How to fight drug addiction

Most people do not consider it necessary to pay their attention to this problem, as drugs and their distribution, but in vain! After all, if your family has teenagers or children, you automatically become a potential victim. Everyone, regardless of age, marital status and occupation should know all about the dangers, you can meet him on the path of life, including about this. From this post you will learn, how you can deal with addiction at all stages.


How to deal with drug addiction – the question is relevant in modern society, where addiction kills about 1000 000 people a year. About, how to recover from addiction quickly and effectively, people interested in more than a hundred years.

The story of the struggle stretches back hundreds of years

The fact, until the middle of the last century, drugs were virtually in the free market, and get any narcotic substance at the pharmacy was a simple matter. Meanwhile, having cured a disease, people "sick" again,. Doctors in those days recommended that only one method of struggle– a gradual or rapid failure from drinking.

Ways of dealing with drug addiction

To date, there are two approaches in the fight against drug addiction. The first is called "Dutch". As you can guess from the title, according to this approach need not deny the use of drugs, and Vice versa, to make medicines accessible to people. One time in Amsterdam was even vending machines, which gave out free syringes. In this way the doctors wanted to reduce the spread of infections.

There are two approach in the fight against drug abuse

There are two approach in the fight

How effective is this approach? On the one hand, power has made them not so attractive for citizens and reduced the desire forbidden. On the other hand, in any other country, except in the Netherlands is not on the account so many people, suffering from dependence on hard drugs – cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine. What it says? The legalization of recreational drugs can lead to heavy interest and the man sooner or later will definitely give up in the trap of drug addiction.

The second approach is the American. This is a broad propaganda of healthy lifestyle in mass media and social advertising, educational activities about the dangers of drug use. This approach is calculated on people, having no attachment to drugs. Ways of dealing with addiction are different, but they will not work, if you do not create the following conditions:

  • support of loved ones;
  • the removal of negative company;
  • looking for like minded;
  • working closely with a psychiatrist.

In our country relies on a series of preventive measures, together with legislative acts, against drugs.

Drug prevention

As you know, any disease is easier to prevent, than to spend money and effort for her treatment. Worldwide use preventive method against drug abuse. Of course, that he acts only on those, who are still not addicted. What are the advantages of this method against the spread and growth of diseases?

Addiction treatment has two directions - prevention and treatment

Treatment has two directions – prevention and treatment

First of all, due to negative stories about harm of the use of drugs, to develop human aversion. Social advertising and educational films help people to understand, what really are drugs and what is their real impact on the body. In addition, preventive activities helps to identify problems, pulling the person's ability to these Hobbies.

Drug prevention is needed. Campaign materials, educational films and literature about the harmful habits allow many to abandon the curiosity to try drugs.


The second area of struggle is, of course, treatment. This method is used already, when a person has a dependency. It can be successfully cured, no matter what anyone said, but there is one disadvantage of this method. The fact, what, as the addiction treatment business profitable, recently there was a lot of questionable establishments, offering their services. If you decide to undergo treatment or take to medical center your loved one, before doing this check, read the reviews on the Internet. There are a considerable number of speculators, which promise high-quality treatment in exchange for a high fee.

What is the treatment? In the West most often used drugs, which should decrease the pain of withdrawal. Most often these preparations contain a certain amount of the drug, and therefore the treatment lasts longer.

On the territory of CIS countries most centers for drug addicts do not use any mitigating feelings of drugs, but because the treatment and more effectively, and at the same time, the patient more likely to break, not after the course to the end. Mandatory component of treatment is psychological course or rehabilitation.

Addiction is a psychological disease, as, eliminate physical cravings for drugs, people still want to experience the thrill and fun, which is guaranteed to give drugs. The psychological part of the treatment (rehabilitation) can last for months, much longer physiological, but it is important to undergo to the end, otherwise the patient can return to old habits.

Video "the Truth about drugs and drug addicts"


Ways of dealing with drug addiction there are two. First – prevention, it applies then, when a person is not familiar with drugs personally. The second treatment, appropriate for those, who already has a dependency.

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