Narcotic stimulants

Drugs are not always the, than we used to think. For ordinary people, I saw such substances only on TV, the drugs most often imagine as a crystal powder of white color, what is shown in the films, hero sniffs. Or is it a cigarette, Smoking which, character relaxed smiles. However, drugs can be in the form, unknown to ordinary people. For example, this narcotic stimulants or psychostimulants, which, among other things, you can purchase at the pharmacy.

How are these drugs?

The name of this group of drugs speaks for itself. So, these substances have a stimulating effect on the Central nervous system. People, after taking the drug, feel cheerfulness, gaiety. Goes fatigue and desire to sleep, significantly increases endurance. Such drugs very quickly cause psychological dependence, physical addiction comes later.

Stimulants have a strong stimulating effect on the body and nervous system - in the beginning

Stimulants have a strong stimulating effect on the body and nervous system – in the beginning

Not always stimulants are kind of drugs. So, for example, every day we meet with psychostimulants in the form of tea and coffee, to which the usual large part of the population. Other drugs in this group can be restricted to the use and dissemination of the law (cocaine) or sold in a pharmacy only prescription (antidepressants, nootropics, drugs containing ephedrine).

Long known as psychostimulants?

Actually, the chemical synthesis way started to take place recently, but as stimulating substances exist in natural form, the first experiments on their use began before our era. So, documented use of Coca leaves by the tribes of South America. The Indians chewed the leaves for, to get rid of feelings of fatigue and cause different optical illusions during sacred rites and celebrations.

To synthesize the same substance artificially managed Lazare, Adelino in the late nineteenth century. He is opening Benzedrine (which is also known as amphetamine). Benzedrine was initially used in preparations for cough, mitigating pain in the throat. Later Benzedrine was used quite successfully during the war. Commander gave his soldiers, so they do not feel pain from wounds, and were more resistant and belligerent.

The most well-known psychoactive drugs

The most common drugs of this group are ecstasy, cocaine, amphetamine and methamphetamine. But on this list you can not put a point, daily chemists synthesize new substances, increasing insane profits of drug traffickers. Any narco-Baron, as a rule, has a staff of experts in the field of chemistry, working to create new drugs, which are not yet known and banned.

Look like stimulants? Initially, they have the form of powder (whose color varies from white to yellow and brown), and then may be compressed into tablets, crystals or in the form of a liquid for injection.

Indications, that the addict uses stimulants

Such drugs very quickly cause psychological dependence, physical addiction comes later.

Such drugs very quickly cause psychological dependence, physical addiction comes later.

  1. Human reaction, nothing to do with what is happening in the world. People may laugh or cry for no reason. Very often aggression towards relatives or close friends.
  2. Increased activity. Effect on the nervous system leads to increased and unconditional enhanced gestures. People cannot stand or sit still, it is itself dramatically and quickly. When the effect of the drug ends, the addict is the opposite, is a model of calm, lethargy, apathy.
  3. Dedication. When a drug addict, under the influence of drugs, begins to do something, it seems, he clearly is, what exactly will he do. True, any case, the patient may postpone, changing the activity to something else.
  4. Disturbed coordination. A strange gait (jiggling from side to side, the steps are large and unstable), motion blurred and inaccurate). Even when the addict sits, he can wiggle and twitch. A very remarkable handwriting addict, people will write feverishly, not in a manner peculiar to himself.
  5. Impaired salivation. Those, who use narcotic stimulants, experiencing dry mouth, and will constantly strive to drink water, or spit from a surplus of saliva.
  6. The rate of speech changes the person starts to speak very quickly and indistinctly.
  7. A decrease in pain sensitivity. A person can get burned, fall, to cut myself and no way to Express their discontent about it.
  8. Change the color of the skin. During the medications for, that changes the circulation, the patient's face can much become white or Vice versa, become very red.
  9. Increase libido. Most often, this symptom occurs, at first, the use of drugs, and after 3-4 months of use of the drugs the potency is reduced.
  10. The action of stimulants causes a person to do for a long time with something meaningless. For example, to stand for hours at the window and something to look out for, count the stones under their feet or to look for certain numbers from cars passing by. Those, who uses stimulants, loves to press the pimples on the face, even if they are not, therefore, the skin of addicts has inflamed, damaged view.

