History of drug abuse

Addiction, as the disease and the epidemic, has spread recently, that is the feeling one gets in most people. Otherwise, how to explain the fact, what about drugs seriously and openly talking only recently, since the nineties of the last century? In this post we will look at the history of drug abuse, how and where it originated.

Addiction BC

Oddly enough, but drugs were always known to mankind, also like wine, tobacco and other sinful passions. The story of addiction began long before the ill-fated institutions, which is accused of distributing intoxicating substances.

Drugs known to people throughout the existence

Drugs known to people throughout the existence

Ancient shamans and priests used poppy decoction, smoked cannabis for entry into the trance state and predictions. Why drugs used only for these purposes and not passed to the masses? The fact, there were plenty of wars BC, and life just doesn't allow people, young men to "indulge" in drugs. These drugs are not considered something interesting, besides, in Ancient Greece and Rome were the cult of wine, which was down to no interest in drugs.

Addiction to the nineteenth century

Until the nineteenth century no documented information on this epidemic, as drug addiction. In the early nineteenth century opium was introduced in Europe, which was used by doctors for medical purposes, but the people did not indulge in this way to relax.

In 1839-1860 the years, there have been opium wars, when the Chinese government did not want to accept the spread of opium in the Empire, but they ended with the defeat of the Chinese government. Opium, who carried the British from India, was legalized in China and Europe, and came to America. In the beginning 20 century drugs were known and allowed in the world. When there is addiction it is hard to say. Considered, all the time people were looking for an easy way to relax.

Addiction in the twentieth century

You can talk about addiction as a problem, since the beginning of the last century. The wave passed around the world after the First World War was 1920 at 1930 year. After years of hardship, when a direct threat of death has passed, the people of the countries involved in the war tried to relax and drank, then allowed the opium. And then the addiction became a real problem.

Drug addiction in 20 century has its own characteristics

Drug addiction in 20 century has its own characteristics

In 50-60 years, doctors have realized, the opium and opiates are highly effective painkiller and went the process of synthesis of new drugs, contains morphine and codeine. Widespread sleeping medications and antidepressants, which is released in any quantity wishing without prescription.

Drug abuse in the USSR

In the Soviet Union there was not only sex, but addiction – that's what opinion those, who lived in this country in the last century. Actually, it's not that far from the truth. After twenties, when ready (the so-called cocaine) smelled quite wealthy and intelligent citizens, war was declared contraband. Along with this, the government repealed prohibition, and since alcohol is more accessible and cheaper drug, then people switched to this "cure for stress".

Until the eighties of drug addicts in the USSR was very small – mostly, they became involuntarily, as a result of treatment opiates. Such people are spared, as drug addiction has suffered a units and any harm to society they bring.

But in the eighties with the rise of the iron curtain along with the fashion for jeans, imported machinery in the country came drugs like pot, and heavy chemistry. In the nineties, in Russia, a wave of children's accidents, leading to death – as a result of substance abuse. Parents have sounded the alarm, as it considered the school a hotbed of vicious addiction.

How to protect teenagers from drugs? This question worries many.

How to protect teenagers from drugs? This question worries many.

As a result, the TV appeared first transmission, dedicated to the fight against drug addiction and telling about the dangers of drugs. The school introduced the event called "class hour", talking to students about dependencies, including narcotic. How effective were these measures, we can conclude from the situation, which formed today.

Addiction now

Today drug abuse is one of the most terrible diseases of the world. Very frustrating, unlike cancer, which appears as if from nowhere, drugs person tries himself. How many drug addicts today lives in the post-Soviet countries?

Official statistics indicate 5% population, of them 60% youth. But sociologists say about other figures, more terrible. The fact, that not all dependent people become on the account, because I don't want to wear offensive, though fair the stigma of "addict". So, if you look at the situation soberly, you can talk about 12-15% of the total population. Of these people 70-80% Teens and young people to 25 years.

Drugs are striking mostly young boys and girls, in the process of growing up. The reasons can be anything, starting from the desire to appear more adult and trendy, and ending with the attempt to escape from the harsh reality. Who invented the first drug? It was the doctors, who sought to help the sick, wounded in the war.

To avoid addiction to his house, every parent needs a child to tell their child about drugs, show on the streets of drug addicts, not afraid of such "complicated" and "adult" conversations. But remember, all conversations have meaning, only if you are the role model.

If you use any compound, but you want your child to be free from addiction, you should know, what is the probability of this is small – according to statistics, if a parent indulges in drugs, alcohol or cigarettes, the child will try it before ten years.

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Drugs known even hundreds of years, and Millennium. However, a drug epidemic has started to roam the world relatively recently. The reason for this may be the growth of civilization, the abundance of the companies and all, as well as poverty and vulnerability of certain segments of the population.

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