The effects of taking ecstasy

Thrill seekers without any hesitation take "magic" pills. They believe, this drug belongs to the category of light, so, do not harm. That's only really the picture is more tragic way. The consequences of taking ecstasy are appalling. Everyone should know about it, whose relatives actively use such illegal drugs.

The effects of taking ecstasy

The effects of taking ecstasy

Examination proved, that ecstasy is able to have detrimental effects on the human. The fact, what getting inside, he runs the lock of the protective systems of the body. After this comes the dramatic excitement. Increases muscular and physical activity.

Consume a person ceases to be aware of the reality of the situation. It seems, he is willing to do incredible things. Huge energy provokes constant motion. That's just the man himself, losing control over the events, and the first step to dire consequences.

Pills can provoke the emergence of hallucinations. They are bright, colorful, but after their disappearance the person experiences severe disappointment, depression, fatigue. As ecstasy is able to affect the natural life processes of eating and sleeping. The addict simply loses sense, and when taking the drug for several days, can cause serious damage. There comes a depletion of the nervous system, dehydration. In severe cases it can lead to death.

The impact of ecstasy on the bodies

The impact of ecstasy on the bodies

Like any other drug, ecstasy deals a deadly blow to the internal organs:

  1. Heart. Broken cardiovascular system, notice the sharp jumps of pressure, disrupted the natural rhythm of the heart;
  2. Liver. Through it all the substances, which leads to its partial destruction. If the addict starts to abuse may develop hepatic failure, which leads to coma, and then become the cause of death;
  3. Blood. Ecstasy can lead to the formation of DIC. He expressed strong bravesbaltimore, and then its decline. Followed by incessant bleeding;
  4. Kidney. Developing their failure.

What ever may be the consequences of taking ecstasy? This question should ask each, who cares about their health and their loved ones.

An overdose of ecstasy: symptoms

The exact number of tablets, can lead to the death pretty hard. It all depends on the individual person. If one could be disastrous 10 "wheels", another enough two.

An overdose of ecstasy

Unfortunately, cases of ecstasy overdose are not uncommon, and it is usually accompanied by the following signs:

  • a sharp increase in temperature to 42. Often such bright hyperthermia has caused the death;
  • a sharp rise in pressure, what can cause a brain haemorrhage;
  • reducing the level of sodium;
  • faint;
  • blanching of the skin;
  • panic attacks.

To notice the effects of taking ecstasy is sometimes difficult. Overdose is clearly evident, if you do not take any action, you might lose the person forever.

Treatment of dependence on ecstasy

The main error to be untimely medical aid. It is understood, overdose of ecstasy can lead to the death of a person. That's why, noticing, the addict, consume tablets, became ill, have no hesitation to call an ambulance.Treatment of dependence on ecstasy

According to statistics, death from this drug occurs very often. The reason for this is that, what people just don't notice, that someone became ill. Most often occur with the use of narcotic substances in a large company. All delusional, and they are just not able to call an ambulance.

If the victim be conscious, you need to try before the arrival of the car to help him self. For this you need to induce vomiting, gastric lavage and use vinegar to bring down the temperature. Possible, these actions will save lives.

The majority of narcodependence deny the fact of development of psychological dependence on the use of ecstasy. However, their regular use can lure a man to their network. This is manifested by the fact, that unfortunate man, incapable of experiencing pleasure, happiness, without the help of their tidy friends. Exist for him to be to find a new dose, a depressing depression becomes a constant companion. This dependence develops rapidly, and to get rid of it yourself is almost impossible.

Full recovery is possible only after treatment in a specialized clinic. Here, professional experts will carry out a number of relevant procedures, aimed at obtaining a positive dynamics.

The first thing to carry out detoxification, it helps rid your body of harmful substances. Only then can we begin the psychological work with the patient. It is recommended to combine it with massage and ultrasound treatment. The use of these techniques guarantees complete cure.

Loved ones should support, otherwise, the patient may not have the desire to return to a healthy existence. A lasting ecstasy addiction can lead to harder drugs.

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