The drug methamphetamine: what is

The drug methamphetamine is a homemade substance, which includes ephedrine. This component is considered to be the components for nose drops. However, due to the misuse with 1970 of the year to buy these drops only by prescription.

Origin story

It is difficult to name the exact date of his appearance. Some sources claim, that methamphetamine has appeared in 1980 year, but others believe, the dependent was fond of them much earlier.

There is an assumption, that substance got spread from Stalin's camps. That, prisoners began to get involved in them. Gradually, they made the drug methamphetamine outside prison. To try it wanted a, which leads to mass consumption. A great impetus to the development of drug abuse is an unusual hippie movement, – for which the use of drugs was a natural phenomenon.

The drug methamphetamine

Methamphetamine is a white crystals. They are readily soluble in water, ethanol, chloroform. For its application, most often it is used as hydrochloride.

Methamphetamine: effects on the body

As any drug, methamphetamine has on the body terrible actions. However, often this awareness comes too late. Immediately after application, dependent feels an incredible rush of power, euphoria. Everything that happens seems nice, peaceful. Also there is an active brain activity, the head is being born a lot of thoughts. The patient loses appetite, he sleeps a lot. The common effects of addiction is the development of anorexia. And the unfortunate did not notice this.

Pills methamphetamine real asset stimulator, relatively small doses in order, to lose fatigue, to feel energized, increased capability. If it is applied simultaneously with the drug drugs or hypnotics, their effect can be significantly reduced.

The drug methamphetamine with frequent use can provoke the development of stand according to. To get rid of it quite difficult, indeed, immediately after the cessation of doses, appears syndrome. However, treatment according to need, otherwise there'd be a psychological disorder: dementia, disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

methamphetamine effects on the body

The appearance of dependence

To meet pills methamphetamine is quite difficult, it is usually administered intravenously. It only takes a few seconds, as he begins his action. Initially it is a pleasant euphoria, after which comes a burst of new bright emotions. Consume feel happy, full of energy, ready to perform feats. There is a sense of clarity of consciousness. The world is perceived nicer, than before.

After half an hour, elation gives way to wild fatigue. Sometimes the patient is not even able to move his limbs. Complete impotence, which can last for a long time. All senses are dulled, disappear. Wants to get out of this state, for what dependent again taken a dose.

Just to name, as will manifest itself, the drug is difficult, a lot depends on individual to individual. Some lose track of time, others are ready for a long time to make small work, and someone is able to smoke an entire pack of cigarettes, without noticing it.

Signs of use

Fortunately, to diagnose the use of pervitin easy, even after a single application. The surest sign of this will be excessive activity. The addict is able to do the work, which was too much for him. However, it is worth noting, in the fading of the action the activity will decrease. Another right symptom will be a disturbed sleep, dilated pupils, strange behavior. The surrounding should be as alert, in this state, the dependent is able to commit violent acts.

Long-term use develops breaking, the characteristic apathy. Also of concern may be extreme weight loss, the reason for this loss of appetite. Often develops insomnia, aggressiveness, irritability. Especially in running situations may cause hallucinations.

pills methamphetamine

Very acute anxiety, appears paranoid. In active addiction can, appeared cramps, the outcome of which can be sudden death. Prolonged use come terrible brain changes, which is irreversible.

The consequences

The action of this substance on the organism can be considered strong. It completely disrupts his work. Regular use is threatened by the depletion of the body.

The statistics become frightening. It turns out most of the consumed methamphetamine, the death was caused due to the following diseases:

  • stroke;
  • heart attack;
  • severe damage to internal organs;
  • destruction of the brain, heart;
  • blood clots.

Physical dependence develops immediately after the first dose. Its duration may be different, blame the individual characteristics of the organism. For one person it can last 2 hours, and for another 10. During this period, unfortunate completely immobilized, tested incredible weakness.

Sudden gusts of panic can become a faithful bells about, that people dependent. The drug is able to develop the following sensations:

  • aggression;
  • hopelessness;
  • depression;
  • apathy;
  • indifference;
  • the feeling of fear;
  • emptiness.

It is understood, positive emotions don't last long. The euphoria quickly disappears and is replaced by the negative side of behavior. So wanting to get rid of it, an accident once again takes up the dose.

Addiction treatment

To overcome drug addiction alone is not possible. Treatment requires a comprehensive approach, therefore, it is best, wanting to return to the right, a healthy life is to seek help in a rehab clinic.

Today, there are many medical centers, helping to fight the disease. Usually therapy takes place in several stages. Each of them is a certain effect on the patient's condition. It is necessary not only to clear his body of toxins, but to learn to live without addiction. Usually the treatment helps, however, you need to be patient, usually to achieve success you want from 2 to 6 months.

Methamphetamine can be attributed to the category of cheap drugs. That is why the number of patients is growing daily. Everyone should understand, what irreversible harm is done to the body. A feeling of euphoria temporarily, and only one life.

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