As the survey is conducted at the psychiatrist

Recent drugs gained popularity. More and more people fall into their dangerous network. So many seriously concerned, how is examination by a psychiatrist. Usually the treatment starts with regular communication, after which the specialist can make certain findings with regards to well-being, the adequacy of the client. This was followed by visual inspection for the presence of needle marks. The last stage of the survey becomes testing, in the result of which conclusions can be drawn used whether the person is alcohol or drugs.

examination by a psychiatrist

Doctor psychiatrist and equipping his office

Before, how to pass the psychiatrist need to be certified in his skills. By their direction, it must also be a psychiatrist, emotionally able to help the patient. However, it takes a little education, the doctor the psychiatrist must have an equipped office. It must be present:

  1. Chair. So it was easy to carry on a conversation, he should stand directly opposite of the doctor.
  2. Couch. Required for the examination of the body.
  3. Thermometer. Usually by drinking alcoholic or drug products, the body temperature rises. This tool will help to fix the changes.
  4. Stethoscope. With the help of it the doctor can listen to lungs, heart.
  5. Tonometer. Will help to fix the uplift or increase in pressure, which is usually fixed after drinking alcohol, drug.
  6. Neurological hammer. Seen, that drug use enhances reflexes. Therefore, making a light tapping on my knees, specialist can verify this.
  7. The recorder. Examined by a physician a psychiatrist a psychiatrist is often recorded. This is done with the aim of providing a conversation in the court or for their own account medical changes.
  8. Computer. It will be made all personal data of the patient.

This is the minimum equipment any professional office.

Doctor psychiatrist and equipping his office

Is it possible to pass the psychiatrist anonymously?

Examination of the psychiatrist could easily take place in a hidden manner. There is such a thing as medical ethics. Following it, the doctor has no right to disclose the information, received from your customer. The exception may be only the cases, when information is required by a police officer or other law enforcement. But only after, how will the permission of the court for her removal.

Examination of the psychiatrist: paid service or free

Examination of the psychiatrist could take a perfectly healthy citizen. So the price is fixed for a particular situation. If the patient needs help, he is not on the account, for it you need to Deposit a certain amount. Usually receipt is is paid in cash in medical institutions.

Often, the help from the psychiatrist is required to obtain rights or permission to purchase arms. Thus, thing as is examination by a psychiatrist for medical help and regular treatment, two completely different terms.

If a person asks to be examined the psychiatrist due to the presence of dependencies, then the state narcological dispensary offers him a totally free assistance. This will include diagnostics, treatment, consultations of experts. However, many patients are unwilling to undergo treatment in private clinics, but they already require a special fee for their services.

Examination of the psychiatrist

Frequently asked questions

A medical examination with a psychiatrist and the psychiatrist initially implies a conversation. With a simple survey, the doctor will be able to find out, if the patient is prone to bad habits. Usually to pinpoint, he asks related questions. The most common of them are:

  1. Did the client forbidden drugs?
  2. If the answer is positive, it is necessary to clarify what and when?
  3. How often a person drinks?
  4. Did toxic medications?
  5. Refer the person to the dependent?

In the process of communication specialist listens, considering the appearance, communication, the presence of an unpleasant smell. If nothing is in doubt, specialist proposes to start examination.

What to check during the inspection in the office of a psychiatrist?

Of course, we all know, what to identify a drug addict by using the traces of injections. Therefore, the technician carefully examines the most sensitive areas. This is usually the elbow or inguinal region. If the patient only needed help from the psychiatrist, the doctor may do an interview and a test of ulnar vein.

At the first suspicion the specialist may ask the client to undress to underwear and lie on the couch. Then carefully look at the skin for signs of. And when talking about the production or deregistration, should be ready for a full examination.

What to check during the inspection in the office of a psychiatrist

The psychiatrist will carefully diagnose, which consists of the following operations:

  • check pupil response. If the person is under the influence of any drug, his pupils do not react to bright light;
  • assessment of reflexes. Usually drugs speed up or slow down natural reflexes;
  • evaluation of the overall condition. The use of harmful substances will affect the human condition. Will change the complexion, breathing becomes heavy, cardiac rhythm will be disrupted.

The usual reference for the traffic police with the psychiatrist involves only communication and assessment of external condition, but if the doctor suspect, he may send the person for testing.

The psychiatrist?

Usually visit the psychiatrist implies a special drug dispensary. Although if we are talking about a simple fee, necessary for help, it's easy to go to the hospital. Usually any major centre is equipped with classrooms, psychiatrist, the psychiatrist. He has the right to perform basic procedures.

Examination by a psychiatrist can be a necessary procedure. Often, a person has to obtain a certificate before obtaining a new job or approval for service, bear arms.

The psychiatrist

When examination the psychiatrist is allowed in the home

For many people, a visit to the psychiatrist serious stress, they try to avoid. So to call the doctor home the best solution. That's just in this situation it is not permissible. Wanting to get rid of their addiction, the patient should independently come to the hospital for an appointment. The only exceptions are cases of overdose, when the victim is unable to come. Then it is permissible to call the ambulance, which will have the unfortunate help and hospitalitynet him to the clinic.

Although we should not forget about private clinics. They are actively practicing a service call the specialist at home. Arriving at the right address, he will hold a consultation, will tell about the success of the treatment, will give directions for tests. That's just it all happens for a surcharge.

