Prohibited plants for home cultivation

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The flora is quite varied. It is easy to meet a variety of plants. Some of them can even carry medicinal properties. But not without those, which can cause serious harm to humans and even are prohibited in the planting and cultivation.

Most often, these herbs have a special intoxicating effect. Causing hallucinations, they are not weaker drug. Thus, in 2004 year, according to the law of the Government of the Russian Federation, had imposed a ban on the cultivation of the seven plants. Everything seems quite right and normal, here are only a situation, when a person does not even know about, what crops grow on his plot. You can incur severe administrative punishment, even if the flower or the grass has grown up without the knowledge of the owner. So, so as not to be in such an unpleasant situation it is necessary to study in detail the ominous list.

Prohibited plants

The list of prohibited plants

Realizing the seriousness of the responsibility, the time is oznakomitsya with green criminals:

  1. Cactus Williamsi Lophofora. Lovers of cacti just can not pass by this extraordinary handsome. And this is not surprising. Blue-green plant with soft tufts instead of spines. To grow it, here are just a number of instances shall not exceed two pieces. Such a strict ban, the plant was able to obtain due to the content of mescaline, considered a strong drug. The culture used by the ancient shamans to carry out their unusual rituals. For this they ate raw cactus. In 19 century hallucinogenic plant could gain wide popularity among the creative intelligentsia. Drinking it was considered a good way to relax. However, deciding to grow on your windowsill chudodejstvennymi cactus for the sake of odurmanivajushchie effect, not worth it. After all, to provide narcotic effect it needs to be grown at home with the right soil and climate.Cactus Williamsi Lophofora
  2. Cat or Сatha edulis. For drug addicts this plant was new, having received a wide circulation thanks to the networking of the Internet. With the help of the world wide web, anyone could buy a cherished leaves. To date, the DEA closely monitor the distribution of narcotic raw materials, suppressing attempts to buy a plant.Cat or Сatha edulis
  3. Coca Bush. Home to the forbidden plant is Latin America, where the special microclimate allows culture to flourish in all its glory. But hopes to grow with us the magic Bush is not worth it. The open ground will not be the best for this condition.Coca Bush
  4. Hemp. The introduction of the ban on the cultivation of her in especially large sizes has become for many a serious loss. And the question now is not about drug addicts. Because this plant has always been considered a valuable culture. Its mass cultivation is able to provide high-quality grain, oil and fiber. But because of the content of tetrahydrocannabinol it took serious drugs. Many dealers were quick to move to Krasnodar Krai and Primorye, it is here that the plant is considered a particularly high-quality. However, the DEA did not leave it without attention and took appropriate action. Her private farming is permissible in the amount of not more 20 the bushes on the plot.Hemp
  5. Opium poppy. This plant was widespread. On the site of a true florist were easy to meet a beautiful flower. However, after entering it to contain narcotic substances, the popularity of the plants fell sharply. Few gardeners like to suffer constant raids of drug addicts because of the wonderful culture. It was easier to abandon it, that's just the plant itself has decided otherwise.. Even completely tearing it on the site, next year he will appear again.Opium poppy
  6. Ephedra. Slightly reminiscent of the usual low-growing ephedra. Was able to get the ban of ephedrine. Allowable home growing – 10 plants.Ephedra
  7. Mushrooms. Prohibited are only those, which contain psilocin. Unfortunately, in modern society, there are more fans of extreme sports, wanting to try something different. That's just daring you to chew on a poisonous mushroom, it is necessary to understand instead of the desired buzz, it can cause a lethal outcome.Mushrooms

Prohibited plants to grow in areas or windowsill. Otherwise will have to answer for this act before the law.

Lurking evil

Drug addiction is a terrible disease, regardless, what are the methods people addicted to it. Even innocuous use of prohibited plants can be a major step towards the nightmare of addiction, to heal from which is quite difficult.

Voluntary cultivation of drug containing crops – penal action. It is understood, even ignorance can not protect from punishment. Many gardeners just do not realize, what unexpected guests can germinate they have on the site. And so as not to become the owner of a huge fine, you must always be ready.

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