The types of drug addiction in the modern world

Today, the types of drug addiction have a wide variety. And if earlier under the concept presented people with syringes, eager for a new dose, in modern society it's pretty contradictory. Addiction is a serious disease, which can manifest itself in various forms. It turns out, this can be attributed to the abuse of alcohol, coffee, medicines and even food.

Drug use

It doesn't matter, what are the different types of drug addiction, it is important to understand what this dependence. It can manifest itself in a broad or narrow concept. For the second term, it is the use of specific drugs, and the first implies any bad habit. Doesn't matter, what kind of effect she has on people, how much to ruin his life, health. The important one is abusing it.

If people use any substance in large quantities, exceeding the allowable rate, they can be called sick. Such persons need treatment, though they do not recognize it. The dependence of tricky, emerging pretty quickly. Attacking the subconscious mind, takes over all spectra of life.

Drug use – characteristics of specialists

Stands out a huge number of varieties of the disease. Some of them are slow, throughout the existence destroy the personality, and the other in the shortest time deprived of life, without the right to error correction.

 hash addiction

The addict – the person, losing the main physical, social values. It is emptied. In the head only one thought – where to get another dose. Society for them merely a source to achieve the desired resource, for which he is willing to go to immoral actions. It's time, to understand what are the different types of drug addiction.

Heroin and hashish addiction

The main types of drug addiction are unable to do without heroin, he is considered the most popular substance for getting high. The wide distribution of the powder received in the CIS countries, Russia, Ukraine. Heroin is an incredibly strong among their fellows. After the first dose, there is passion, forcing re-use it. In the process of prolonged contact, serious violations gets psyche, and most importantly health.

Thinking, what are the types of addictions we can't forget about the marijuana. Due to their availability, the grass is widely popular. The plant is most often used as tobacco for Smoking mixtures. Planatory happy, after taking down the dangerous injection into a vein. Easiest way accurev – have fun, but the consequences of the fun of serious mental disorders.

Cocaine and methadone addiction

Cocaine and methadone addiction – a terrible addiction

Types of addiction from the category of the most expensive, but even the high price does not stop fans of buzz. Every year in the strong chain gets hundreds of accidents. It's strong stuff, a single dose, after which you can't stop. Consequences become irreversible physical, psychological processes.

Analogue of heroin, which the patient often goes voluntarily, wanting to recover. That's just therapy ends similarly. Changing the substance, unpleasant consequences remain. Addictive, makes the patient socially unbalanced.

Alcohol addiction

Principal addiction, include and spirits. A huge trouble of society is its easy accessibility. Anyone can easily acquire the required amount of alcohol. Its long-term use leads to the degradation of, the loss of social, moral values, a number of terrible diseases.

Alcohol addiction

To cure the addiction is quite difficult, often this requires the help of experts. In a world of ever growing disappointing statistic of alcoholism, in fetters which become citizens of various strata of the population, ages. If it was a plague adults, today even the kids can sleep. The reason of such phenomena is usually the parents.

Substance abuse – a special kind of addiction

Such drug use is popular among children. The reason is the easy availability of dose. Teenagers don't need to spend money on cigarettes, powder, injection. Enough to buy glue, benzene or thinner. Therefore, in the ranks of the substance abusers usually include school-age children. Wanting to feel like an adult, to experience euphoria, they put on head packages, and inhale dangerous fumes.

Substance abuse

That's just the consequences of this, innocent at first glance, the hobby becomes irreversible changes in the cerebral cortex. Begin the disintegration of personality, degradation, taking place on the backdrop of the decline of intelligence. And if smoker can, to return the affected cells can not.

Drug addiction is a dangerous dependence

Several prescribed medications can cause irreversible harm. Vein all over their excessive use. Usually in the danger zone fall sleep, antidepressants or anti-anxiety pills. The patient realizes, not able to exist without them. Constantly being on "wheels" makes it weak, dependent.

Drug addiction

The types of drug prevention in this situation are rare. Patients believe that medication is not able to harm the health. To heal, need to completely rethink their worldview, to learn how to live a full.

Addiction of this kind of threat, it affects the entire body. People believe, that without pills, it is bad and wrong. Some can't sleep without the use of special pills, while others calm their own nerves with pharmaceutical drugs.

Caffeine addiction – home habit, that kills

Morning most of the population starts with a Cup of coffee. For some, it's a nice ritual to start the day, but for others – the need. They cannot imagine living without this drink. That alone is worth the caffeine substance. Coffee provokes invigorating effect, however, it creates dependence. To get rid of it is difficult. However, you ought to give up or heart problems, vessels guaranteed.

Caffeine addiction

It is necessary to separate drug use behaviors. It turns out things, action also can be analyzed as a dependency. Just noted a few heavy varieties:

Gambling is also a form of addiction

Psychological disorder, forced to commit rash actions. Usually the reason for getting a casino, slot machines, although it is impossible to forget about computer games. They become an indispensable part of the day. Missing old Hobbies, friends, family, work, studies – all becomes a matter of.


Life ignoring the value of human life, the player turns into a heartless machine, eager excitement. Harmless hobby leads to quarrels, thefts and crimes in the nervous system. This type of addiction needs to be treated. Otherwise, people will all the time find in debt.

Workaholism is the addiction of modern people

For many it may seem stupid, but excessive labor never benefits. Hunky exhausting your body, ignoring the fatigue, a feeling of weakness. Wanting to carry out the plan, to outdo colleagues, to get a good salary – was causing serious health problems.


It is necessary to adequately interpret their own abilities, then the body to respond in good health without crashing. Such an addiction is often observed in people, living in large cities. Obvious signs are unhealthy complexion and inability to relax.

Shopogolizm – a female drug

Harmless hobby shop, can turn a terrible diagnosis. Made a few this behavior is a psychological disorder, which is dangerous not only to financial instability. It turns out in desperation (no money for a new purchase.), poor may commit suicide.


Dependence to buy something strongly reflected in the family budget. Addicts spend money, but do not think about, as they are hard to get.

Food addiction – drug, common in adolescents

Food is necessary for any creature to life, here are just some think differently. For them, food – fun. All thoughts are only about how, like to eat well, even when you have no appetite. There is always, everywhere, and most importantly everything that comes. Bulimia is a disease, requiring medical treatment.

Food addiction

Overreliance on any products, drugs, beverages is a significant reason to think, raise the alarm. The development of dependence occurs in the shortest time, you need to replace it in a timely manner, otherwise the chance to return to the old existence will be reduced to zero. Everywhere should be the measure.

Any addiction requires treatment. Therapy is conducted in specialized centers. Still being created alcoholics anonymous and shopaholics. These activities is able to deliver from addiction, they give power and force to reconsider their priorities.

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