Causes of drug addiction

Since then, as drug addiction has become a global epidemic, doctors around the world are trying to work on a fix. However, drug abuse must be fought, knowing its causes in humans. Very rare cases, which are simply exceptions, completely happy when the person becomes addicted to drugs.

What are causes of drug addiction?

Conditionally, all the causes can be divided into physiological and psychological. But this is hardly the place has only one reason. As a rule, a number of factors is decisive, in order, a person started using drugs. The world and the people in it are not always kind and fair, even if a person is born in a prosperous and wealthy family.

Causes of addiction may be social and physiological

Causes of addiction may be social and physiological

There is no guarantee, you or your child will be happy, love, have wealth. Any stress or depression, the quarrel, or the inability to gain can push a person to dangerous experiments.

Causes of addiction psychological

Psychological causes can be divided into social and domestic, but this classification makes sense, only if you pass the exam on the topic "Causes of addiction". In fact, psychological causes can be characterized as arising from a misunderstanding with others and problems in society.

Problems in the family. Known, every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way, and perfectly happy families have almost no. Family problems can be very diverse and even opposite, and all lead to one thing – the desire to leave them. Suffer the children, which do not pay attention, to which the parents use violence or the practice of ill-treatment. In addition, unhappy also those children, which is a Chur love. Too much attention, care annoying, want to annoy your parents and do something bad to evil. The problems of the adults in the family can also be misunderstandings with your partner, the absence of a couple and alone, constant quarrels and scandals in the family. There are cases, when a family suffers the grief (serious illness or death of a loved one), and then distraught by the troubles of people looking for solace, using banned substances.

Problems in society. Lack of work or availability of work, which is too tiring, quarrels and friction with colleagues or the boss (the same in school or College). Lack of friends.

Curiosity. People talk so much about drugs, that almost led them to the rank of worship. Some of these substances praises for the opportunity to get when living in a different dimension, someone scolds for irreversible changes in the body. Probably, everyone, which can think, ever wondered what will happen to me, if I try drugs? Because there can be so many admiring comments about empty? The usual curiosity pushes people to experiment. Of course, the most inquisitive children.

The desire development. It is such a good cause pushes people to the, to try drugs. Known, some types of opiates expand your consciousness. Artists, writers, experiencing a creative crisis, can try to use drugs, to get insight. Most often, they do get the glory, but posthumously.

The manifestation of the rebellion. Most often this sin Teens, who feel the injustice of the world or foundations within their own family. The desire to change something or to make his own way causes them to do drugs.

The weak will. People, who can't take responsibility for their actions, often victims of circumstances. Drugs are no exception. Led and flabby hooked on them just because, I don't want to be the black sheep in the company or "a weakling". Weak-willed people, especially children or teenagers — the favorite and easiest target the drug dealers.

The internal opposition. People, living in harmony with yourself, can be counted on the fingers. The majority maintains a constant internal struggle, can't come to an agreement even with their own inner voice, not to mention other people. It is this internal imbalance can cause experimentation with illegal substances.

Satiety life, boredom — very often "mad with fat," the people, which, it would seem, all there. As we have said, there is no guarantee of a happy and uncomplicated life. For example, fully secured and people may simply not see purpose in life. Why would he want to live and where to aim, if today he can afford all, anything? Banal boredom forces us to seek new ways of getting pleasure, as the old..

The uncertainty of the future, fear of life. How many people feels lonely, abandoned, nobody needs in this world? Drugs, like a warm blanket, can for the first time to hide the person from negative influence of external environment.

The desire to be fashionable this reason most often applies to children and adolescents, who are more vulnerable to opinions of others. If the friends and the environment I think, what drugs is the trend, in order, in order not to stand out, Teens will prefer to be like everyone else.

The lack of a hobby. It can be strange, but the lack of interest in life is making leisure time and life itself bland and boring. Man in the truest sense of the word do not know what to do, where to go, and could easily be seduced by on unknown substances.

Bad company. Once in a not very favorable environment, people can start to do uncharacteristic things, including stupid and reckless.

Low General morality of society. Addiction as a phenomenon is common in poor neighborhoods, among the poor. The higher the level of well-being, the higher the social protection and state development programs, the less likely, what man would not risk your health and well-being of doubtful experiments.

Cultural influence. Perhaps, the strongest influence on the development of addiction has made Western culture. Before the fall of the iron curtain in the USSR was not a drug addict, or they were so few, what to say about it had. Movies, music, literature — the works of many Western authors offers to try unknown pleasures.

Censorship, or rather, her absence. It is today the world community condemns the addiction, previously, the drugs praised for the unknown feeling, they can bring people.

The absence in the Metropolitan areas of sports and education system on youth development. This topic touches such a reason "boredom", only on a more global, state level. The opportunity to visit for free sports and the combined section would allow to considerably reduce the number of drug addicts among youth.

Not "trendy" healthy lifestyle. Now social networks are overwhelmed with people, leading a healthy lifestyle, sports. They post photos on public display and serves a very good example in my own experience. However, propaganda of this life at the state level for today is not present or it is ineffective. The idols of youth still drinking, smoke and drink substances, in the movies, watching "adults", role models also can boast of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Healthy and beautiful to still be "not fashionable".

Causes of drug addiction – physiological

Physiological one reason only. A person's mood, it, what he is experiencing and going through, this is not a random emotion, and logically explain the action of biochemical processes in his brain.

To explain the dependence of physiology - it's a weakness

To explain the dependence of physiology – it's a weakness

Stability in mood is the correct amount of produced neurotransmitters. These substances are responsible for feelings of fun, peace, anxiety, fear. If these substances are produced in excess, or Vice versa, not enough of them, the person feels tired, tense, it is in a depression. Of course, anyone wants to get rid of these unpleasant sensations, and may sooner or later try drugs, which, supposedly, rid of all troubles.

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The reasons for addiction are many, but none of them can justify the weakness of man before the chemical poison. No matter what in life, what obstacles stopped the man in his development, he in any case should not follow the path of least resistance and do drugs. Seek help from friends, be strong for yourself, but don't go on about weaknesses and become a slippery slope, having one end for all.

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