Who use drugs from this group?

Unlike conventional drugs, the slave of stimulants can be anyone, even knowing, what the drug is. So, for example, often stimulants are women for quick and effective weight loss.

Hooked on stimulants quite ordinary people in the treatment process

Hooked on stimulants quite ordinary people in the treatment process

One time on the territory of the CIS countries was known and highly popular drug "If-Yes", who this week promised loss of up to 5 pound of excess weight. Contained a drug ephedrine aroused nervous system, the girl just didn't feel like eating, but she moved a lot. Also the featured content drug were dry mouth and insomnia, palpitations, tremors in the hands. At the moment Lida is prohibited.

In addition, earlier in the sale you could buy the drugs for those, who is forced to work. The drug supposedly increases performance and endurance, but not at the expense of improving the functioning of the brain, and due to the impact on the Central nervous system. After trying the drug, many students could not later live without him.

Another group of drugs, contains stimulants – antidepressants. The creators of these drugs are silent about the fact, what man started using these tools, risks after eating to dive into a deeper depression, leading to suicide.

Act as stimulants on the body?

The action of these drugs is simple – they have a strong stimulating effect, and lead to the depletion of all reserves of the body. "Express" in their work the Central nervous system allows a person not to sleep for three days, feeling cheerful and alive. Using the drug, the man did not want to sleep or eat. All he needs – to move and communicate. Communication, by the way, has its own peculiarity.

Ordinary people for such communication do not fit, after all, the addict need to share their feelings and experiences. Therefore best suited are the same dependent, who excitedly share their emotions, not listening and interrupting each other. Hardly the action of the stimulator ends, the person experiences fatigue, stiffness, closeness. The body simply shuts down after a prolonged and unnatural wakefulness, and people "cut down".

The action of these drugs is simple – they have a strong stimulating effect, and lead to the depletion of all reserves of the body.

The action of these drugs is simple – they have a strong stimulating effect, and lead to the depletion of all reserves of the body.

What are the consequences of the use of substances?

Which is very frustrating, even if people stop the drugs, indications, he was on such drugs, he can stay. The fact, that from the effects of psychostimulants primarily suffers from the Central nervous system, to restore which is very difficult then, if not, it's impossible.

The main satellites addict, who uses stimulants is depression and a persecution complex. Man behaves apathetically, closed, afraid of everyone and everything and feels the paranoia. Most often the outcome of such drug is not overdose, and the desire to commit suicide. The fact, to live in constant fear simply impossible, suicide seems so sick the only possible solution.

The use of substances has external signs. So, for example, those, who constantly uses stimulants, very quickly losing weight, losing muscle mass. Many women think this is a great way to lose weight, but they do not know, that anorexia is very much not the best way different from the beautiful slender figure. Additionally, the stimulants damage the liver and kidneys, the circulatory system, making the person disabled, which can't even move normally.

What people experience, refuse to psychostimulants?

In a sense, the use of stimulants does not lead to such strong physical dependence, like, opiates or heroin. People, which takes stimulating drugs, in case of refusal from them, will experience strong withdrawal and physical pain. This is a big plus, so how is it, what withdrawal without the drug and can survive even at home, not going to the doctor.

But the experiences of a drug addict, who sits on these substances, in a sense, will be even worse. The fact, that damaged Central nervous system without doping in the form of stimulants, begins to reveal the person completely incomprehensible images, illusion, bringing the addict into a frenzy. The individual may also experience a reluctance to live, because it will torture the most severe depression.

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The psychostimulants is a group of special drugs. People, consume them, makes you work your body several times faster, thus fraying of the nervous system. The difference between these drugs from other drug groups in that, what is psychological dependence on substances predominates over the physical addiction. In case of refusal of drugs, people experiencing severe depression, often leading to suicide.

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