Salvia drug or not

Nature is unique, it is possible to meet various shrubs, flowers, trees. Many of them have huge potential, can have on the human body is an unprecedented action. However, not all of them are harmless as it may seem at first glance. Sometimes, even a nice-looking weed can cause severe intoxication. For anybody not a secret, that people interested in drug addiction have been able to identify herbs, using which you can achieve a hallucinogenic effect.

Salvia is a drug

The truth about the sages

About the healing properties of sage known since the ancient times. Its upper part was used as anti-inflammatory and wound-healing agent. Its decoction is used for sore throat, excessive sweating, pain in the intestine.

In addition to its medical use it is used in cooking, as a condiment for salads, meat. This plant gives the dishes an incredible flavor, changing the taste.

Today, there are about 900 types of sage. For most of them are native to the USA, but in Russia the plant in the wild is almost nonexistent. Although some people grow it on their private plots in order to obtain high-quality culinary spices.

Some learned to use sage, like a drug. It turns out a special Smoking tobacco, which allows you to be a "nice" reality.

Properties of sage

Unfortunately, thrill seekers began to use the sage for the sake of achieving other goals. Some types of this herb have narcotic properties, what makes it even more popular. These include Salvia predictor, capable of provoking the emergence of a strong hallucination.

His birthplace is Mexico and America. Dangerous substance contained in the leaves. Once in the body, it is causing visual, auditory hallucinations. In its properties this drug is not inferior to marijuana.

sage smoke

Sage: effect on the body

To get the desired effect by Smoking the crushed leaves of the plant. Otravleniya smoke immediately begins to exert its effect. Once in the body, it helps to change consciousness. Instantly disrupted brain, the reality begins to be felt in new ways. Man has a sense of detachment, distorted reality, changing tastes and odors.

Smoking a homemade twist, consisting of sage leaves, the addict feels a surge of energy, everything seems bright, unusual. There comes a pleasant feeling of euphoria. The disconnection from reality allows you to temporarily forget all the troubles, difficulties. The world invented illusions, where everything seems perfect.

But sometimes smoker can haunt and scary hallucinations, which can cause committing a rash, threat actions. While in this state the subconscious, can not control what is happening. People can't understand, where a fantasy world, where's the reality. The most frequent effect is the feeling not of the spirit in his own body. Intoxicated people perceive themselves as not a living being. In this state people are capable of terrible things: jump out the window, to rush under wheels of a car or to harm others.


Sage refers to the number of hard drugs. The desired effect occurs already after a couple of minutes after eating. The duration of the miracle grass may be delayed for half an hour. Throughout this time consume can't be alone. Otherwise, can happen unexpectedly trouble. Already after an hour after drinking the addict comes to mind.

After effects of Smoking sage

The most serious problem of drug abuse in the formation of a strong dependency. After the first Smoking people develop a persistent addiction. They want to feel like that again. Gradually this leads to the fact, that the addict becomes unable to control their desires. But you shouldn't ignore the consequences. Intoxication sage can be quite serious, that will lead to a disastrous outcome.

Long-term use of the magical sage is able to lead to the destruction of the brain. The reason for this long-term exposure to substances, that affect psychological activity on. Increases chance of developing psychosis, a long depression, epileptic seizures and impaired memory.

The signs of using sage

Using the sage by inhalation of its smoke, increases the probability to get diseases associated with Airways and lungs. Also experiencing serious violation of the liver, after all, it received a toxic substance pass through it. However, all of these diseases are drug addicts just don't pay attention. They are much more important than the acquisition of a sense of thrill, than thoughts about death.

The signs of using sage

Many users don't realize all responsibility for their actions. That is why the only chance to help them are close friends, they can be replaced in time changes and raise the alarm. Timely assistance can save human life and to help him return to a normal existence. But in order to do this, you should be careful and pay attention to the first signs of addiction:

  • sharp fits of laughter for no reason;
  • he walks like a drunk;
  • frequent withdrawal;
  • constant lethargy;
  • the desire to spend time alone;
  • the feeling of being lost;
  • unpleasant smell from clothes, hair, mouth.

Noticing similar symptoms, should be particularly vigilant. Try not to leave patient alone. In the drugged state he is capable of doing rash actions, to hurt themselves and others.

Sage drug and the development of dependence

Many drug experts believe, Smoking sage is not able to cause dependence. However, one does not negate the formation of psychological dependence, that forces the patient constantly resort to the habit.

More and more people want to experience the unusual feeling, helps to relax and to forget about problems. Here only it is necessary to understand, a momentary sense of relief that with the possible consequences, which can, is your own life.

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