Ephedrine is a dangerous drug

Ephedrine – narcotic substance, able to provoke arousal of the Central nervous system. It is usually called "Mulk" – it is a colorless solution, odorless.

Originally ephedrine was a drug. It was used as a drug for the treatment of bronchitis. Later it was found, what is a drug, provoking strong dependence. However, despite a strict ban, drug addiction, caused by psychostimulants amphetamine ephedrine methamphetamine, widespread. Every year the victims of addiction becomes more. Today many people know, how to cook the ephedrine. Dependent people, extract the drug by mixing the drug with potassium permanganate.


Ephedrine drug effects on the body

Usually a ephedrine is administered inside, sometimes intravenous. The drug starts its action instantly. After 15 minutes after eating, the person begins to experience relaxation, euphoria, the feeling of lightness and lightheartedness. In addition to this place, and physical changes – there is a dry mouth, lost appetite, the patient is deprived of sleep. This effect may persist for 8 hours.

Special hazard received intravenous use. The reason for this high chance to get poisoning. It usually takes place in two stages:

  1. The addict is experiencing an unprecedented relaxation. The reality is disabled, there is a lightness. All problems evaporate. Replaced the sadness comes a great mood. This effect lasts about 10 minutes.
  2. Followed by a manic state. Consume becomes incredibly active. He is sure, he was ready to do great things.

Ephedrine drug

Feelings are incredibly excite, therefore, the dependency starts to develop after the first use. The ephedrine has the power to cloud minds, move addicts into non-existent reality, where all problems seem petty. There is a confidence in their own abilities, what particularly seduces teen. That is why usually at risk are young people. For them, the drug ephedrine – a breath of fresh air.

Synthetic methcathinone is especially dangerous because of the steeper dependence. Addicts will instantly fall in its shackles. Sometimes, it's just one injection.

Methcathinone: signs of use

Before use, the person takes a sitting or prone position. The addict is experiencing complete relaxation, becomes incapable of making any movements. Calling out his, wait for the pointless answer, after all, mentally he is in a completely different place. All his attention is focused on sensations.


Usually at this point you notice the unnaturally pale skin and dilated pupils. Also, the addict may have white patches on teeth.

Synthetic methcathinone: consequences of the use

Ephedrine to buy which is now quite difficult, can cause serious disorders of the neurological system. The effects usually appear after several years of use. For them, characterized by the following feelings:

  • Severe pain around the heart;
  • When performing an electrocardiogram, you may notice changes in the work of the left ventricle;
  • There are muscular spasms of the intestines;
  • Develops gastritis;
  • Ephedrine can cause a disruption of the normal functioning of the facial muscles.

Ephedrine is difficult to buy, since 1985 year, he entered the list of banned drugs. However, many people know, how to cook the ephedrine, therefore, when they quietly mined a dangerous substance. Here only it is necessary to understand, this hobby can seriously impair health. After a couple months of use, the patient begins to experience a strong physical dependence. He suffers severe crash, driving again to take another injection.

Ephedrine: the impact on the psyche

The initial impact is given to the human psyche – the perfect mood, excessive activity, talkativeness, only a small part of the consequences. Soon, there is a severe psychological disorder. The patient begins to haunt paranoia, there is a permanent persecution. Psychological dependence occurs already after one month of use.

Ephedrine is a drug, abuse which begin many people. Here only intended dose, man does not even know, how hard can it be to return to a normal life. Overcome addiction by yourself is almost impossible. It is recommended to seek specialized help. In the clinic, experienced specialists, prediagnostic specific situation, and prescribe the correct treatment. Usually it includes the use of appropriate medicines, of psychological conversation.

Methcathinone is capable of promptly destroy the familiar world of man. You should carefully think, before, how to take the drug in the hands. After all, the consequences could be dire. Sometimes even experienced doctors are unable to return victim familiar face, to get rid of a terrible addiction.

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