Assistance to drug addicts

How to help the person, addict drug? It would seem, if the answer to this question is simple and obvious, then why there are so many addicts? The thing is, one aid loved ones little, you also need the desire and willpower an addict.

If you were to somehow find out, what your loved one is using drugs, then all you can do is to help him. Pay no attention to that, what addict says, she didn't need your help, and that he'll stay clean, as soon as you want it. In this post we will discuss the most effective ways of fight against drug addiction.

Moral support

Not every addict wants to be treated in a clinic or a special clinic. But rehabilitation center should have experienced professionals. Although sometimes the addict can defeat the disease. The main thing, in this case, to provide maximum support.

Not all addicts want to be cured from addiction

Not all addicts want to be cured from addiction

The fact, what do, statistics, one in eight drug addict can cope with the disease themselves. If your loved one refers to such rare cases with iron willpower, you can provide invaluable moral support.

Get together with the patient all the attributes of addiction, drugs and, that can remind the addict of past unjust life. Stay close to him in moments of acute withdrawal syndrome, remind, why he started this fight and what to expect in case of victory. Don't let the man, who wants to recover from drug addiction, his former friends, drug addicts and those, with whom he shared his passion.

Help to drug addicts, who do not want to be treated

One of the nine drug shows miracles of restraint and self-control on the road to recovery, the remaining nine don't even want to try to quit their addiction. If your loved one stubbornly denies his addiction, says, she didn't need anyone's help and especially your, don't believe! Your concern in this case is to provide the patient the correct treatment. Today in every city there are paid and free hospitals, that can help a person to recover and become healthy.

If the addict doesn't want help, treatment should be in the first stage of compulsory

If the addict doesn't want help, treatment should be in the first stage of compulsory

Centers for drug addicts opened across Russia, such institutions ready to cure addicts. Such dispensaries are eligible to begin treatment with the written consent of the patient or his relatives, so that you are fully responsible for initiation of treatment of your loved one. Don't be afraid to do it without the consent of the patient. No matter how many people would now be dependent, if their parents or relatives would not pass by force addict in a special center!

Attention! Beware, "renting" a junkie in the medical center! There are many organizations, which only disguised as dispensaries for drug addicts, while pursuing your goals. The first group of such establishments engaged in the test of medicines and new treatment methods.

The pharmaceutical business is profitable, producing new drugs, who better to test on humans, not on animals. Some medical institutions offer to sign the relatives of the addict permission to test new, experimental methods and means of treatment, which can kill a person much faster, than drugs.

Rehabilitation in the centre can last for months, it all depends on neglect the dependence.

Rehabilitation in the centre can last for months, it all depends on neglect the dependence.

The second danger is of a religious sect. It is no secret, the second stage of treatment the addict is related to spirituality. To return to the patient's morality, psychologists use ideas from the Bible or other important books of a particular religion. The Word Of God (no matter the name of God is pronounced by the pastor) has a specific effect, after all, any religion is quite convincing.

Many sects are weak minded addict, that cured him of his attachment to drugs, to turn to a new addiction – faith. What is bad? Any relationship conceals a danger to humans, as, guided not by their motives and desires, a person lives not their lives. Addict, getting rid of drugs, becoming adept new dependencies, and ready to serve her at least as hard as, unsubscribe the apartment and everything is available to him or his relatives have property.

Be careful, examine the activities of the organization, which will deal with the treatment of your loved one. Best ask around friends or those, who already has positive experience in this area. Sects and drugs are very frequent companions. Such organizations are cashing in on the grief and the desperation of the people.

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To assist a person, suffering from addiction, loved ones can do a lot. First of all, you need patience and a willingness to be with your sick. Second, remember, that the addict may refuse to accept treatment, and then the only option is to give it to compulsory treatment in a medical center.

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