Consultation online

Anyone can call the psychiatrist, but only in order, to find out, when he is receiving, how many times help or what tests must pass. All other cases require a personal meeting. No treatment or diagnosis online can not occur. The doctor must personally speak with the patient, consider it, to assess the state of. So to avoid going into the office will not work.

What tests are required

Only laboratory investigations help to reliably report the presence of prohibited drugs. The probability of a false result is equal to zero. They help to make a definitive conclusion.. Because technologies help to identify the lowest dose of a hazardous substance.

Studies of biological material are considered universal. It helps to identify the traces of many drugs. Usually getting drugs, apart, and soon create independent products. Which in turn is excreted by the kidneys with urine. It is worth noting, some of the drugs for a long time, need about two weeks for full launch.

What tests are required

Usually assigned the following studies:

  1. Immunochromatographic. Allows you to accurately identify what kind of drug is it. This is due to the special tagged strip, containing antibodies.
  2. Chemical-Toxicological. Helps to identify not only the kind, but the type of drug and even to determine what amount of the drug, was taken.

With a simple research team managed to obtain all the necessary information. Most importantly, the biomaterial must be fresh, collected before the study. The reason for this strictness steel cases of fraud, when addicts are brought to the analysis of the material is absolutely healthy person.

The urine test for alcohol

Once in the body alcohol, instantly absorbed into the blood, then he begins to wander throughout the body. Soon starts the process of removing, usually this occurs through the lungs, liver, and most importantly kidney. Concentration in the urine becomes similar to the one, what is present in the blood.

For the exact diagnosis to deliver the biomaterial before the study. Enough 20 milligrams, then will be revealed the presence of ethyl alcohol. The result of the examining psychiatrist during the examination of the patient.

A blood test for drugs at the psychiatrist

Everyone knows, that penetrating into the body drug, immediately enters the blood. Then moving on to her current, gets into the brain. To conduct the study should be about 5 milligrams of blood taken from the vein. The next day, the result will be revealed, although there is an emergency, when it is possible to learn it in a few hours.

There is a certain method that can identify drug use even after a few months. This happens due to the functioning of the immune system, produce special antibodies. They may be present in the body for up to six months. This method is especially popular for the study patients are on account of.

What tests are required

Examination by a psychiatrist in the period of medication

There are cases, when the studies yielded positive results in people, who never used drugs. The blame for some drugs. There are drugs similar in structure to the drug. For example, cough syrups, containing codeine. So sometimes a urine test may show a positive result without the ring cause.

If this happened, and the patient is convinced of his innocence, he should insist on carrying out chemico-Toxicological analysis. Only he will be able to accurately identify the perpetrator around the drug. So that such unpleasant incidents do not occur before his inspection, the client should inform your doctor what medication was used for the last month.

Addiction treatment

Treatment of addiction a referral from a psychiatrist

Upon confirmation of any addiction, the patient is prescribed treatment. There are several treatment options:

  • drug. Gained popularity in the early stages of the disease. To facilitate the state the patient often prescribe drugs similar in effect with the drug, but less dangerous;
  • psychotherapy. Aimed at changing the mind of the patient. Him conduct interviews, helps back to a healthy lifestyle;
  • herbal medicine. Is the most harmless, because it is based on treatment with herbs and plants;
  • occupational therapy – the replacement of negative thoughts with useful work.

A survey of the obituary is a serious procedure, which should be addressed responsibly. It is better not to abuse illicit drugs, in the future, no problem.

Does the psychiatrist encoding?

Encoding is a complex procedure, the essence of which is using hypnosis to convince the human aversion to alcohol. The patient was told, that intoxicating drinks are evil, even able to kill. Although recently actively practiced coding methods, based on the introduction of the special implant. When the accident of drinking alcohol, it is activated that leads to severe intoxication.

The patient has a strong fear of death, what makes to forget about the harmful habits. Of course, based on the statistics it is impossible to guarantee an accurate result. There have been cases, when hypnosis was pointless. So it all depends on own desire to return to a healthy life.

The advice of drug experts

Booze is a dangerous condition for the person. After all there comes a crisis. Develops strong dependence, which entails withdrawal syndrome. Usually to deal with it alone is almost impossible. Headaches, nausea be so strong, that unfortunate man again picks up ruining drugs. Therefore, experts strongly recommends to be treated in specialized institutions, under the supervision of physicians.

Of course, there are cases, when people were able to overcome the syndrome. The reason for the success were simple tips, followed by dependent. So, to facilitate drug treatment is recommended:

  1. To decline gradually. This should reduce the dose slowly, then the body will not experience a lot of stress.
  2. To enlist the support of family. This period is very difficult, so the relatives should show the maximum of kindness and patience.
  3. To drink more water. Along with it will go out accumulated toxins.
  4. Make the sorbents. They are perfectly save from all the harmful components.
  5. To withdraw for a time from physical exertion. Occurs exhaustion, so you need to give him time to recover.
  6. Take a break. Find an interesting hobby, which will help to get rid of bad thoughts.
  7. Often spend time in the fresh air.

Does the psychiatrist encoding

A visit to the psychiatrist natural treatment, not requiring special concern. Possible, it will help the doctor to notice the problem and do the treatment. Examination by a psychiatrist better place after taking any medications. Of course, if we are talking about a powerful addiction, to delay the visit is not necessary.

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