Candy drugs in high school: true or fake

Last time in social networks, a lot of rumors, about, that candy "strawberries" (new drug) widespread. The sweetness handed out to children by strangers on the street. Resulting candy drugs became the reason of poisoning of schoolchildren.

On the appearance of drugs in the form of chocolates resemble small crystals, known to many as pop, melt in your mouth. However, eating a treat, the child immediately goes to the hospital. Such reports flew parents, forcing them once again to survive. Long time information about candy drugs in high school was left without a review. Adults were looking for answers, read children notation, not knowing what to be afraid of.

candy drugs in high school

Drugs in the form of candy – a serious reason to panic

More recently, however, a startling finding was confirmed. At the beginning of the summer, five children were hospitalized due to severe poisoning. Experts figured out a long time, what was the reason for such serious consequences, and the result shocked.

Students, living in the city of Chita, claimed, what ate known to many sweets "Mad bee". Do the Ukrainian authorities decided to attack the weakest – the children. New drug in sweets suddenly turned into the most discussed topic. Officials do not have time to waste, factory Roshen is interested in.

That's just an examination of forced to stay, candy strawberries drugs really contain toxic components, but they were a real product.

Drugs in the form of candy

Unknown gave student candy "strawberries", which were Packed in the wrapper, having the same name. Then the boy treated his friends, they all ended up in the hospital with a serious poisoning. Fortunately, to date life of victims threatens nothing. A new drug in the candy was forced to open a criminal case – the illegal sale of, it remains only to find the culprit.

Teach children to be afraid of "treats" from the hands of strangers

The situation was serious reason to think, explain to your kids about, not to take anything from strangers. Kids should be warned, then will not occur accidents. It is understood, the child's body is weak, to harm it small enough doses. Parents, remember, vigilance is never a bad thing, after all, the life of your child in your hands.

new drugs in candy

Strangers with treat in hand – a ticking time bomb. Moms and dads must carry out with their children consultation, talking about, why is it dangerous to use the kindness of other people's uncle and telecheck.

Illegal drugs more actively penetrate into educational institutions. Pupils become victims, not knowing, that food is poisoned. Why distributors penetrate the teenage masses? Because the influence of teenagers is much easier, than an adult, well distinguish good from evil.

Useful tips for parents

Staff drug treatment centers believe, that the excessive vigilance of parents will save a child's life. To prevent dependence on narcotic substances, you should take the following measures:

  1. Regularly communicate with your child, ask about his friends. Allow to arrange home parties, to see comrades, dealing with a son or daughter.
  2. Always remind about that, what unfamiliar people are increasingly lured by treats not out of kindness. Also talking about, it is impossible to sit in the car unfamiliar personalities.
  3. Trusting relationships – the key to successful propaganda, addiction. Shared Hobbies and full employment Chad, prevent unwanted crossing with banned drugs.
  4. Bad mood – no need to think, so what happens to all teenagers, as they transition to adulthood. In the age of 12-16 years children are influenced by bad company.
  5. Learn to talk about bad habits. A parent is required to ask Chad about that, as it relates to addiction, whether among his acquaintances, addicted to these bad habits. This is not to put pressure, friendly atmosphere, the key to successful conversation.
  6. Pocket money should not be too much, and preferably from childhood to teach a child to answer for, where to spend, allocated.

Strange behavior of child – a disturbing signal, which can't be ignored. Timely notice to the sharp change of mood, dark circles under the eyes, and the isolation will allow moms and dads to save the teenager from an ugly future.

Vigilance needs to occur regularly. You can't be all the time busy with my job and earning money. Very often teenagers are drug addicts complain, that mom and dad didn't have time to communicate with them.

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