As the withdrawal symptoms of an addict (withdrawal syndrome)?

What is breaking (наркотический абстинентный синдром)? This is a special condition of the person dependent, caused by prolonged absence of the drug, and accompanied by severe physical pain and psychological distress perception of the external environment. Not surprising, many seek the answer to the question – as the withdrawal symptoms and help a loved one or friend!

When it starts breaking?

In most cases, in order, to people, что принимает наркотические препараты, started to experience withdrawal, must undergo two to four weeks of the start of administration of the substance. Of course, the addiction begins to take shape after the first dose, but the physical desire of the body will not manifest immediately. Longer than a man "sits on drugs.", the stronger and more painful, he feels withdrawal (наркотический абстинентный синдром), and the greater the dose needed for pain relief.

Ломка - это мощное дестабилизирующее состояние.

Breaking – it is a powerful destabilizing the state.

It should be noted, there are people, nervous system which is so arranged, what они переживают ярко выраженный абстинентный синдром уже после первой или второй дозы приема наркотика. It is usually those, who suffered a disease of the nervous system either from birth has a special structure of the system. Such people are no more than 6-7%, but know this before taking the substance and react to it is impossible.

Breaking may become a factor, which will prompt a person to attempts to get rid of this addiction. Indeed, without such a painful light the patient is not even aware of their addiction and safely taking drugs. But the man is to survive the first time, as it breaks, and the desire to continue on the trail of addiction can shoot hand.

In breaking there's nothing wrong with a poisoned body pain gives the person the signal, he didn't want more poison. To get rid of breaking in two ways. The first option – to go through it and free from toxins. The second option is to take the drug and enter into a vicious circle of addiction, because the new dose leads to break-up and so on.

What are the symptoms of withdrawal syndrome (breaking)?

Later 7-15 часов после употребления наркотического вещества появляются первые симптомы. They look like:

  • irritability person (this is especially noticeable in the peaceful nature of people), nervousness. Appears emotional incontinence, unable to control themselves and their behavior;
  • chills. The room may be the optimum climate, but man will tremble, like frozen, and chills can occur up to knock teeth, increased salivation, tears. People can dramatically sweat, as if it was hot;
  • the immunity of the pupils to light. Another hour passes, and the eyes of the patient ceases to respond adequately to visual stimuli;
    Breaking - it's a hell of a pain!

    Breaking – it's a hell of a pain!

  • vomiting and loss of appetite. These signs will indicate, what people were poisoned (not far from the truth, because the drug is poison). The addict will not experience the appetite, it was going to turn and vomiting from even a favorite food. If the same person through the power of something to eat or drink liquids, it will lead to vomiting, or to puffiness and swelling on the face.

At this stage there are two ways: drug use or continue to endure the discomfort “breaking”. If the person will use the substance, then all the unpleasant symptoms will recede, but if you refuse, the break will last another day or two:

  • the increase in pressure;
  • severe diarrhea, indigestion, diarrhea;
  • сильная до нестерпимости боль в костях, joints, muscles. Hence the name "break-up" – a person feels machine, which flattens and tears apart some force. Muscles driving the endless convulsions. Exhausted pain man can't sleep, even if you really want it;
  • у мужчин может появиться эякуляция;
  • moral flour. People even soulless and without morals at the time of withdrawal are experiencing the worst moments. What could be worse than irrational fear, when, it would seem, nothing the man does not threaten, and he wants to flee to the edge of the world? Also, during the withdrawal symptoms the patient seems to be, being watched and the eyes of enemies everywhere, that he wants to kill someone very close to him, might be paranoid.

Breaking a drug addict – this is a terrible condition, which is accompanied by pain, physical and moral. It is therefore important to call a specialist, that will help to reduce pain.

Что происходит с организмом наркомана на самом деле?

A curious fact, but the pain, that is so bright and upset the addict, actually phantom. That is, the body does not matter does not feel that, what it seems to a person.

Excruciating pain during withdrawal - absolutely phantom

Excruciating pain during withdrawal – absolutely phantom

When the man begins to use drugs, he feels "high". But with each subsequent dose the body gets used to the drugs, as the drugs block the work of neurons.

This is what leads to, that the buzz becomes less bright (oppressed nervous system already does not play those, the first sensations), and pain become stronger. This is easily explained by the fact, что организм просто уже не может вырабатывать в нужном количестве эндорфины, which can numb the pain and bring joy at the same time.

Once a person survives the first real break-up, buzz from drug testing him would never, – is that short, при переходе на более тяжелый наркотический препарат.

But all the body literally, from cells to complex organ system, require dose and don't want to have to work without substance. The brain also ceases to work properly – it can't really assess the external and internal factors, but only receives continuously information about the, that the body suffers.

As explained here breaking from the position of, what happens in the body of an organism. It's a pain, from which it is difficult to get rid of and only the new dose will help – that's a misconception, which affects all addicts.

