What drugs do

Society is changing, but instead of a full, conscious step forward, it tends to stay in place. Not wanting to waste time great inventions, people invent more and more sophisticated ways of getting high. Addiction is a serious problem of society. To understand, what treatment to assign the person in rehab, you should understand what doing drugs. We urge you not to associate your life with drugs., quit smoking and reduce the amount of alcohol in your life, to maintain health and longevity!

What drugs do

Attention! This article is informational and does NOT contain information: describing or giving an idea of ​​the procedure for manufacturing, development and use of certain types of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, analogues of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, new potentially dangerous psychoactive substances (including a description of the processes and (or) instructions (schemes) their development, manufacture and use), as well as ways of using precursors for their manufacture and aimed at creating a positive image of faces among the target audience, manufacturing, development and use of drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors, analogues of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, new potentially dangerous psychoactive substances, providing services for their purchase or cultivating plants, containing narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors.

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A little bit of history

Not so long ago the drugs were worth considerable sums and were injected intravenously, which made them inaccessible for many. Today, however, there are many varieties of such drugs, which are available in the form of tablets and powders, everything is available, just, that's just it doesn't.

Extensively a variety of drugs not only in appearance and method of use, they also have different chemical formulas. It depends on, what emotions will get addict after using them. Get a feeling of euphoria or apathy, together with drowsiness. Depending on these factors, all drugs are divided into certain groups.

From what are opiates drugs

Received its name on account of the main active ingredient – opium. Usually get it from all known plants poppy. This group includes heroin, morphine, opium raw. All of the above, only morphine is used in medicine to relieve severe pain.

All other drugs, are deadly drugs, cause peace, kindness, calm. After a few applications formed persistent dependence, the most dangerous is heroin. Because this substance is able to destroy the liver, affect intellectual ability. Annually from heroin is killing hundreds of people.

drugs opiates

Knowing, a drug made from poppies, the government strictly controlled the process of growing this plant. Poppy fields can be seen only in the realm of enterprises, involved in its processing in the culinary and medical purposes. The drug from poppy often try to get at home, but such "chefs" are actively fighting.

How do stimulants (drugs)?

These drugs are able to exert a stimulating effect on the Central nervous system (the Central nervous system). In its composition are divided into two types – vegetable and synthetic. What do drugs of this kind should be understood by all doctors, working in the special centres.

Herbal drugs

This includes cocaine, derived from the Coca shrub. Used most often as a powder, that using a tube is inhaled or rubbed into the gums. As it is well soluble in water, it goes into the hands of those, who enjoys intravenous injection.

Consuming cocaine, people experience euphoria, that's the price for the buzz may be too large – death, caused by respiratory arrest. Where do the drugs question too popular. As a rule, these are illegal clandestine enterprises or in workshops.. Such establishments are prohibited in the Russian Federation, therefore, the suspicion of such activities, you should immediately inform the relevant authorities.

Herbal drugs

Synthetic drugs

The main representative is amphetamine, known since the mid 20 century. In war times it was used to raise the physical endurance of the soldier. This occurred due to the action of the main component of ephedrine, received their coniferous shrub ephedra.

The drug most often injected into a vein, where he begins his instant action, last, that can to 12 hours. In turn, the amphetamine is also divided into several groups:Synthetic drugs

  1. Ephedrine. Is a yellow, white crystals. It is used as a raw material for the manufacture of drug products.
  2. Methamphetamine. Unusual oily solution, obtained in the process of complex chemical reactions. Widespread among adolescents, vein around its availability, cheap. Intravenously, but the euphoria lasts for a short period of time, less than an hour.
  3. Ephedrine. Cute appearance clear solution with a pink tinge are capable of terrible actions. The drug violates the physical and mental state. So, after two years of use, even the most mentally competent person may turn into a backward.
  4. Ecstasy. Quote from Wikipedia: Метиле́ндио́ксиметамфетами́н, MDMA, MDMA, 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methamphetamine - a semi-synthetic psychoactive amphetamine compound, belonging to the group of phenylethylamines, widely known under the slang name of the pill form of ecstasy (English. ecstasy, other names - Adam, Ecstasy, E, X, Molly, Mandy). MDMA is among the most popular drugs, especially among young people, and received a noticeable reflection in Western popular culture. Distributed since the 1980s among rave culture and clubbers. Production, storage, transportation and distribution of MDMA is prohibited by the UN convention and is a criminal offense in most countries of the world., a person temporarily experiences an incredible surge of energy, incredible euphoria. During the research it was found, that when the drug effect of the substance ends, and replaced by apathy, depression and severe fatigue, dependence, which will need to be treated, with prolonged use.

