Relapse of addiction is not uncommon

Drug addiction is a terrible disease, gradually ruining society. Annually affected becomes more, if before they became adults, today the children at risk. So why is the frightening statistics, after all, in cities there are clinics, promising to fight infection.

The answer is quite simple – addiction relapse common, to be cured even after careful treatment is rarely. If you believe the verified data, the statistics is sad, about 90% patients after detoxification, psychological support, again took up the needle. Only 10% people, realizing the problem, was able to return to normal, healthy existence.

Relapse of drug addiction

Relapse of drug addiction, means only one thing – labor in vain, and blame others, doctors, family – is meaningless. The main reason lies in the subconscious. Intoxicated people understand easier to introduce the required dose of poison, enjoy the bright colors of life. Medical detoxification uses temporarily relieves the consequences, treats the body, but not the head. It is a psychological problem, driving again choose the wrong road.

Relapse of drug addiction: reasons

After research identified six reasons, be forced once again to take up the game:

  1. Often a relapse of drug addiction basic lack of energy. Many known drugs provide an additional energy boost, they give strength. The addict constantly feels a surge of strength, good mood. It seems, he is able to perform grandiose actions. This is especially true of those, who constantly uses. After the start of the rehabilitation of the old emotions go. Mood swings, pursues irritation, fatigue. This condition forces to break. To avoid this, the patient must be exercise, find a hobby, to change the place of work. Is, ask doctor to prescribe drugs against depression. It is understood, the patient needs more love, care – the family should remember that.Relapse of drug addiction the causes
  2. The patient forgets, what horrible suffering brought breaking. The memory is arranged so, what remembers the most of positive aspects. Therefore getting the cure, the patient forgets, the suffering brought drugs. Instead, people remember only experiencing unforgettable emotions. The adrenaline takes hold, can sometimes be a relapse of addiction. The only way to change is to learn to derive pleasure from usual things.
  3. The presence of feelings of loneliness. Being a drug addict, an accident usually renounces society. Native, friends, colleagues become unimportant. And these people are simply deleted from the dependent life, I want to forget. Gradually, the junkie begins to communicate with the same dependent companions. Is the company, where only two goal – to get, use dose. But after rehabilitation the patient understands, that he was one of. Both camps are closed. Former friends on the needle now alien, but real turned. He can't find work – reputation takes its. Fear of society is stronger, and hence the relapse of addiction. To avoid this, have to help family.
  4. The feeling of uselessness, offended. Existence of any citizen is in order. Reaching intended, gradually aspires to something higher. Dependent people live according to other principles. Life revolves around the dose, patients degraded. After treatment, patients experience the void, misunderstanding. Patient sure, blame him. Relapse of addiction is the only good solution. It is easier to give up, than again try to climb. Only relatives can become buoys. The family is encouraged to instill the meaning of life, to communicate more. Well if you can find friends, then negative thoughts will leave your head.
  5. The test. Some believe – you can recover, but sometimes you can pamper yourself with new dose. Such myths are particularly common among drug addicts. Therefore, the poor are sent to rehabilitation centers, to heal, but don't give up the needle. However, it is understood, it's a stupid misconceptions – there are no partial dependencies. Any attempt again to get a dose of over education based on.
  6. Habit to communicate with bad company. Many people are influenced, that's why the former friends are once again put on a curve path. Comrades will try to convince, how wonderful it is to live high. And Intrusive sellers of the forbidden means, just want to return the loyalty.

Former addicts

The family needs time to spotted a rat, to resist the forbidden temptation. Sometimes you have to go to extreme measures – change rooms, contacts, and sometimes even moving. The patient needs to understand – family, sport, hobby is able to charge positive energy. If this does not happen, any treatment will end with breakdowns.The closest people have a responsibility to teach the victim to talk again, to return to the old habitat. Record for courses, mugs, to help with the work, studies.

Ex-addicts, that's rare

Relapse of drug addiction is a dangerous phenomenon, to protect yourself from it rarely. Sometimes it's not enough to have a strong desire to return to his former life. The more often relapse, the less likely to recover. It is understood, a great responsibility for the future of the patient take his relatives.

They are able to save a loved one, guide him in the right direction. It is impossible to dismiss, blame, to blame the addict. It is further to aggravate the situation. The family needs to be patient. A positive result will appear.

Mood swings from a former drug addict – a small part of, what should we prepare for family. Addiction does not leave human life without a trace. Relapse occurs in 90% cases. This is reported in the clinics, conductive therapy drug addiction. Dependent people often do not understand, for what purpose it was "snatched" from hell's agony. Unfortunately, addiction younger, therefore, it is important to protect children from bad companies, preventing.

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