Dependence on tranquilizers

In the documents of the world health organization said, the dependence on tranquilizers or heart drops, which is similar to components, formed quickly. Month of taking valium, tazebama, radedorm, of or valokardin korvalola is the right way to addiction. Gradually blurring the boundary between sleep and wakefulness, memory, lost libido.

In the end, the effect of tranquilizers carries negative. Therefore, drug experts constantly talking about the fact, that such drugs are unsafe, you can't buy them for no apparent reason and health problems.

Dependence on tranquilizers

The administration of tranquilizers?

Dependence on tranquilizers occurs with prolonged abuse of drugs. And how such medications are on the shelves people? This question interests many, who does not want to treat a family member from drug addiction.

The first reason is simple — insomnia. Tranquilizer – drugs, able to normalize night's rest. Neurologist or therapist will prescribe medication, if you find, that the patient is indeed suffering from lack of sleep. Will write briefly — a week or two. But for anybody not a secret, how easy today to buy drugs. Use of tranquilizers it is impossible to tighten, but the course of treatment most patients prolong yourself.

The second reason is a stressful situation. Developed a myth, what tranquilizers harmless, but stress can cause serious complications. One mother the best of intentions every day during the month gave the seventeen-year-old daughter sage. Exams, prom – stress for a teenager. Parent self-appointed therapy to child, the result was unpredictable.

The administration of tranquilizers

Exams ended, but the girl was still nervous and irritable. In order to calm down, constantly had to turn to the sage. Dependence on tranquilizers formed. The treatment was carried out at an addiction clinic. Tranquilizers — not prophylaxis, and medicines, blocking the nervous system. Take them, only when the psyche is already fragile, and people can't cope with the death of a relative or loss of property.

The world health organization recommends that you do not take tranquilizers longer 2-3 weeks. Otherwise, they can be addictive, even if you take them in the dose, two times less, than normal. Daytime tranquilizers, too, if you do not follow courses of therapy. Not every panic attack to swallow pills.

How to treat dependence on tranquilizers

When an addiction has already formed, it is easier to get rid of it with the help of a doctor. You can go to a therapist, psychiatrist or psychiatrist. Pre does not hurt to inquire about the reputation of the medical center and doctor.

Since insomnia and other troubles, which prompted “to sit” on tablets or drops, could be the result of neurosis or depression — to the doctor it is necessary to go still for that, in order to diagnose and resolve them. The sooner the specialist will identify the true cause, pushed to the pill, the more chances you have to get rid of dependence, and led to her other misfortunes.

Strong tranquilizers compared with drugs. Self-medication and traditional methods such addiction will not help. Only under the supervision of specialists and psychologists is therapy. The dosage of tablets is reduced gradually, so as not to harm the psyche of the patient.

How to treat dependence on tranquilizers

One day the psychiatrist came here elegant business-lady – head of Department in a large Western company. She brought spouse, abusing alcohol. Husband – PhD student, scholarship scanty, he lives completely on his wife's money. Home from him – any help: the apartment is not clean, a child is not sitting. Moreover, still drinking. And drunk, starting to stick to his wife! She, poor thing, more so, can not. Constant stress, the pressure jumps.

This is a typical picture. No modern men of sense of responsibility for family! But what explains the doctor. Husband, of course, sometimes drinking, but an alcoholic it's even a stretch to call it impossible. At night he's a Dachshund and brings home decent money. Just the wife has long evaded the reach, and a poor husband decides to marital inclinations, only when the "accept on a breast".

Was, what's with the head, gone into quite a busy business wife, came home from work, relieves stress with horse doses of tranquilizers. What kind of sexual activity can then be discussed? Of course, the family accumulated irritation, problems grow, like a snowball. That is to be treated not to a husband- "alcoholic", and his wife. Is there a dependence on tranquilizers? The answer is positive will give any expert. It is crucial to understand, what pills cause a distortion of reality and forced the native people to suffer.

How not to become dependent on tranquilizers

How not to become dependent on tranquilizers?

Treatment depends on tranquilizers – process hard. Easier to prevent such a situation. Tranquilizers without prescription must not sell, but not all pharmacists are following this rule.

Don't become a victim of sedative tablets? All just:

  1. Tranquilizers without a doctor's prescription, you cannot buy. The advice of friends or colleagues – this is nonsense, one does not need to calm nerves synthetic drugs. Better then to drink tea with herbs.
  2. Insomnia is not a reason, to drink medication. What is the reason? Sometimes the sleep disorder comes from a Bohemian "owl" day mode. The rebound is shifted by three or four o'clock in the morning, and rise — for lunch. Try it for several days anyway to get up at seven in the morning and in any case do not sleep in the afternoon. If the reason was only shot down in the chart, then the dream will be restored.
  3. There are cases, when the insomnia is a result of sexual frustration. There's a partner — and a powerful secured.
  4. If in addition to insomnia, pains in heart or stomach, headaches, mood swings, no need to spend time on independent analysis of the reasons. Such things are already for sure in the competence of the therapist.

A skeptical sigh: to go to the doctors? Yes I know, how our doctors! I better check with my girlfriend — she'll tell me, what to do, "anything to drink". Be careful! Don't be fooled. Otherwise, to go to the doctor have, but with a well-formed pill addiction.

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