Any amphetamine regardless of how its use affects the body. A pleasant feeling of lightness, independence gives way to despondency. Therefore, wanting to experience new emotions, we need to think seriously about the possible consequences. The drugs are often made from chemicals, unknown origin. Because of this, it is difficult to say, what dosage will cause death.

Cannaboid: the composition of the drug

It is based on - cannabinoid, it can be found in the hash, marijuana (hemp). These drugs are most often smoked to make them look like cigarettes.. That's just an unusual smell stays in the room, on clothing and get rid of it quite difficult. After use the smoker mood, increased anxiety, he wants to talk.

Recorded frequent cases of overdose, leading to lethargy, panic, retardation. If you smoke marijuana often, the likelihood of getting lung problems develops, bronchi.


Hallucinogens – drugs of a special kind

Can cause disorders of perception of. Divided into several subgroups:

  1. Psilocybin. Special mushroom, with an unusual composition. For a person, the use of such an element can cause the appearance of inexplicable odors., colors, leads and images.
  2. LSD. Quote from Wikipedia: LSD (LSD-25, LSD, from him. Lysergsäurediethylamid - d-lysergic acid diethylamide) - a semi-synthetic psychoactive substance from the lysergamide family. Chemical names: N,N-lysergic acid diethylamide; N,N-diethyllysergoylamide. Conventional names and ciphers: LSD; LSD-25; Lysergide, Delysid. Chemical formula of the substance: C20H25N3O. In the Russian-language medical literature of the Soviet period, the abbreviations DLK are used to designate LSD., DLK-25. LSD may be considered the most famous psychedelic, used or used as a recreational drug, and also as a tool in various transcendental practices, such as meditation, psychonautics, and prohibited by law (but legal in the past) psychedelic psychotherapy. The substance looks like a colorless powder. Studies show, the medical effect lasts up to 12 hours.
  3. Amanita. Able to trigger a hallucinogenic effect. Consume lost in space, aggravated his hearing receptors. There is an opinion, that such condition caused the appearance of "cartoons".

Use one of the above drugs can lead to tragic consequences. Bright colorful drawings, can be replaced by ambulance and resuscitation. Drug is no joke, so you need to think a thousand times before, like even just to try out this medication,.

Inhalants, like a drug and their production

These include the familiar to many glue, lacquer, acetone, the solvent. Many are so keen to experience the unusual sensations, that completely forget about the sense of self-defense. These items can cause serious breathing problems, mucous, diseases of the brain and many organs.


Addicts, are fond of sniffing household chemicals, called addicts. These people need to be treated too, otherwise, death or mental confusion will occur. The drug causes severe hallucinations and provokes suicide.. So often, addicts are in the loop or on the roof of multi-storey buildings. The drug clouding his mind, so you need to carefully follow the family, trapped under the power of such drugs.

Pharmacy drugs

To get a welcome lightness of consciousness, some addicts use drugs even available.

  1. Codeine. Consumption in large quantities has stimulating effect. Here is, take some drugs: Nurofen, Kaffetin, Codelac, Pentalgin-N. they contain about 15 ml of codeine. To obtain the required substance, pills treated with gasoline. So only do this all in a terrible, unsanitary conditions, that does not go unnoticed. Especially if you take into account that, that it is administered intravenously. The appearance of purulent wounds, only the first Wake-up call, soon there is tissue necrosis, great plague and death. Enough 4 months, to achieve a lethal outcome, that will leak in a terrible, painful form.
  2. Hypnotics. The first symptoms of excessive consumption of Relanium, Phenazepam will become depressed, clumsiness, loss of coordination. But very soon will be added to insomnia, hallucinations, severe loss of scales, liver disease. Many people use medication, like drugs, therefore sell them only by prescription.
  3. Synthetic substances, causing a narcotic effect and addictive.

Pharmacy drugs

No doubt, spice and salt, is attributed to the most dangerous drugs. Substances are excreted rather long period of time, form the strongest addictive, treatment, which can, busy few years.

Drugs chemicals or designer drugs actively broke into the lives of young people. Such drugs include the following products:

  • Spice. Special Smoking mixture, formed by combination of herbs with chemical components. Many are convinced, what to get from it is addictive impossible, but the reality is much more serious. After the first application, the addict feels a strong desire, get rid of which difficult.
  • Salt. Based on JWH-018, 250 and 317, which forms the addictive. The dose of such a drug is able to act for several days. However, a pleasant lightness, the euphoria and energy is finite. In their place comes the side effects. Their special chemical composition makes the drug dangerous, to get an overdose of simple. The more that daily produced weight illegal drugs, the number of different elements which can be in a chaotic ratio. Also called designer drugs, which is often disguised, as a regular bath salt.

Thus, abuse of any narcotic drug can, cost of living. It is foolish to risk the health, for a few hours of the alleged "happiness". No matter, what drugs do, they remain scary drugs, addictive and death-causing.

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