Dana Borisova is using drugs?

Dana Borisova on drugs –news, gripped press. That's only if it really is or the girl innocently keen on diet pills? Possible, the rumors would have quickly disappeared, but the spread of them started their own mother famous divas. A woman came for help to his old friend Andrei Malakhov. Then his transmission "Let them talk" was discussed in detail the dependence of the presenter.

Dana Borisova is using drugs

What Dana Borisova is using drugs?

Malakhov did not cast an old friend in trouble. Along with Prokhor Chaliapin, producer girls and Nikita Lesnikom – founder of the anti drug Union went to her house. Elena Sparrow (neighbor) helped to get into the territory of the residential complex, leading surrounded on all sides.

To get to the apartment I had to go on cheating. Friends said, "the First channel" has decided to launch a new television project, it requires experienced and attractive leading. To refuse such lucrative offers the Danochka could not, she needs the money. The men caught the girl in a drunken state. You can easily draw conclusions – Dana Borisova drugs. Promising her ambitious project, it was suggested to go to Thailand, there, according to them was supposed to go shooting.

What Dana Borisova is using drugs

Treatment in Thailand

The decision to treat in this Sunny country, it was agreed in advance. The reason for this strict prohibition, existing on the Islands. Here drugs completely banned, even for their storage, you can assign the death penalty. But for many remain a mystery – what are the drugs used Dana Borisova. After all, it was originally thought, that we are talking only about the pills for weight loss. It was their TV presenter took a few years. Here are just a few people know, these seemingly harmless pill can develop serious health problems. Already known cases of overdose, killed.

Treatment in Thailand

Addiction is a serious disease. To cure his own is simply impossible. The reason is the existence of several drugs, each is manifested in different ways. Therefore, even the most experienced professionals may not always identify, what we're dealing with. The question, what drugs used Dana Borisova, for many it remains a mystery.

But why dig in the past, you need to think about the present. And today young women are doing much better. In her diet lots of vegetables, fruit, vitamins, and all the bad habits she's wiped out from your life. Staying on the Islands to get them is simply impossible.

Leading drugs proven fact, but today she does everything, to addiction will never come back into her life. While on treatment, patient even decided to write his own book, in which in detail tells about his life stories.

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