Hard drugs

If you have already read the article on our website called "Light drugs", you know, the division of narcotic substances into light and heavy is pure deception. Any drug is addictive, and get rid of the addiction is not easy. But it is believed, those drugs, that are synthesized chemically, affect the body significantly stronger weed. It's true. In this article we will look at, what drugs are the most powerful and dangerous for the human body.

What "hard drugs"?

If we turn to the meaning of the phrase "hard drugs", it will be clear, what is the drug, which is the very first methods causing irreversible consequences for the organism.

Hard drugs cause irreversible changes in the body

Hard drugs cause irreversible changes in the body

Considered, that a few drug addicts start their journey with hard drugs, because according to statistics, most people start Smoking weed, and only later, having the dependence, move on to something heavier.Hard drugs there are many

  • methamphetamine;
  • heroin;
  • cocaine;
  • ecstasy.

Consider the features of each of these substances. What is hard drugs? This should tell the school children adolescent. Boys and girls should understand, chemical medications that only seem harmless.


This drug, prepared synthetically, can be consumed in pill form, injection or Smoking. Has a strong influence on the psychophysical processes, early was particularly common among women, wanting to lose weight. Its use in small quantities aroused nervous system, caused a frequent urge to defecate, significantly reduced appetite.

"diet Pills" kill thousands of women, as in a beautiful shell hiding a drug.

“Diet pills” kill thousands of women, as in a beautiful shell hiding a drug.

However, medical experiments have shown, that even small doses of substances cause even short-term use of addictive, insomnia, the increase in blood pressure, anorexia. Large doses of the drug cause a feeling of tidal forces, the experience of euphoria, enjoyment. The condition can last from a few minutes to three or four hours.

Considered, what addiction appears just after first use. Through 10-12 time after methamphetamine use on the human body rash, addict it seems, that he is being persecuted, starts inexplicable paranoia. Through 15-20 drink people are no longer able to control himself, he increases his medication, and dies in the end from an overdose.


Ecstasy is the most popular option, which attracts the attention of modern teenagers.

Ecstasy gives a feeling of lightness and freedom, but then begins the terrible torments

Ecstasy gives a feeling of lightness and freedom, but then begins the terrible torments

For sure, even in people, who don't know much about drugs, the word "ecstasy" is associated with noisy discos and parties. It is not a coincidence, – the drug appeared in the early nineties, and particularly prevalent in the Spanish night clubs.

The youth could not fail to note, that the drug is invigorating, and you can dance the night away, experiencing it is absolutely unusual emotions.

What gives reason to believe ecstasy drug heavy? The fact, this drug acts destructive to the excretory system, the body simply is not able to display received as a result of taking ecstasy toxins.

After, how damaged liver and kidneys, suffering sexual system (a man can become impotent already 3-4 month of taking ecstasy), go irreversible changes in the biochemical processes of the brain.

Ecstasy often die young, because so far this drug is not considered a serious, and is seen as a necessary Supplement to the disco. This is why we need to sound the alarm every caring parent, nobody knows, what can end a harmless disco in a nightclub.


Everyone at least once heard about heroin. Hard drugs of this type are often shown in American cinema. Many believe, that it is not addictive. No, this error! Heroin destroys the body instantly, the nervous system and causes severe addiction.

Actually, heroin is not always in powder form – it can be used in the form of injections or tablets. In addition, the color indicates the purity of heroin. So, the white powder is well-cleaned, but the more the substance supplements, the more brown tint it has.

Heroin changes a person beyond recognition

Especially dangerous heroin, which you can buy from a drug dealer – clean and enough toxic product is diluted with starch, powdered sugar, another type of drug, it turned out to be a larger volume. What do you think, as this mixture is good for the body?

How heroin works? In the first minutes after taking the drug, the person feels unusual lift forces, it feels at least omnipotent, craves attention and communication. But it takes a few hours, and to replace the energy comes apathy, the mood is deteriorating, there is some confusion.

Doctors say, what is physiological dependence appears in person after the first sample. The largest number of heroin addicts is listed in Hong Kong. There is a drug is widespread, and is considered, after 6-8 doses to man there's no turning back.

How to find out junky? First of all, such a drug addict constantly teetering on the verge of a nervous breakdown, his mood changes every minute, moving from state to depressed to joyful excitement. The second talking point is the veins. The powder has a large distribution in the film, most all heroin users injected the drug into my veins. Sores have a nasty sore view, and veins "hiding", go deeper under the skin.

Can you help the addict, sitting on hard drugs?

If to be objective, to help you all, at any point in time, while a person is alive. If you see, what your loved one or relative was the victim of hard drugs, consider, you have no time to think, and any delay could cost lives. We recommend you immediately contact the psychiatrist, and then to put the addict in an institution. Highly unlikely, that the addict cope with the trouble yourself, hard drugs are a very destructive way, and breaking to not survive even a person with very strong will.

The first thing the clinic relieve the addict from the physical thrust (he just doesn't get drugs and body cope with the removal of toxins, learning to live without the poison), conduct detoxification. But it's not the end of treatment, then the addict needs to understand, to live without drugs, much better, than their eating. This stage may take much more time, than the physiological treatment, from several months to several years.

Many families of addicts make the mistake of – after, as their loved one undergoes detoxification, they immediately take him home, hoping, in the native land, the addict will recover faster. In fact, barely hitting the old conditions, associated with the drug, the man returns to the old subject. That's why they say, "former drug addicts".

Even getting rid of physiological traction, in the mind of the addict lives the idea of, how well he lived previously, drug. He forgets the agony of withdrawal again and wants to relive the fun of the buzz. Therefore, the elimination of psychological dependence should be given equally serious attention, than the first stage.

Watch this video of the worst drugs "Meth is the most dangerous drug"


Deciding, whether or not to try drugs, consider yourself the arbiter of his fate. Hard drugs – a very special group of drugs, which acts destructively on the organism and the human brain after the first dose. If you want thrills, it is better to jump with a parachute or ride on the bike with great speed, but don't start pointless experiments, leading straight to death.

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