Methcathinone: what kind of drug

Methcathinone popular lately narcotic substance. After consumption the person experiences a powerful psychological boost.

The first mention of the drug as a drug appeared in 1970 years. It was then that it became known, especially among the hippie movement. However, the overall data on substance there much earlier. Originally methcathinone was used in medicine as an analeptic in strong alcohol poisoning. Can be made in different shape: pills, powder or solution. It is usually administered intravenously.


Effects on humans

Methcathinone, like any drug has its dark side. Initially, the patient feels a surge of strength, of energy and emotions. It seems, he is ready to perform feats. No weakness, sleep, appetite. Here are just shortly in their place comes another blow, there is a fever, tingling in the extremities, and the heart breaks of their earlier activities, if time does not stop, you can become a retiree with trembling limbs.

Methcathinone can cause the following disorders:

  • strong tachycardia;
  • strokes
  • the kidney failure;
  • the strong tone of the uterus in women;
  • constant nausea;
  • the destruction of the liver;
  • temperature rise;
  • reduced immunity;
  • blurred vision;
  • disturbed coordination.

Each of these symptoms may be the beginning of terrible diseases.

Effects on humans

The development of dependence

Methcathinone addiction provokes quick. To obtain enough 15 injection. After the first dose the person begins to experience an incredible feeling.

After a while they disappear, but there is a desire again to repeat – the rehabilitation of the addict is taken over the needle. Dosage often exceeds the allowable, is overdose, the outcome of which becomes fatal.

Signs of use

To realize, among loved ones are addicts is always difficult, but sometimes timely assistance allows you to get rid of dependence. Therefore, when any of the following symptoms, necessary to sound the alarm:

  • dilated pupils;
  • headache;
  • speech disorder;
  • excessive activity;
  • unwillingness to learn, work;
  • mood swings. Just a few minutes and the patient can, be aggressive even in normal situations.

Consequences of the use of the drug can cause serious trouble. Using methcathinone, the patient begins to get lost in time. It can be active for a few days, then to sleep for a couple of days. This ultimately leads to loss of facial expressions, paralysis of the limbs, disturbance of memory and consciousness. In particularly serious cases begins to develop degradation.

Signs of use

Physical dependence

Methcathinone gradually kills all the necessary life instincts. Dependent loses appetite, don't drink the water, sleep. Only the imaginary illusion of happiness. He completely loses interest in everything, what was important before, just a constant feeling of euphoria.

We all know, a violation brings a drug on the human body. As for his mental state, everything seriously. The reason is the strong release of dopamine and serotonin in human blood. When a similar action last a long time, the receptors begin to experience exhaustion. The malfunction of neurons causes the appearance of hallucinations, nightmares and even paranoid thoughts.

Addiction treatment

Strong psychological dependence does not allow the patient to independently get rid of the addiction. The constant desire to re-experience the illusion of happiness is being forced to take up needle. Therefore, to recover at home rather difficult, constantly there is a risk of failure. The most correct solution would be treatment in specialized medical institutions. Fortunately, today there are a huge number of. Here experienced professionals, studied in detail the problem, will help to return to a healthy lifestyle.

Each rehabilitation center has its own program, usually it consists of:

  1. Complete deoxidation – purification from harmful substances, accumulated in the body.
  2. Treatment.
  3. Psychological help.

Better not to risk it, conducting experiments, and immediately seek qualified help. After some time, the result is sure to delight loved ones.

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