The first signs of addiction

After trying drugs for the first time, before the human dilemma – to continue this way or stop? Almost every any kind of available drugs is fun. It manifests itself in different ways-in the sense of relaxation, unstoppable fun or sense of cosmic bliss. But since most of us heard about the dangers of drugs, it, according to statistics, after the first sample 50% people decides not to experiment.

If the child tries drugs, his behaviour is becoming strange

If the child tries drugs, his behaviour is becoming strange

The other half is getting on the slippery slope, which means the beginning of the first stage of drug addiction. No need to think, what "newbie" in addiction it is impossible to know. Even the first experiments with drugs give the external effect, because attentive people will immediately suspect something is wrong. If the child tries drugs, his behaviour is becoming strange. Unfortunately, not all parents timely notice a problem.

The first signs of addiction in children

After two or three samples of the drug, the child feels guilty, especially if his parents are good and loving people. The kid understands, what goes wrong, but can not resist the temptation. The child will try to avoid adults, try not to engage in conversations. Perhaps unusual privacy in a room or a child's absence for a long time at home. Therefore the first sign of drug use in children is guilty, stealth, the reluctance to talk.

Pay attention to their children, until disaster struck

Pay attention to their children, until disaster struck

The second sign is irritability. Along with the fear of exposure, the child feels an adult, making something forbidden and interesting. This is a mixed behavior – a mixture of excitement and secrecy, immediately catch the eye.

Visible signs. Children rarely begins with hard drugs, most often the object of the experiment is grass, the acid, glue, cough syrup. A few hours after substance use following visible signs: reddened eyes, cough, strange behavior (laughter or Vice versa, isolation). The clothes and hair of the child can absorb the sweet smell of weed.

The first signs of addiction in adolescents

Teenagers are more witty and creative, than children. They will skillfully hide all the evidence, parents not declassified, because the youth is aware of what is happening. If you have suspicions on account of the fact, what your teen is using drugs, in his absence, can check personal belongings of the child. If you find white powder, or brownish color, pills, brand, similar to the postal, lumps of pressed dry plants, you should know, what is your worst thoughts were not baseless. Parents of addicts can find syringes, needles, harnesses, blackened spoons, lighters.

To have enough money for drugs, a teenager may begin to steal

To have enough money for drugs, a teenager may begin to steal

The second most speaking sign is a loss of money. Not every kid dares to ask for cash from their adults for the reason, not every parent agree to increase spending. In addition, I will have to say, what exactly need the money, a teenage drug addict in any case it is impossible to do.

So, the only way for the child to theft. The teenager will try to get the money from the purse of parents or pick up valuables, to place it in a pawn shop or sell to someone. Addiction is a very costly disease, because the cost teen will still grow for no apparent reason.

Another sign, talking about, that teen is using drugs, this change in appearance. The use of narcotic drugs is not conducive to self-care, and the child's physical appearance begins to change for the worse.

Hair can not wash for days, boys can stop shaving, haircut, girls stop wearing makeup, to do a manicure, as it ceases to be relevant. But this symptom is not always the case, as teenagers, not to impersonate, can still follow along even without the desire.

Behavior. Teenagers, unlike children, don't want to "sleep", but because I come home much later after the drug use, leaving no residual effect. Children are unlikely to laugh for no reason, but can't be too silent, to have a tired look, reddened eyes. Not to impersonate, Teens after consuming the drug will not to try to get the eye of parents.

The first signs of drug abuse in adults

Adults, who started to use drugs, also don't want to be caught in the act. Why should they listen to the reproaches of the parents, his half or his own children? Everyone knows, as harmful drugs, and therefore will be struggling to hide their passion. But some signs can give the man, started drug use.

A grown man will behave very discreetly

A grown man will behave very discreetly

A grown man acting suspiciously, if you begin to get involved in drug. Here are the main signs, you should pay attention:

  1. Stealth. Drugs and their use is the desire to hide from the world, including, from their loved ones. Because if your spouse, or adult son/daughter have no reason to stay at work, inward, to hide from your watchful eyes, you should know, what he hides from you. Adults are much harder to hide drug use, so they feel guilty. As soon as you try to have a Frank conversation, your loved one will begin to lower his eyes and tries to leave from unpleasant conversation.
  2. Fear of law enforcement and police. Adult, barely used the drug, feels guilty, after all, forbidden and punishable not only the distribution of, but also the possession and use of drugs. Children and adolescents are more frivolous, they do not think about breaking the law. Adult would shy away from every police, as it seems, even without a reason.
  3. External signs. External signs at first, drug adult can completely absent. Adults are even more careful, than teenagers – why do they need scandals and disagreements with loved ones? If you can check his stuff, you have the ability to detect direct evidence.It can be powder, the grass is dry and powdery or lumps, pills.
  4. New friends. Adults tend to stability. They almost don't make new friends and acquaintances, content with old contacts. So if you see, someone unknown calling your loved one, and he spent a long time talking in a whisper, this is a reason to worry.

Children are the most frivolous, and they calculate the easiest way. Teenagers, adults people are cunning and willing to go the wonders of camouflage, so they are not suspected of drug use.

Only inconsiderate people do not see, that their loved one is suffering from addiction and sinking deeper into a morass of lies and illogical actions.

Only inconsiderate people do not see, that their loved one is suffering from addiction and sinking deeper into a morass of lies and illogical actions.

Common signs of drug abuse for all

Actually, to talk about some common signs quite difficult. Completely different symptoms can have drugs of various pharmaceutical groups. In addition, adults, teenagers and children are different, hiding from their loved ones indications, that they consume any illegal drugs. But here is a list of signs, common to all addicts in the first stage:

  • isolation, uncharacteristic of personality before. Appear the secrets, people strive to be alone, locked in the room or in the bathroom.
  • external signs – red eyes, watery or mesh of vessels, the pupil may not react to visual stimuli. After taking the dose and in the first hours of the skin can have a ghastly white color.
  • nothing strange and inexplicable behavior. People can laugh, to talk to himself, look very excited, or Vice versa – drooping, apathetic, sad, not to respond to your requests or inquiries.
  • changes in appearance. Your loved one, you know how neat and meticulous, can suddenly become sloppy, to stop watching a, your appearance. This can manifest itself in wearing dirty or unwashed clothes, unwashed hair, stubble, the lack of cosmetics, the smell of sweat.
  • fear of police and law enforcement.
  • the presence among the personal belongings of drugs in any form or items for their use.

Only inconsiderate people do not see, that their loved one is suffering from addiction and sinking deeper into a morass of lies and illogical actions.

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The first signs of addiction are given the chance to loved ones person, hooked on drugs in time to save him and get him out of addiction. After all, the sooner raise the alarm, the more chances that, that person will not have time to really hurt yourself and your health, mental and physical. Please note, what are the first signs of addiction may vary in adults, Teens and children.

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