addict, known only to specialists in the clinic.

How to help a drug addict, known only to specialists in the clinic.

The center of the "12 steps" – as the name implies, center specializiruetsya on assistance according to internationally known program "12 steps". The site is not specified, how long has this center and what is the cost of rehabilitation procedures. However, the treatment is clearly not free, as on the main page is written in big letters, what calls are FREE and only.

From myself I will note, the treatment in this system is the most effective. The program 12 the steps were developed about ninety years ago for the cure of alcoholics and drug addicts. In this technique, that person takes responsibility for the treatment, and transfers it to the divine being, or another force, he wants to believe.

Treatment in Odessa

Narcological office "Dobrolubov". This establishment, despite the classic old Slavic name, promises treatment "latest methods" and "introduction of modern innovative developments in the field of drug treatment". The facility has a neurologist, the emergency physician and psychiatrist, therefore, treatment (on a paid basis) is like using drugs, and without.

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Addiction treatment in Moscow and other big cities – is simple enough. Dozens of clinics are ready for a reward to save people from addiction. But to choose these places carefully. This article provides examples of leading cents, that really relieve from drug addiction.

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