Как и где происходит снятие ломки и реабилитация

The process of removing the withdrawal syndrome implies only the cessation of the use of substances. It really just sounds to ordinary people, but for the dependent which is comparable to the death.

By and large, after removing the withdrawal symptoms the person will feel a huge relief, and even physical aversion to drugs. To discontinue the drug immediately should and every, who wants to eliminate withdrawal symptoms, another option is simply not there. The only exception is especially sick people, which if you refuse drugs, just die.

Лечение наркозависимости у пациента реабилитационного центра – сложный и длительный процесс, в котором участвуют врачи разных специальностей:

  • психологи;
  • психиатры;
  • психотерапевты;
  • наркологи.

У пациентов, длительно употреблявших различные наркотические вещества, отмечаются различные хронические соматические патологии. Для их лечения, разработки стратегии поддерживающей терапии необходима помощь узкопрофильных специалистов: кардиологов; пульмонологов; гастроэнтерологов; инфекционистов; дерматологов; венерологов и др. Залог эффективного без рецидивного лечения наркотической зависимости – комплексное поэтапное воздействие команды специалистов реабилитационного центра.

How not to remove the break-up?

Many people, trying to experience severe withdrawal symptoms (heroin withdrawal or screw) often prescribe themselves drugs. This may be the cure, any drug in smaller amounts. Also a "jammed" pain alcohol (it is a common choice of those, who uses cocaine).

Know, what ways to get rid of from the break-up impossible, ill just prolong the agony and exacerbate its already unenviable position. Taking drugs, even other, implies the continuation of the process of poisoning the body. Antidepressants will not remove the pain, as there is no pain, she is a phantom. For this reason de won't help and sleeping pills. Alcohol can lead to alcoholism. However, known in the practice of addictions such cases: addict, sitting on the drugs for a short time, suppresses withdrawal alcohol.

This helps, and people can really get off of drugs, considering, it is better to be an alcoholic, than a drug addict. However, alcoholism in drug addicts has more destructive power, than ordinary people, because a former addict decides sooner or later to zakodirovatsia. This will lead to, what, unable to stand without alcohol, the patient will return to drugs. Here is such a vicious circle, which explains, why alcohol is not the answer.

Addict - people, who needs your help!

Addict – people, who needs your help!

And that the output?

The only solution is to refuse all types of drugs, arbitrarily appointed a medical drugs, alcohol, antidepressants, sleeping pills. The body needs to be cleansed independently, but "doping" will not help, and will only worsen the situation. Remember, that any substance, adopted by the addict during withdrawal may lead to death of the patient!

If a person firmly decided to get rid of his illness, he should take the following fact as a given. Withdrawal lasts 4 to 8 days (depending on, what "sitting" of the person and how long). If a person has heroin, cocaine or helical according to, the experience of pain itself is almost impossible. If the person still wants to try to make it, you need to take the following actions:

  1. To tie yourself or is it better to chain to the battery. It is not an exaggeration, as during the withdrawal syndrome for the dose the person is ready even to murder. Of course, the desire to get rid of the disease will go away on there before the desire to get rid of the pain of withdrawal.
  2. Warn loved ones, to in no way respond to that, what will happen with the patient during withdrawal. Dependent can shout, cry, to beg, howl and plead for a dose. If people "pity" and you give people a drug, they have compiled a huge disservice.
  3. After, as sick still cope with withdrawal symptoms, for completely removing withdrawal syndrome a person must go through rehabilitation and get rid of the true causes, what prompted him to accept drugs.

Take a strong break-up at home is very difficult, поэтому следует вызвать специалистов-наркологов и обращаться в клиники, на стационар в реабилитационные центры. Только врачи наркологи способны помочь зависимому человеку со стажем.

The removal of withdrawal in a medical facility

The best option for, чтобы пережить абстинентный синдром, является помещение больного в специальное реабилитационное учреждение, на стационаре. There is no close, who wanting to ease the pain of someone close, can you give him the drug. In addition, персонал реабилитационного заведения будет всячески содействовать тому, that man is not broke.

Второе преимущество в обращении за помощью в в специализированный медицинский центр состоит в том, что сразу после избавления от физической зависимости к наркотикам, people will receive psychological support and assistance from the psychiatrist or clergyman (depending on, in what institution the person is treated). Без реабилитации и понимания причин болезни, о полноценном выздоровлении не может идти и речи.

Video “Addiction – the moment of truth”


The removal of breaking – the process is very unpleasant, as a person has to experience pain before becoming free. Облегчить наркотический абстинентный синдром или вовсе уйти от него – impossible. Attempts to reduce pain by the intake of drugs, drugs, алкоголя могут только усугубить ситуацию и даже привести к коме или смерти человека. Обращайтесь к специалистам, они помогут бросить наркотики, снять ломку, убрать психологическую зависимость от них.

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